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Chapters in cross-country analysis of science
Macháček, Vít ; Srholec, Martin (advisor) ; Münich, Daniel (referee) ; Lariviere, Vincent (referee) ; van Leeuwen, Thed (referee)
Vít Macháček Chapters in a cross-country analysis of science Dissertation Thesis Prague, October 25th, 2023 Abstract The dissertation consists of three independent chapters: Chapter 1 - Predatory publishing in Scopus: Evidence on cross-country differences - presents evidence on how predatory journals have infiltrated research systems across various countries. The chapter builds on data from the Scopus database in combination with the content of the so-called Beall's list. Based on this data we identify 324 potentially predatory journals. Then we compare the number of papers in these journals with the total number of papers for each country. The results reveal considerable heterogeneity across countries. While the most affected countries - Kazakhstan and Indonesia - published 17 % of their output in the journals indexed on Beall's list, the share was below 1 % in developed countries. The second chapter - Researchers' institutional mobility - bibliometric evidence on academic inbreeding and internationalization - analyzes researchers' career paths at 1,130 universities included in the Leiden Ranking 2020. Researchers affiliated with one of these universities and publishing in 2018 were split into categories according to the affiliation stated on their earliest publication: i) insiders published their first...
Do we have too many university graduates? What lifetime earnings profiles can tell us
Hrendash, Taras ; Jurajda, Štěpán ; Münich, Daniel ; Doleželová, P. ; Mrázek, P.
Since the beginning of the 21st century, the Czech Republic has experienced dynamic growth in its university-educated workforce. This trend was initially driven by the foundation and growth of private universities in the Czech Republic in the late 1990s, followed from 2005 onwards by a substantial opening-up of public universities. The share of the population aged between 30 and 34 with higher education has more than doubled over the course of three decades. From an economic perspective, do we now have too many university graduates in the Czech Republic? The answer to this question is crucial when it comes to deciding the extent to which the state should – financially or otherwise – support future growth in the numbers of university students and graduates, and how much it should encourage citizens to pursue initial or lifelong university education. The answer is also an important factor in debates about the need to increase the currently low financial support available to university students. The study we present here provides descriptive statistics about employees’ wages and salaries, which serve as a useful basis for any discussion of this important question. We compare trends in university-educated employees’ wages and salaries for cohorts born in 1960, 1970, 1980 and 1990. The shares of university graduates in these cohorts differ substantially. Further, we observe trends in the earnings ratio for these cohorts between university- and secondary-educated employees, i.e., the percentage differences between the mean or median earnings of employees with higher education and those of employees with only secondary education.
Teacher salaries in 2022 and beyond: out of the abyss and back again
Münich, Daniel ; Smolka, Vladimír
The relative amounts of teachers‘ salaries helps to define the attractiveness of entering the teaching profession and can be a component in ensuring sufficient interest in the profession. Selectivity into teaching, both at entry and throughout the career, determines the quality of education. These processes are realised in the long term through continuous entries and exits from teaching, and ongoing training during the career. Therefore, the effects of teacher salaries on interest in entering the profession, the quality of teachers' work, and ultimately a country's educational outcomes can only be tracked over the long term.
Women's employment before and during the Covid-19 pandemic: The case of Armenia
Sargsyan, Lusine ; Münich, Daniel (advisor) ; Pytliková, Mariola (referee)
The Covid-19 pandemic had a significant impact on female labor market outcomes in Armenia. This study uses Armenian Labor Force Surveys data from 2019, 2020, and 2021 to examine women's probability of working in the labor market during the Covid-19 pandemic that started in March 2020. Employing the linear probability model (LPM) approach, I find that 30-39 years old women with vocational education had a lower probability of working during specific quarters in 2020 and 2021 compared to tertiary education graduates. Additionally, the presence of a child under four years in the household gradually reduced the probability of working during 2020, and married women had the lowest probability of working during the first quarter of 2020. This research sheds light on the gender-specific impacts of the pandemic on the labor market in Armenia and provides insights for future policy considerations.
A Comparative Analysis of the Economic Transitions of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Central and Eastern European Countries
Solieva, Viktoriya ; Münich, Daniel (advisor) ; Vítek, Leoš (referee)
v Abstract Economic transition is a pivotal part of the economic development of the post-communist countries. Some countries were more successful than others in developing adequate reforms that allowed the economy to grow. In this thesis, I provide a comparative analysis of the experience of economic transition in the Republic of Uzbekistan and Central and Eastern European countries. To do so, I use the key features of economic transition and provide statistical evidence together with data analysis, which allows me to conclude similarities and differences between the experiences of the countries of interest. Furthermore, I can provide some policy recommendations, including a switch to inflation-fighting methods and a suggestion regarding existing monopolies. This research contributes to the studies on economic transition and, additionally, to the studies on the new economic reforms in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Keywords: Economic Transition, Uzbekistan, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), Visegrad group, Comparison
Head teachers’ salaries: long overlooked
Korbel, Václav ; Münich, Daniel ; Smolka, Vladimír
School leadership staff (head teachers and their deputies) are crucial to teaching quality. Pay for primary school leadership staff in the Czech Republic, however, is not closely monitored in the long term, despite the fact that pay influences the efficiency of managerial work and educational leadership and, moreover, affects potential candidates’ motivation to apply for school leadership roles. For our analysis, we use employee level data from the ISPV database of salary statements for the years 2017–2021. The classification used in the ISPV database does not enable us to distinguish between different leadership roles – head teacher vs. deputy – so our analysis looks at sets of school leadership staff as a whole. We analyse their average total gross monthly salaries, the average value of bonuses, the variability in their pay range and the factors that influence the amount of their pay and its variability.
Evolution in Czech public attitudes towards war refugees from Ukraine
Münich, Daniel ; Protivínský, Tomáš
In the wake of Russia’s military assault on Ukraine at the end of February 2022, an atmosphere of solidarity prevailed in the Czech Republic and most of the Czech population supported the country’s intake of war refugees. By the end of November 2022, that support had fallen by approximately one quarter. Czechs’ perceptions of how well integrated Ukrainians were into Czech society worsened similarly. This change in Czech public attitudes over time did not, however, stem primarily from personal or first hand experience of welcoming refugees, rather, it was related to a gradual decrease in public interest in the conflict after the initial shock of it first beginning. Although several aspects of Ukrainian refugees’ integration improved in real terms in the second half of 2022, for example in relation to schools and to the labour market, this progress was not reflected in Czech public opinion.
Czech women’s heads and hands remain unused
Grossmann, Jakub ; Münich, Daniel
This analysis maps life-long profiles in the unemployment rate and hours worked by Czech women and changes in these over the past twenty years. Its key findings are presented in the form of graphs with commentary. The economic and statistic details are provided\nin the accompanying texts.
Energetická krize nezaměstnanost zatím moc nezvýšila: blesková analýza vývoje registrované nezaměstnanosti
Grossmann, Jakub ; Münich, Daniel
Dopady krize covid-19 na registrovanou nezaměstnanost již téměř odezněly. Odhlédnuto od každoročních sezónních efektů registrovaná míra nezaměstnanosti v prosinci ’22 mírně vzrostla. Česká míra nezaměstnanosti však zůstává nejnižší v celé EU27. Rozdíly v míře nezaměstnanosti žen a mužů se v posledním roce znatelně zvýšily. Profesní, vzdělanostní a věkové rozdíly přetrvávají. Energetická krize dosud neměla výraznější dopad nejen na nezaměstnanost, ale ani na příliv nově nezaměstnaných.
Energetická krize se dosud nezaměstnanosti nedotkla: blesková analýza vývoje registrované nezaměstnanosti
Grossmann, Jakub ; Münich, Daniel
Dopady krize covid-19 na registrovanou nezaměstnanost již téměř odezněly. Odhlédnuto od každoročních sezónních efektů registrovaná míra nezaměstnanosti v září ’22 mírně vzrostla. Česká míra nezaměstnanosti však zůstává nejnižší v celé EU27. Rozdíly v míře nezaměstnanosti žen a mužů, profesí, podle vzdělání a věku přetrvávají. Vývoj energetické krize měl dosud na nezaměstnanost dopad minimální.

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