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Proposal for a personal income tax reform: how to help low-income employees and increase consumption spending for half the public expenditure (analytical paper)
Jurajda, Štěpán ; Kalíšková, Klára ; Prokop, D. ; Šoltés, Michal
This analytical paper is a reaction to the public debate about the abolition of the concept of super-gross salary in the Czech income tax system. The paper evaluates the impact of three alternative sets of the new income tax parameters on the state budget and taxpayers. It shows that the government proposed version of the tax reform will lead to a CZK 86 billion cost for the state budget while not improving the situation of employees with the lowest salaries. The authors suggest two alternative settings of the tax reform, which are less damaging for the state budget and at the same time lead to a higher decrease in taxes for the lowest income groups.
The impact evaluation of alternatives suggestions for the abolition of super-gross salary
Kalíšková, Klára ; Münich, Daniel ; Prokop, D. ; Šoltés, Michal
This paper is a reaction to the public debate about the abolition of the concept of super-gross salary in the Czech income tax system. The paper evaluates the impact of four alternatives of the income tax system, which were suggested by the government, the parliament, the Pirate Party and the think-tank IDEA. The analysis is concentrated on the impact that these alternative tax reforms would have on the state budget and the income of employees at different income levels.
Processing of tomographic data by principal component analysis method for archaeological applications
Prokop, David ; Žídek, Jan (referee) ; Pořízka, Pavel (advisor)
Rentgenová počítačová tomografie je metoda sloužící ke 3D zobrazování vnitřní struktury objektů. Mikrostruktura objektů ukrývá důležité informace, které mohou být použity k jejich charakterizaci. Tato práce podává spojení mezi datasety získanými pomocí rentgenové počítačové mikrotomografie a oblastí statistického zpracování dat. Výstupem metody, pak bude klasifikace vzorků na základě informací o jejich mikrostruktuře. Z výsledků klasifikace vzorků, pak můžeme vyvodit různé hypotézy týkající se původu vzorků. Tato práce by mimo jiné mohla sloužit jako takový nový vhled do problematiky kombinace dat různého původu, pomocí metod statistické analýzy.
Analysis and construction of an optical fibre tunable attenuator for telecommunication applications
Prokop, Daniel ; Eliáš, Josef (referee) ; Urban, František (advisor)
This paper deals with the possibilities of designing the module for control of the attenuation of the optical signal. The paper describes basics of ber optic transmission and beam e ects. Variants of attenuation cells are characterized in this paper and based on the ndings a solution of the module for control of the attenuation of the optical signal is proposed. Practical section of the thesis deals with the design and physical construction of module for control of the attenuation of the optical signal using MEMS variable optical attenuator.
Reproducing Hawthone experiments of Elton Mayo: case study of small group work efficiency
Michalová, Lea ; Osuský, Michal (advisor) ; Prokop, Daniel (referee)
The Bachelor thesis "Reproducing Hawthorne experiments of Elton Mayo: case study of small group work efficiency" describes research in a company. The goals of this thesis are reproducing the experiments made by Elton Mayo in Western Electric co. and finding efficient methods for improving the work efficiency. The research is experimental and covers thirteen weeks during which ten independent variables were tested. The variables were changing financial motivation, evaluation and work organization. The efficiency is measured by five service quality indicators. The interpretation also includes feedback from the participants and their manager. The most efficient arrangement was work organization tested in week 7 and it was implemented into company's daily routine afterwards. First the goals of the thesis and the research problem are introduced followed by theoretical background, selected methods of improving work efficiency used in the thesis. In the research section there is a part concerning methodology and group specifications and of course the research itself. In the conclusion there is a room for discussion and evaluation of the research goals and its success. Powered by TCPDF (
Fraunhofer diffraction by identical objects of the same orientation
Prokop, David ; Bouchal, Petr (referee) ; Komrska, Jiří (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with Fraunhofer diffraction by identical objects of the same orientation. Main objective of my thesis is description of Fraunhofer diffraction for three different arrangements of holes along a straight line. In next part, the problem of random distribution of holes along straight line is set into plane. The outcome of my thesis is determination of deviations from regular array of holes. Next part of my thesis includes a description of Fraunhofer diffraction experiment. In final part of my thesis are pictures of diffraction phenomena, to illustrate results obtained from model of random distribution of holes.
Election Polls in Czech Republic: Methodological Optimalizations
Prokop, Daniel ; Krejčí, Jindřich (advisor) ; Soukup, Petr (referee)
Bibliographic record PROKOP, Daniel. (2012). Election polls in the Czech Republic: Methodological Optimization. Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institut of Sociological Studies. Thesis academic consultant: Mgr. Jindřich Krejčí, Ph.D. Abstract The thesis focuses on the election-polls and prediction of election results in the Czech Republic. Using data of research company MEDIAN s.r.o. from face-to-face (CAPI) and telephone interviewing (CATI) in election year 2010 it examines possibilities of methodological optimizations which could lead to reducing systematic bias and discrepancies of pre-election polls the election results. In particular, it discusses these methodological solutions: mix-mode data collection (combination of CATI and CAPI), data weighting focused on specific factors correlated with voting behavior, including preferences of undecided voters, prediction of the respondents' participation in elections, election-polls results time-series smoothing. Based on these analyses the thesis tries to articulate general findings which could be fruitful in discussion about Czech election-polls and their methodology in general. In the thesis, basic and advanced statistic methods (CART, exponential smoothing, etc.) are being used to achieve given research goals. Keywords: election...
Russia-Georgia conflict in Czech media : frame analyses of main newspapers
Prokop, Daniel ; Iskanderová, Tatiana (referee) ; Vochocová, Lenka (advisor)
The thesis examines Czech media interpretation of Russia-Georgia conflict, which took place in August 2008. It analyzes framing of the conflict in four main Czech serious-minded daily newspapers (MF DNES, Právo, Lidové noviny and Hospodářské noviny) in its main period (6th - 26th August 2008). As the paper is based on Entman's concept of framing, its general research question is which aspects of the topic were selected and made salient by Czech newspapers and to what kinds of interpretations this framing resulted. The thesis combines qualitative and quantitative analyses focused on the media content. The qualitative analysis was used for identification of frames, generating secondary research hypotheses as well as for getting a deeper understanding of how particular frames works. Quantitative analysis is then performed on whole population of the articles. It answers primary research questions (How was the conflict framed? What were the main differences in approaches of the particular newspapers? Did the framing result in pro-Russian, or pro-Georgian interpretation of the conflict? How was the framing transformed in time? Etc.) and tests secondary research hypothesis. For reduction of subjectivity in coding of data for quantitative analysis, Tankard's list of frames approach based on analysis of an agreement...
Miloš Urban versus literary reviewers
Prokop, Daniel ; Jonáková, Anna (advisor) ; Halada, Jan (referee)
The bachelor thesis analyze works of contemporary czech prose-writer Miloš Urban and response of literary critics to Urban's novels. The papers are focused on three novels, in particular: Sedmikostelí (1999), Stín katedrály (2003) and Santiniho jazyk (2005). Gothic and gothic-baroque architecture play essential role in all of them, so they are defined as "architectural trilogy". The thesis distinguish two components of Urbans postmodern novels: high-art and low-art. The aim of the study is to analyze both of them. The high-art component of Urban's novels is a dualism of racionality and iracionaility, modern and traditional society. The low-art component of his work is a brutality, a violence and homicedes. Two central reviewers hypotheses are presented and discussed: a) the philosophy of Urban's novels is just a postmodern mystification, b) the fuction of the low-art component is taken from horror and detective stories. Powered by TCPDF (
The structure of a work of art and music
Bláha, Jaroslav ; Šamšula, Pavel (advisor) ; Herden, Jaroslav (referee) ; Prokop, Dušan (referee)
Současnou uměleckou scénu ovládá multimediální tvorba. Ta je naprosto přirozeným důsledkem tendencí usilujících o překonání hranic mezi uměleckými druhy, které se prosazovaly již v samotných počátcích avantgardního umění. Razantním způsobem přispěl k zrušení hranic mezi uměleckými druhy dadaismus, především pak curyšský kabaret Voltaire, a celý proces vyvrcholil v druhé polovině 20. století. O to absurdnější je současný stav umělecké komparatistiky, které chybí metodologická základna. Přitom jazyková komparatistika se právem pyšní dokonale propracovanou metodou komparace. Proto také řada prací umělecké komparatistiky vychází z této metodologické základny - po pravdě řečeno v lepším případě, protože většina z nich se tímto problémem nezatěžuje. Ovšem tato "výpůjčka" nerespektuje nejen specifické rysy umělecké komparatistiky ale ani jednotlivých uměleckých druhů (k tomu blíže v úvodní kapitole). Powered by TCPDF (

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