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Imagination of Horse in the Pre-islamic Poetry. Comparison of Horse's Imaginatin in Poems of ʻAntar ibn Shaddād and Imruʼu ʼl-Qays
Galíková, Michaela ; Ondráš, František (advisor) ; Provazníková, Adéla (referee)
(in English): The aim of the bachelor thesis is the analysis of the image of the horse in the poems in a collection of Muʻallaqāt of two important representatives of pre-Islamic poetry - ʻAntar ibn Shaddād and Imruʼu ʼl-Qays. In their verses, the poetic representation of the horse reached its peak form, while each of the two poets is characterized by a very individual approach to the representation of the horse not only as a companion of the pre-Islamic knight and warrior, but also as a subject of nature lyric. On the basis of selected verses, an analysis of poetic images characterizing horses was carried out both in the context of the poet's emotions and the tribal relations of pre-Islamic society.
Function of sleep, dreams and oneiric aesthetics in the Men God Forgot by Albert Cossery
Kovalčíková, Ema ; Šarše, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Provazníková, Adéla (referee)
This thesis focuses on the debut collection of five short stories, Men God Forgot (1946), by the Francophone writer of Egyptian origin, Albert Cossery. The thesis aims to analyze and discuss the function of sleep, dreams, and oneiric aesthetics in this collection of short stories, which embodies micro-stories of the inhabitants of the poor peripheries of the Egyptian capital. The study begins by presenting the context of the life and work of the author who, despite living in France for many years, in the collection portrays the city of his childhood, Cairo, through a dream narrative with elements of magical realism. It also examines the influences of the oneiric aesthetics of the period, the writer's minimalist lifestyle and the apotheosis of laziness, which are closely related to the utilization of the images of sleep and dreams in his literary works. The thesis also presents a perspective on dream and sleep phenomena from the standpoint of contemporary dream and sleep science. The key section of the thesis is devoted to a detailed analysis of the representations of sleep and dreaming in individual stories in Cossery's collection, particularly on the thematic and narrative levels. Sleep, dreaming, and the oneiric aesthetic are examined as metaphors of passivity, laziness, and regression for the...
Structures and themes of Yusuf Idris' short stories
Provazníková, Adéla ; Ondráš, František (advisor) ; Oliverius, Jaroslav (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the artistic development of the Egyptian writer Yusuf Idris (1927-1991). Based on the study of two short stories collections it describes the changes in his writing from the 1960s to the 1980s. To achieve this goal, the thesis uses the terminology of the theory of fictional worlds developed by Lubomír Doležel, which provides a suitable tool for the characterisation of themes and techniques in Idris' works. Starting from Idris' realistic worlds of the 1950s, the thesis tracks and explains the fundamental change that his writing later underwent. The essential socio-political context is also given. Through detailed textual analysis of selected short stories, the thesis concludes that author's fictional worlds from the 1980s are darker, more self-contained and complicated, despite of some continuity of themes and structural techniques used throughout Idris' work.
Thematization of the Space in the Work of Muhammad Zafzaf
Hamplová, Veronika ; Ondráš, František (advisor) ; Provazníková, Adéla (referee)
This Bachelor's thesis is concerned with the thematisation of space in the short story collection Ḥiwār fī lail mutaʾaḫḫir of the moroccan author Muḥammad Zafzāf who began publishing in the early 60s. I examine the short story collection from the point of view of Daniela Hodrova's theory of places with a sectret taking into consideration the context of the development of modern moroccan literature written in arabic. Muḥammad Zafzāfa and other authors of his generation use new narrative approaches such as focalisation and inner monologue. The character acts and exists in wherever the story takes place, therefore also the place as experienced by the character becomes a literary topic. This thesis focuses on the role of the individual and the role of the place or setting in the collection. In the analytical part the thesis I conclude that there are three ways thtat the protagonist accepts their situation: place with a secret, boundary place, and place of the vicious circle. However, they always face a situation and place out of their control. The thesis confirms the presupposition that the collection portrays characters unable to change their own fate.
The reception of existentialism in the novel Bābā Sartre
Bukovinská, Tatiana ; Provazníková, Adéla (advisor) ; Felčer, Petr (referee)
This bachelor's thesis examines the contemporary Iraqi writer ʿAlī Badr's satirical novel Papa Sartre (Bābā Sartr, 2001) and uses it as a vehicle to explore the reception of existentialism in the Arab world. The protagonist, ʿAbd ar-Raḥmān, passes himself off as an existentialist par excellence, but his shallow understanding of philosophy is disclosed as the plot progresses. After a brief historical and theoretical introduction, the thesis introduces the novel and then analyzes the techniques the author uses both to create a realistic impression and to ridicule the entire generation of Iraqi intellectuals of the 1960s. The novel's satire is formed through the mockery of the reception of the main themes of existentialism (nausea, alienation, freedom). As a key to understanding the satirical depiction of the philosophy, this thesis observes the changes between the original existentialist themes and the mocked outcome. Key Words Existentialism - Iraq - Jean-Paul Sartre - Bābā Sārtr - 1960s
Translating Children's Literature into Arabic
Pavlović, Mišel ; Ondráš, František (advisor) ; Provazníková, Adéla (referee)
The bachelor's thesis is focusing on the problematics of translation and the transfer of cultural context within the area of children's literature. The piece of work examines the English and Arabic versions of the books Fairy Tales by H. C. Andersen and The Complete Fairy Tales by the Grimm brothers. Based on the analysis the attention will be paid to the differences in the translations with the focus being the key elements carrying the cultural significance. The goal of this thesis is to discover the methods of adaptation that are used by the Arabic translators while translating books into Arabic. Powered by TCPDF (
Semra Ertan - Word and Body as Instruments of Socio-Political Protest
Sanitráková, Simona ; Malečková, Jitka (advisor) ; Provazníková, Adéla (referee)
The bachelor thesis is dedicated to Semra Ertan, a poet and activist of Turkish origin, who lived since the 1970s with her parents in Germany, who worked there as guest workers (Gastarbeiter). In 1982, Ertan publicly set herself on fire in Hamburg. Although the publication of her poetry collection in 2020 aroused interest in both Germany and Turkey in her work and life's destiny, academic research is still lacking. The thesis aims to present the person and work of Semra Ertan as a topic that has not yet been researched. The student will first outline the development of the situation of the Turkish guest workers in Germany since the bilateral agreement between Germany and Turkey, introduce the author herself, and in the main part of the thesis will analyze her poems as such and the relationship between Semra Ertan's poems and her self-immolation. Thesis will try to answer the question of whether and how aspects of the author's life can be seen in her poems. To answer this question, in addition to the thematic analysis of the poems the approaches of the social contextual studies of literature as outlined by Josef Šebek will be used.
Prison Experience in Novels of Sun'allah Ibrahim
Šubrová, Barbora ; Ondráš, František (advisor) ; Provazníková, Adéla (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with experience from prison of the contemporary Egyptian writer Ṣunʿallāh Ibrāhīm in years 1959-1964 and its literary rendering. Its aim is to analyze the literary image of the author's personal memories of his time in prison, depicted in his two works - Tilka ʾr- rāʾiḥa (1966) and Jawmījāt al-wāḥāt (2005). In addition to an analysis of these two novels and a comparative analysis of the ways in which the author depicted his prison experience, the thesis also describes the characteristics of Ibrāhīm's life in prison as well as several years before his imprisonment and after his release.
Synthesis of sulphanylaminoderivatives of cyclodextrines and computational simulations of their complexes formation
Provazníková, Adéla ; Jindřich, Jindřich (advisor) ; Míšek, Jiří (referee)
This master thesis deals with synthesis of 6I -N-monosubstituted β-CD bearing a linear spacer of various lenghts containing disulfidic bond and terminated by amine. Whole series was succesfully prepared by nucleophilic substitution of toluenesulfonyl group on tosyl β-CD by a spacer's amine group. In case of the shortest spacer (cystamine) 35 % yield was achieved. Synthesis of β-CD derivatives using longer and more lipophilic spacer derived from di-, tri- and tetraethylenglycol yielded 66 to 85 %. The oligoethylene spacers were prepared by standard chemical modifications. A separation method using n-butanol elution mixtures was optimized for isolation of β-CD derivatives. To better understand the β-CD derivative behavior in solution, molecular dynamics (MD) computations were used. The synthetized species were intended to be used for fluorescent sensor construction. For the same reason the inclusion of small organic molecules in β-CD cavity was studied with molecular dynamic simulations. MD method for computation of relative binding energy was optimized and gave values of right sign and order of magnitude.
Strategies of literary translation during the Naḥda
Provazníková, Adéla ; Ondráš, František (advisor) ; Bielický, Viktor (referee)
Bc. Adéla Provazníková Strategies of literary translation during the Nahḍa Abstract: The thesis deals with the topic of literary translation in the Arab world during the Nahḍa. It falls within the framework of descriptive translation studies and is based methodologically on Gideon Toury's model (1995), which determines its structure and goals. Following a brief historical and literary context the thesis systematically describes attitudes towards translation in given period and finds that translational terminology and requirements were changing during the 19th century and only yet stabilizing. The core of this thesis lies in the textual analysis of two novels and three short stories, which reveal individual translational strategies. It shows that Arab translators in the colonial context dealt with the source text in a creative manner and accommodated translated texts to the cultural and historical particularities of a contemporary Arab reader. Keywords: translation strategies, modern Arabic literature, Nahḍa, paraliterature, Adib Ishaq, Labiba Hashim, cultural encounter

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