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Membrane microdomains in regulation of lipid metabolism
Veselá, Petra ; Malínský, Jan (advisor) ; Hašek, Jiří (referee) ; Zimmermannová, Olga (referee)
The fluid mosaic model described by Singer and Nicolson in 1972 was timeless and remains relevant to understanding the structure, function and dynamics of biological membranes more than fifty years later. From the outset, its authors acknowledged the existence of lateral membrane regions that differ in composition and biological function from their immediate surroundings. Therefore, even contemporary studies demonstrating the existence of many different membrane microdomains do not pose a fundamental challenge to the validity of this model. In particular, research over the last twenty years has shown that a number of cellular processes (nutrient transport, signaling, regulation of nucleic acid metabolism, lipophagy and many others) are linked to membrane microdomains. However, the molecular details of these links remain hidden in many cases. The aim of this work is to find specific links between membrane microdomains and the metabolism of selected lipids. Using the yeast model S. cerevisiae, we document the connection of a specialized plasma membrane microdomain, the membrane compartment of arginine permease Can1 (MCC), to the metabolism of sphingolipids and the mitochondrial anionic phospholipids, phosphatidylglycerol (PG) and cardiolipin (CL). The initial two chapters deal with the elucidation of...
Generation of high harmonic frequencies in crystalline materials
Gindl, Adam ; Kozák, Martin (advisor) ; Veselá, Petra (referee)
The interaction of intense ultrashort laser pulses with materials in the strong field regime of nonlinear optics enables the study of electron excitations with high temporal resolution. In this thesis, we focus on the experimental research of high harmonic ge- neration in crystalline silicon. The goal of our study is to reach the modulation of the amplitude and the phase of the generated field using coherence control by a superposition of optical fields at the fundamental and its third harmonic frequency. The modulation of the generated field occurs due to the change of the relative phase shift between the driving fields. The resulting amplitude and phase changes of the high harmonic field are investi- gated for different amplitude ratios of the driving fields using spectroscopic methods and spectral interferometry. The newly introduced spectral interferometry technique enables the measurement of the emission delay of high-energy photons on attosecond time scale. 1
A leisure time artephiletic program for primary school children
The bachelor's thesis deals with the origin and course of the leisure time artefiletic program for school age children. Specifically, the main participants are siblings, brother and sister, who are from a divorced family. The research is the sort of action research, whose final output should lead to the overall enrichment of all participants. The program consisted of fourteen individual meetings, which have been running during the seven months. At each meeting the children artistically worked on the assigned topics, at the end of the meeting there was a reflective discussion over the results of creation. Throughout the duration of the program, the artistic progress in the art works of the siblings was monitored and subsequently described, as well as the progress in terms of changes in their experience and behaviour. The thesis contains a detailed description of individual meeting including the statement of hypotheses that the author reached during the activities with children. The work also includes the author´s self reflection and the reflection of creation and work with both children. In the end, some recommendations were proposed for further possible work with these children.
Tick-borne rickettsial diseases: emerging risks in Europe
Veselá, Petra ; Janovská, Daniela (advisor)
Ricekttsiae are small, gram negative bacteria, known as an etiologic agens of many human as well as animal diseases. The course of rickettsial infections extremely differs in severity. Bacteria are transmitted via arthropodes, infected dust, milk and secretions of infected individuals. Thank to the better hygienical standards many rickettsial infections appear only in the developing countries. On the other hand some other rickettsial infections have higher incidency in atypical countries and ecosystems. This change is thought to be due to global warming. The importance of early diagnosis and proper therapy is common to all infections
Didactic of vocationally education
Veselá, Petra ; Mazáčová, Nataša (advisor) ; Havlínová, Ivana (referee)
The thesis is divided into two parts. The first deals with the theoretical view of the vocational education, its development and specifics. The next section describes the differences between education of adults and children. Then the work is focused on the personality of the lector and didactic process, its aims, methods, forms and tools. To conclude the theoretical part summarizes the principle of feedback. The second part is summarized of research where respondents are lectors themselves. From research we know how much are they competent to exercise the profession of lecturers from the point of view of teaching, respectively didactic. The research used the questionnaire with closed and open questions.
Measurement of third harmonic generation efficiency in semiconductor nanocrystals
Sedláčková, Eva ; Kozák, Martin (advisor) ; Veselá, Petra (referee)
The goal of this work was to observe third harmonic generation in semiconductor nanocrystals and to determine the efficiency of this nonlinear-optical phenomenon. Samples used for examination included silicon, diamond and zinc oxide nanocrystals. Using the measured efficiency of third harmonic generation and the parameters of infrared laser pulses used for the generation, we were able to determine the approximate value of the third order nonlinear susceptibility of the materials used in this study. Besides third harmonic generation we observed high harmonic generation in zinc oxide samples up to the ninth order.
Možnosti využití léčivých rostlin v lesních porostech "Na Pískách" na ŠLP Masarykův les Křtiny
Veselá, Petra
The aim of this bachelor thesis is the determination of the possibilities the utilisation of medicinal plants in the forest stands „Na Pískách” located in Training Forest Enter-prise Masaryk Forest Křtiny. On the research area, a mapping of the presence of the medicinal plants, and determination of the dry drug resources and drying ratio for the selected species of medicinal plants took place. Overall, on the research area was found 37 species of medicinal plants, from which stinging nettle (Urtica dioica L.) and elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) was chosen for the purposes of personal research. The average production of the dry drug from one meter square of stinging nettle was 238 g and in case of elderflower, 19 g. The drying ratio of stinging nettle was 6,3 : 1 and that of elderflower was 5,4 : 1.
Business Plan for the Expansion of the Company in the Area of Child Daycare
Veselá, Petra ; Koudelná, Iveta (referee) ; Fojtů, Kateřina (advisor)
The thesis comprises a business plan describing the Expansion of the Company in the Area of Child Daycare. Based on the analysis the draft describes concrete marketing plan, scheme of sales, staffing and financial plan including the economic evaluation. Important is the profitability of the business plan and the ability of its implementation.
The Nursing Care of Newborn Babies with Hyperbilirubinaemia
Holásková, Martina ; Vachková, Eva (advisor) ; Nováková, Jitka (referee) ; Kanioková Veselá, Petra (referee)
Author: Martina Holásková Institutions: Department of social medicine LF UK, Hradec Kralove, Department of Nursing Title: Nursing care of physiological newborn child with hyperbilirubinaemia Supervisor: Mgr. Eva Vachková Number of pages: 121 Number of attachments: 15 Year of defense: 2011 Keywords: newborn, hyperbilirubinaemia, blood groups, nursing care, phototherapy, standard of the nursing care The bachelor thesis is focused on problems of newborn jaundice and the nursing care of physiological newborn babies suffering from jaundice. It is divided into two parts. The first one, theoretical, explains the main concepts related to newborn jaundice, such as the newborn period, hyperbilirubinaemia, blood groups, or nursing care. It defines and describes causes, symptoms, diagnostics, treatment and forming factors related to hyperbilirubinaemia. The second, practical part, surveys the nursing care of newborn babies with hyperbilirubinaemia. It also concentrates on creating a standard of the nursing procedure and additional mapping of the frequency of hyperbilirubinaemia at the newborn department of the hospital in Litomyšl during the year 2009.

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