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Electronic temperature measurement for a grill
Svoboda, David ; Burian, František (referee) ; Fiedler, Petr (advisor)
The work deals with methods of temperature measurement, electrical and non-electrical. Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of electrical methods of temperature measurement for applicability in the grill. It also discusses the selection of a suitable sensor to measure the temperature inside the grill. Subsequent design and implementation of the measuring system where the emphasis is on accuracy.
Energy metering based on open source technologies in automation
Szymanik, Adam ; Arm, Jakub (referee) ; Fiedler, Petr (advisor)
This master thesis deals with description of open-source automation platforms, which can be used as alternatives to normal PLC systems and selectino of the most suitable platform for automation task. This thesis also describes creation of task for energy consuption measurement, prediction and control in Codesys developement system. Installation of QC4 software and created configuration is also described. The vizualization displays measured and calculated values, event and alarm log and allows for manual disconnection of appliances. The results, shortcomming and benefits are summarized in conclusion.
Means of Obtaining Mamdani Fuzzy Model of Car Driver’s Dynamics
Mihálik, Ondrej ; Fiedler, Petr
The aim of the paper is creation of an easily interpretable model of human driver during a simulated elementary car driving task. This is achieved using a Hammer- stein model whose non-linearity is modelled by a simple Mamdani fuzzy system. Derived closed form formulae of the model are employed to facilitate convergence of the iden- tification algorithm and render it more accurate. The experimental results suggest that the method is suitable for modelling of lane changing manoeuvres on a motorway.
Modernization of the crane education preparation
Machalíček, Kryštof ; Fiedler, Petr (referee) ; Baštán, Ondřej (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the modernization of a crane model used in teaching. The aim of the modernization is to design and implement a teaching control panel according to the existing modular concept of teaching panel, to propose modifications to the electronics of the crane model so that the crane model can be used in a „plug and play“ sense. These modifications will be then implemented on the model. The aim is also to develop a software for verification of the function of all the elements used.
Firmware for partial discharge calibrator
Turinský, Matěj ; Baštán, Ondřej (referee) ; Fiedler, Petr (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to create a firmware which realizes processor control for a given hardware (calibrator of partial discharge meters). Thesis describes what options are availible in the field of processor control of devices, their advantages, disadvantages and possible applications in real life. Concrete realization then provides a closer look on firmware creation in C programming language for STM32 processors using the standard CMSIS interface.
RS-485 demonstration board
Hříbek, Šimon ; Burian, František (referee) ; Fiedler, Petr (advisor)
First part is focused on basics of standard RS-485. Characteristics, industrial applicarions and different variants are described here. Second part is about design of device itself. Its focused on schematic design of the device. Three main parts of device are described here. Third part is about proces of choosing right components and theirs key aspects. Last part descibes previous versions of design of device. Major changes and fixes are mentioned here.
Control system overhaul of a granulate transport equippment
Minčík, Vojtech ; Benešl, Tomáš (referee) ; Fiedler, Petr (advisor)
This thesis deals with the design and overhaul of the suction system which was part of the extruder dosing device from Reifenheuser. The first part describes the pneumatic transport and its main parts and control possibilities. Moreover, the thesis deals with the evaluation of the original solution of the control system, its advantages and disadvantages, the requirements for modernization from the client and proposals for its implementation. The last part focuses on the selection of suitable components and subsequently on the final implementation of the entire project, which consists of the design of the switchboard, the creation of electrical documentation and PLC programming.
SW for configuration of PLC modems
Tichý, Vojtěch ; Benešl, Tomáš (referee) ; Fiedler, Petr (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to design an application for easy configuration of modems, from ModemTec, communicating over power lines. The bachelor's thesis first deals with a brief explanation of the communication over the power line, which will give the reader a general idea of what the application will be used for. Furthermore, to understand the meaning of the individual adjustable parameters of the modem, the serial port is explained, through which the modem will communicate with the parent device that collects data, but also with the computer on which the application will run and with which the modem will be configured. Then, readers are introduced to the design of the user interface and architecture of the application, which includes the basic design principles which the application implementation was based on. The following is a description of the application implementation and the results of ModemTec modem configuration testing. Finally, the achieved results and possibilities for future modification are summarized.
Module for data collection from industrial equipment
Vávra, Petr ; Kaczmarczyk, Václav (referee) ; Fiedler, Petr (advisor)
Theses deals with development of a module for data collection from industrial equipment. As a suitable protocol for collecting data is chosen OPC UA. The source of data are OPC UA servers on PLCs from Siemens. For secure transport to public cloud Microsoft Azure over TLS protocol is used IoT Edge and IoT Hub gate. The data are stored in Time Series database InfluxDB. For visualization are used web applications Influx DB and Grafana. Software is tested on industrial equipment.
Door control module
Šrámek, Jiří ; Burian, František (referee) ; Fiedler, Petr (advisor)
The thesis deals with development of the control module of a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSP) which is being developed as a reliable part of the platform door system. The whole electronics (including reliable, safe and information parts) will be a product of STARMON company. The paper fully describes the determination of requirements and limitations coming from the national standards involved. Furthermore, it describes the process used for the identification of PMSM parameters, the method used for controlling the PMSM by the original electronics and other generally known methods, while choosing the most optimal one for this application, including the process of designing appropriate controllers. After that, it deals with designing appropriate schematic and realization of hardware. The end of the thesis describes the structure of communication protocol, developed firmware as well as the developed PC application and its user interface.

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