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Structures and themes of Yusuf Idris' short stories
Provazníková, Adéla ; Ondráš, František (advisor) ; Oliverius, Jaroslav (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the artistic development of the Egyptian writer Yusuf Idris (1927-1991). Based on the study of two short stories collections it describes the changes in his writing from the 1960s to the 1980s. To achieve this goal, the thesis uses the terminology of the theory of fictional worlds developed by Lubomír Doležel, which provides a suitable tool for the characterisation of themes and techniques in Idris' works. Starting from Idris' realistic worlds of the 1950s, the thesis tracks and explains the fundamental change that his writing later underwent. The essential socio-political context is also given. Through detailed textual analysis of selected short stories, the thesis concludes that author's fictional worlds from the 1980s are darker, more self-contained and complicated, despite of some continuity of themes and structural techniques used throughout Idris' work.
Contemporary Israeli novel presented by Yehudit Katzir
Doležalová, Šárka ; Šedinová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Oliverius, Jaroslav (referee)
The present thesis deals with the evaluation of development of contemporary lsraeli novel, by comparing oftwo Yehudit Katzir's novels, Le-Matissejesh et ha-shemesh ba-beten (Matisse Has the Sun in His Bel/y, 1995) and Hine ani matchila (Here I begin/ Dearest Anne, 2003). The distinction between several periods in modem Hebrew literature is suggested, with regard to the thematic and conceptional development of contemporary lsraeli novel during the last three decades and the lsraeli novel presented by women fiction. The basic biographical data about Yehudit Katzir, the compendium ofher writing, and a summary ofthree ofher books, subjected to analysis in the following chapters - a collection ofnovellas Sogrim et hayam (Closing the Sea, 1990), and two aforementioned novel s - are submitted. Particular attention is given to the reflection of these books by current lsraeli critique.
The aspects of bilingualism in the literary works of Ahdaf Soueif
Šindelářová, Alena ; Ondráš, František (advisor) ; Oliverius, Jaroslav (referee)
The central focus of this work is the aspects of bilingualism in the writings of the Egyptian writer Ahdaf Soueif. Bilingualism is a very broad topic and encompasses a large scale of cultural and linguistic connotations. The combination of my two majors, English and Arabic studies, has enticed my interest in exploring bilingual features in the literary works created by authors in a language different from their mother tongue. Moreover during my university studies I have sought to interconnect my two majors. I have built up a strong relationship to both of them and I wished to make use of the acquired knowledge in a thesis which would comprise both languages, English and Arabic, and their cultures. While studying English literature I have come across authors of predominantly AngloSaxon origin, which means representatives of literary and cultural life using their mother tongue for their writing. However my Arabic major has opened a new perspective to me. Just like in the case of the British and American literatures I have got to know Arab writers producing their literary works in their mother tongue, the Arabic language, but I have also discovered the realm of authors of Arab origin writing in English. The phenomenon of non-British or non-American authors whose literary medium is English has appeared...
Advertising in Arabic media
Al Hamatiová, Arwa ; Ondráš, František (advisor) ; Oliverius, Jaroslav (referee)
My diploma thesis deals with the analysis of advertising in Arabic media, in particular in Arabic TV stations, such as MBC1, MBC2 and Dubai One. It is based on structuring advertising with respect to content and aim of the statement, i. e. classifying advertising either as product advertisement, image advertising, or social advertising. The thesis studies the advertising style in the fields of lexicology, morphology, and syntax; it however looks also at promotional strategy and persuasion methods. Arabic TV stations broadcast advertisements intended for global promotion, as well as advertisements focusing on the Arabic world and its public. In these advertisements manifests, a range of specific features rooted in culture and religion appears. The paper also deals with the issue of manipulation and deception in advertising, where they are used as one of the persuasion methods. My diploma thesis is based on the stated literature, on advertisements themselves (particularly on TV), on web pages, and also on discussions with people working in advertising. The thesis includes a DVD containing TV advertisements, which makes it possible for the reader to see for himself the advertisements which are being analyzed.
Iraqi exile literature
Klasová, Pamela Markéta ; Ondráš, František (advisor) ; Oliverius, Jaroslav (referee)
This thesis examines the work of the contemporary exilic Iraqi author Ḥasan Blāsim within the framework of magical realism. At the same time it argues for a more formalistic and wider definition of magical realism, which also includes fiction without any supernatural elements. Magical realistic components found in the short story collection Majnūn sāḥat al-ḥurrīya (The Madman of Freedom Square) underline the most important themes in the stories. These are related to the catastrophes that afflicted Iraq and its people in the course of last thirty years. With its emphasis on the documentation of modern Iraqi history dominated by war and exile Blāsim's work belongs to the genre of documentary narrative. The goal of documentary narrative is to contribute to the collective memory of a nation. Despite Blāsim's focus on documenting, magical realism in his work cannot be considered as an attempt to create a parallel cultural world. The supernatural in his stories functions metaphorically and relates exclusively to the real world of war and violence, in which people under heavy circumstances turn into animals, cannibals, which is magical in itself. In addition, Blāsim's work is on a subordinate level discussed from the perspective of postcolonial theory. Postcolonial theory has undergone a complicated...
Semifolklore literature genre in the works of Ibn Zunbul: Āchirat al-mamālīk. Wāqi'at al-sultān al-Ghūrī ma'a Salim al-'uthmānī (The end of Mamluks. Battle of Sultan al-Ghūrī with the Ottoman Sultan Selim)
Moustafa, Andrea ; Oliverius, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Ostřanský, Bronislav (referee) ; Veselý, Rudolf (referee)
S vědomím toho, že má magisterská práce byla pouhým nahlédnutím do díla lbn Zunbula a že zájem o toto dílo stoupá, je cílem této práce podrobnější obsahová a formální analýza jedné z obsáhlejších verzí lbn Zunbulova rukopisu. Rukopis použitý k této analýze pochází ze 17. století, je bez označení titulu a chybí mu začátek. Mým cílem je zjistit nejprve obsah této dlouhé verze a dále ji srovnat po stránce obsahové a jazykové s krátkou verzí, kterou jsem již analyzovala ve své magisterské práci (viz výše). Další otázkou je, můžeme-li toto dílo zařadit mezi literaturu měšťanskou a jakou společenskou funkci tato literatura plnila. Můžeme toto dílo považovat za důkaz úpadku arabské literatury v mamlúcké epoše nebo naopak za důkaz tvůrčích schopností některých literátů? Powered by TCPDF (
Historical midrash Sefer Josipon (10th century). A critical analysis of the text
Křížová, Magdalena ; Šedinová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Oliverius, Jaroslav (referee)
The thesis aims to summarize our existing knowledge about the time of composition and the litcrary context oť an important historiographical work oť the Middle Ages - the so-called Sefer .Josippon. The thesis is divided into three main parts: the tirst one is concerned with critical comparison oť di ťferent conjectures regarding the origins of the boo k, the second attempts to interpret tbc book ťrom the point oťthe history oťJewish literature ofthat period and the tinal part consists ofa C zech translation oť three short extracts of the boo k, that are chosen to demonstrate the styl i sti cal and artistic techniques of the author and his way oť handl ing with hi s literary sources. The tirst part starts with deťining the problem of the authorship of the book. We have shown that Seťcr .fosippon wasn't originally writtcn as pseudo-epigraphical book, but it was traditionally ascribed to Josephus Flavius (called here ,Joseph ben Gorion''. a mistake caused by misunderstandig oť.Josippon ·s sourccs) only later, while in thc original text oťthis chronicle often quotes Josephus as its primary source oť inťormation. The question oťthe causes and time ofthis ascribement has not been succesťully solved. since already in the I O th century the book i s refered to as .,book oť Joseph ben Corion"". This might possibly...
Old Czech Glosses in Medieval Hebrew Rabbinic Writings
Uličná, Lenka ; Šedinová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Hoffmannová, Jana (referee) ; Oliverius, Jaroslav (referee)
of the dissertation Lenka Uličná This study aims to present and interpret the Old Czech (so-called Canaanic) glosses preserved in medieval Hebrew rabbinic writings Arugath ha-bosem by Abraham ben Azriel, Or zarua by Isaac ben Moses and in the commentary to the Mahzor Nuremberg. So far, linguistic analyses of this language material have been based on the editions. The present work analyzes manuscript versions of the glosses and significantly refines the research. We consider the so-called Canaanic glosses primarily as a sociolinguistic subject and this attitude influenced the selection of methods used in this study. Due to the character of the language material, we had to combine the sociolinguistic methods with methods of contrastive linguistics, paleographic methods and analytical methods of diachronic linguistics. The results of this analysis are presented in dictionary entries and they provide a basis for the following characterization of the so-called Canaanic language and its position towards the so-called Jewish languages on the one hand and towards the Czech language of the Christian majority, on the other. The gloss is i.a. a manifestation of bilingualism of the productor of the text. Being aware of the insufficiency of one language he tries to secure the understanding of a certain term in...
Jewish Fables. Berechiah ben Natronai ha-Nakdan: "Mishle Shu'alim".
Hynková, Cecílie ; Šedinová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Oliverius, Jaroslav (referee)
This thesis deals with the fable collection called Mishle Shu'alim, written by the Jewish author Berechiah ben Natronai ha-Nakdan who lived in the 12th/13th century either in France or in England. The aim of this thesis is to introduce the work along with the genre of the fable and its examples in Jewish literature of the Antiquity and the Middle Ages (Bible, Talmud, midrashic literature and a few of medieval scripts). The essential part of the thesis contains information about the author and all his works, characterization and analysis of the collection, and the list of the existing manuscripts, all known editions, and all translations of the collection or those of individual fables. Special attention is being paid to the Prague Jesuit edition of 1661. The thesis furthermore contains a commented translation of three selected fables.
Arabian Gulf Women's Novel in the Context of Culture and Society
Štorková, Kristýna ; Ondráš, František (advisor) ; Oliverius, Jaroslav (referee)
The thesis introduces the problems facing Arab novels written by women from the Arabian Peninsula, taking into account the socio-cultural aspects of the region. The thesis closely reads and analyzes selected novels by writers from Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman, in order to find common perspectives among authors on key issues affecting the status of women in society. By using the themes and characters as source for analysis, the thesis tries to answer the question about whether the female Arab writers tend to confirm the patriarchal order, or on the contrary they reject it. At the same time, the thesis analyzes the attitudes of women novelists towards the traditional values of their own society, in contrast with modern values. The thesis takes into account the major social, cultural and economic changes rapidly transforming this region in a very short period of time. These transformations have inevitably brought about substantial intergenerational conflicts within traditional families.

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