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A traction drive for an electric bike with motor "Heinzmann"
Němec, Petr ; Huták, Petr (referee) ; Vorel, Pavel (advisor)
This work deals with a proposal and construction of a DC/DC converter for a control of a DC motor Heinzmann. The DC/DC converter will be used in an electric drive for a bicycle. The proposal of the DC/DC converter is designed for such engine power to avoid fully any human force to drive - pedaling. The work includes informations about the used motor, progress of proposal and dimensioning of the converter - power circuit and control electronics.
Technical Improvement of Rented Property
Němec, Petr ; Ondroušková, Renata (referee) ; Svirák, Pavel (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the problem of technical improvement of property that is the object of a lease contract. Lessee pays technical improvement from own resources and he is entitled to depreciation of technical improvement on the basis of a written contract by owner. The practical part focuses specific various options for the settlement of technical improvement at the end of the lease and it assesses the convenience of termination from the perspective of the lessee.
Design of exhibition hall roof
Němec, Petr ; Ing.Paris Chalivopulos (referee) ; Zich, Miloš (advisor)
The Diploma’s thesis is focused on the design of selected parts of reinforced concrete exhibition hall (prestressed concrete purlin, prestressed concrete girder, reinforced concrete column, reinforced concrete footing, post-tensioned concrete girders). The load calculation (the self weight, the permanent load, the wind load, the snow load and imposed load), the design and the review of selected reinforced concrete items and the drawing documentation are included in this thesis.
The belt conveyor for transportation of aggregates
Němec, Petr ; Malášek, Jiří (referee) ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (advisor)
This thesis deals with the concept of design solutions of conveyor belt. The aim of this work is to design a conveyor belt to transport gravel and gravel into three fractions by warehouse space, traffic performance of 50 000 kg• h-1, 4.5 m height difference. Design of the main dimensions, draft power and strength calculation of frame construction. Functional calculation is performed according to ISO 5048 of 1994. The work is accompanied by drawings.
Self-organizing MESH wireless networks
Němec, Petr ; Burget, Radim (referee) ; Růčka, Lukáš (advisor)
This master thesis deals with self organized Mesh network. It describes routing and particular routing protocols, which are used in these networks. The thesis deals with Mesh network QoS assurance. Analysis and theoretical background of Mesh networks, routing and router protocols are included in the first chapter. Basic models of assuring Quality of Service are also described. Those are Best Effort, IntServ and DiffServ. Second chapter describes the devices used in the specific Mesh network topology - Trospos 5210 MetroMesh router produced by Motorola Canopy. Basic settings and properties required to establish a Mesh network are described. Next part of the thesis is the design implementation, which involves creation and configuration of the Mesh Network. Network configuration consisting of two Gateway points and afterwards behaviors of the network in a steady state versus one gate failure are compared. Furthermore, implementation of QoS according to components that support two types of QoS assurance regarding type of bandwidth reservation and defined traffic classes. In conclusion, the thesis describes measurement methods of QoS parameters for chosen applications, evaluation and comparison of measurement results for both types of Quality of Service assurance.
The Analysis of impedance properties of the bridge in string instruments
Němec, Petr ; Nop, Patrik (referee) ; Jirásek, Ondřej (advisor)
It is a known fact that stringed instruments bridge makes an important part of "acoustic circuit" of their bodies. Bridge acts as an acoustic filter which has the biggest impact on 2 – 6 kHz band and high frequency bands. To find the connection between the impact of a specific acoustic and mechanical properties of a bridge and acoustical behavior of the entire instrument remains as a matter of further exploration. Aim of this thesis is to find the mentioned relations of a chosen materials in an accordance to their mechanical properties within a full range of materials with common bridge properties. The experiments are designed to determine mechanical and acoustic properties of chosen materials which are then used to fabricate bridges. Subsequently the acoustical behavior of instruments with chosen bridges is determined. Based upon these findings we propose specific solutions and suggest further research.
Inverter for DC motor 800 W
Němec, Petr ; Toman, Marek (referee) ; Procházka, Petr (advisor)
The goal of this Bachelor´s thesis is design of an power inverter for BDC motor 36 V/800 W with permanent magnets. The first part of this work is devoted to the brief description of drive elements, which with designed converter create drive system. It´s also contain measures of used BDC motor MY1020. In the second part there is a outline description of functions and connection of DC/DC converters with respect to the final solution. The power circuit will be built with the MOS-FET IRFP4110 connected to the H bridge. Transducer control logic will be provided by the microcontroller development board Arduino UNO 3 with the integrated driver circuit IR2110.
The Fair and True View of Business Unit in the Financial Statements
Němec, Petr ; Ondroušková, Renata (referee) ; Fedorová, Anna (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of the fair and true view of business unit in the financial statements. The basic statements of the financial statements comprise the balance sheet, the profit and loss statement and the annexe to the financial statements explaining methods used for accounting of the accounting cases. The practical part of the diploma thesis is focused on analysis of the financial statements of particular entity and applied accounting procedures. The analysis of this unit was carried out focusing on achievement of fair and true view of this unit in the financial statements. The financial position and performance of the selected business unit was evaluated on the basis of selected financial indicators according to the unit's data and its own calculations. The results were compared and evaluated.
BLDC motor controller
Němec, Petr ; Červinka, Dalibor (referee) ; Knobloch, Jan (advisor)
The goal of this Master thesis is to design a power convertor for BLDC motor 48V/2kW. Emphasis is placed on the small dimensions of the final printed circuit board. Therefore, power SMD transistors STL135N8F7AG are used in small packages PowerFlat 5x6. To reduce area of the PCB, electrolytic capacitors are mounted on a separate board, which is located above the main PCB. Small high-capacity 22F/100V ceramic capacitors are used in the DC-LINK as well. They are located as close as possible to the power SMD tranzistors. Control logic will be provided by microprocesor STM32G474RE. High resolution timer HRTIM1 is used. The first part of this thesis is devoted to the brief description of BLDC motor construction and driving. Next parts are focused on the design itself.
Strategic Cost Management in the Company
Němec, Petr ; Heralecký, Tomáš (referee) ; Kocmanová, Alena (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of strategic cost management in the selected company. The theoretical part contains the division of costs into individual groups, budgeting and cost calculation and acquaintance with the tools of strategic cost management. The practical part focuses on the analysis of the current state of the company and its costs, where a horizontal and vertical analysis of costs and revenues is performed according to data from the company's profit and loss statement. This analysis identifies the key cost items of the company to which the chosen method of strategic cost management is applied in order to significantly reduce these items and thus improve the financial situation of the company.

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