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Architecture in landscape - Winery
Klimešová, Naďa ; Uřídilová, Marcela (referee) ; Urbášková, Hana (advisor)
What’s a building in the landscape like? It’s not indifferent. It uses but doesn’t abuse. It doesn’t compete. It is not indifferent The theme of the project is the road – as progress, as an element of composition. It starts among the vineyards and ends with a view of the hills of Pálava, the dominant feature of the landscape. In the middle, the road is enclosed by houses and passes through a large frame which creates a picture of the landscape that changes with time. Henceforth, the building is not just a building; it is also a frame through which we see an endless number of pictures. It uses but doesn’t abuse The buildings of the winery and of the wine research institute are designed according to the principles of sustainability and are as environmentally friendly as possible. Built with wooden panels on a barren plot of land, they make use of waste water. Does not compete The buildings are located amid the vineyards with a view of the Pálava hills. From the distance, they appear to blend with the landscape thanks to the climbing vines on the outside walls.
New Synagogue in Olomouc
Novák, František ; Uřídilová, Marcela (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor)
Draft synagogue draws on traditional values from the past, but is set in the present time and modern elements to create the perfect environment for future work and development of the Jewish community. In the past, they reached the synagogue larger sizes and higher than the surrounding buildings. Attracted so immediate dominance. Today's urban planning and capacity synagogues us not allow this dominance. However synagogue be different because of the surrounding buildings. The proposed project will thus achieve a modern shape, splayed hands towards God. The synagogue is to be removed, so as sculptures have their pedestals, and the proposed synagogue is mounted on a pedestal. Is thus formed plastic loosely inserted into the surrounding nature.
Thermal baths Yverdon, five senses in architecture
Poláš, Michal ; Uřídilová, Marcela (referee) ; Koleček, Ivan (advisor)
The architecture of the spa in the park is conceived as a structure goes through the trees. Spa is space for using thermal spring force.
Thermal baths Yverdon, five senses in architecture
Štukheil, Petr ; Uřídilová, Marcela (referee) ; Koleček, Ivan (advisor)
Concept In the measure of town Yverdon Les Bains the baths park is understood like one of the important spot which influences its surroundings. The surroundings give the impression of neutrality because of the differentness of its composition. So the baths park and three historical buildings in it create the most valuable element. It is independent world where people could relax and feel their senses. Free shape in the “free landscape”. It is seemingly haphazard like its surroundings. Although the building has its own inner composition which I call “Small world under large rooftop”. I would like to create atmosphere where would be unique inner space, light and intimate darkness, warm and cold, atmosphere full of nice smell. Each material has its own sound, temperature and surface. The basic element of the baths is water. It is going through the building, connecting all the parts of the baths and creates special atmosphere. People have to know they entered in to the baths world.
Transcendental aspects of architectural design as factors of sustainability
Volnohradský, Radan ; Peřinková, Martina (referee) ; Loutocká, Vlasta (referee) ; Uřídilová, Marcela (referee) ; Urbášková, Hana (advisor)
This thesis deals with complex processes, relationships and phenomena which go beyond the assumed and accepted materialistic perception of the world in general and the process of architectural design specifically. It clarifies and actually redefine the sustainability from a point of higher universal principles forming our environment. At the beginning this thesis presents an extensive knowledge base of existing holistic design systems including Feng-shui, sacred geometry, geomancy or numerology. The purpose is to build and establish a solid foundation for understanding and further research as well as objectively interpreting lesser known topics as a whole. On the basis of intersecting information through the above mentioned topics we specify the hypothesis which proposes the pre-existence of one unifying design matrix of harmonic structures in architecture. The structure of its verification takes us from an analysis of the science of human perception to systems of self-similar contextual references of animated and inanimated forms. These systems of emergent form and flow are basically known as fractals, and could be expressed in both mathematical and geometrical languages. The thesis research then consists of analysing chosen examples of urban and architectural scale in sense of fractality, symbolism and geometrical matrices. We include and integrate the research of associated and relevant phenomena in pedagogical practice, and a case study of the application of fractals in development of a chosen town. From the results of this thesis we abstract five non-dogmatic guidelines or tenets for architectural design; which are supported by experimental verification on some of the author´s buildings. These tenets stand as pillars of implosive architecture. This kind of architecture in context of transcendental overlaps means a possibility of how to bring our anthropogenic environment closer to the natural and harmonic code of the Universe.
Thermal baths Yverdon, five senses in architecture
Šánek, Pavel ; Uřídilová, Marcela (referee) ; Koleček, Ivan (advisor)
Vertical baths in the center of park. A view to the lake of Neuchatel as a strong element of baths.
Thermal baths Yverdon, five senses in architecture
Pospíšil, Tomáš ; Uřídilová, Marcela (referee) ; Koleček, Ivan (advisor)
Peace in the shadow of the trees. A spring coming up from depths. The spa park is an island at the edge of the town. It is the highest value of its surroundings. That is why I place the volume of the spa on the side of the park along the road. There is a promenade connecting the constituent elements of the building. Full, heavy masses alternate with airy and bright ones. The park grows through the buildings, and in this way the spa and the park become closely intertwined. The interweaving of the built and the natural as the central theme of the project.
Pasterný, Radek ; Uřídilová, Marcela (referee) ; Galeová, Nicol (advisor)
people, public building, architecture, contemporary art, exhibition
New Synagogue in Brno
Rubešová, Hana ; Uřídilová, Marcela (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor)
The diploma thesis "New Synagogue in Brno" is processed in the form of architectural studies and containing all requirements in accordance with applicable regulations. The proposed building´s are located between the streets Dornych, Spálená, Přízová and Mlýnská. Object’s are closing city block and completing the look of the street Dornych. The synagogoue was rotated to the west compare to the street line about 17°. Synagogue is a two-storey building without a basement and it´s used only for worships. Jewish Community building is a three story building with three underground floors. The building contains a museum of Jewish culture, kosher restaurants, mikveh ritual bath, library and administration. In the basement is a parking stackers and technical equipment of buildings. Supporting structure is concrete frame construction. Facades are designed like structural glazing system. Part of the processing work was the development of facade section, section thru the diffusing glass and architectural detail.
Thermal baths Yverdon, five senses in architecture
Pasterný, Radek ; Uřídilová, Marcela (referee) ; Koleček, Ivan (advisor)
Design of the spa complex in the town of Yverdon. In the city, which lies on the shore of Neuchatel Lake. However, our plot is located off the coast. Place the design looks like taken out of context the development of the city. Spa react to immediate surroundings and situation within the parcel that is. This is the regular structure of the volume of a rectangular shape with a shed roof. Objects are abstractly as discussed in industrial halls, which are in the form of individual features of the program are mounting

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