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Waste Gasification
Sedláček, Tomáš ; Elbl, Patrik (referee) ; Lachman, Jakub (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis deals with the topic of waste gasification. The first part includes the definition of waste with the focus on municipal solid waste, its evaluation as fuel on the basis of its contents and properties, in this case the heating value. Eventually the waste is compared with other normally used solid fuels. The second part presents and describes the thermal processes applied to waste-to-energy technologies, where the gasification is explained in more detail, its final products, the content of contaminants in these products and their removal. The next part deals with technologies used for waste gasification. The last part deals with the issue of waste gasification in the Czech republic.
Autonomy of the patient's will at childbirth
Sedláček, Tomáš ; Šustek, Petr (advisor) ; Salač, Josef (referee)
Page 1 of 2 Abstract The diploma thesis deals with the topic of autonomy of the mother's will during childbirth. The main goal of the work is to analyze the legal regulation concerning the provision of healthcare in connection with childbirth and the limits of the autonomy of the patient's will in this situation. The aim of the thesis is to examine the issue of the autonomy of the patient's will according to the valid and effective legal regulation in the Czech Republic, with respect to gradual enforcement of the principle of patient and healthcare provider equality, this issue being related to a relatively specific area of childbirth. There is general legal regulation, relating to the position of the patient, healthcare provider and their mutual relationship outlined in this thesis. This legislation is then subsequently used for the provision of healthcare in relation to childbirths. The case law of both domestic courts and the European Court of Human Rights is then applied to specific problems in this area. One of the described problems is the legal nature of the delivery plan as one of the basic means of expressing the autonomy of the patient's will. In particular, the legal nature of the birth plan is handled as institute which is not regulated by law. Possible legal consequences of the delivery plan as...
Selected Chapters from the History of Economic Thought
Sedláček, Tomáš ; Žák, Milan (advisor) ; Fidrmuc, Jarko (referee) ; Luptáčik, Mikuláš (referee) ; Schefold, Bertram (referee)
This thesis deals with the development of some key economic topic from the very foundation of our Western culture. From the Epic of Gilgamesh, on which no economic literature exists, through Hebrew thought in the Tanakh, Greek philosophers and Christianity, the paper analyses the development of philosophy of economy in the writings of Rene Descartes, Bernard Mandeville and Adam Smith. The work follows seven key topics: (i) history of the idea of demand and supply (consumption and labour), tracing its very roots to the oldest creation myths we have, (ii) the ethical dimension of the economic debate on good and evil, (iii) the notion of linear progress and cyclicality of development, (iv) the idea of invisible hand of the markets, (v) the idea of animal spirits, (vi) the philosophical basis of mathematization of economics and (vii) the idea of truth in science and economics in particular. This paper tries to look at meta-economics, offer a more integrated counterbalance to the mathematically reductionist approach of recent mainstream economic way of thinking. The work tries to combine philosophy, theology, anthropology, sociology and psychology with economic thinking. The thesis is a selection of chapters from a book Economics of Good and Evil -The Quest for Economic Meaning from Gilgamesh to Wall...
Zionism as a Form of Racial Discrimination. Since the Six-day War to the Adoption of the Resolution 3379
Sedláček, Tomáš ; Tumis, Stanislav (advisor) ; Vojtěchovský, Ondřej (referee)
The thesis inquires into the progressively worsening international role of Israel after the Six-Day War. It begins with analysis of some aspects of the aforementioned conflict and finishes with declaration of resolution no. 3379, which condemned Zionism as a form of racial discrimination.The goal of the thesis is to analyse process that led the state constituted with the help of UN to the position as one of the most criticized members of the organization, all in less than its thirty years old existence.In addition to the Six-Day War, the analysis deals with other significant moments of the Arab-Israeli conflict between years 1967-1975 with the declaration of the said resolution taking the largest extent.Further, the author attempted to define a group of states actively objecting to Zionism and Israel. Simultaneously, he attempted to define the meaning of the fight against Zionism to individual members of the inhomogeneous anti-Israeli bloc.The thesis mainly stands on the analysis of UN documents concerning the Palestine problem in the observed time period. Based on the performed research, the author comes to the conclusion that the condemnation of Zionism as a form of racial discrimination was possible not solely by development of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and by drawing attention to the...
Sacrifice as Investment, Investment as Sacrifice
Hrivniaková, Jana ; Sedláček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Janotík, Tomáš (referee)
In this work we will look at a particular example of investment and sacrifice, where investment originates in science and sacrifice in myths, but they both meet. The question is what exactly is what they are describing. Is investment and sacrifice similar or to grasp full understanding of this phenomenon we need both approaches? There can be found characteristics of rites in investment, similar structure and symbolism as well as economic incentives incorporated in the sacrifice. However investment is not perceived as rite and communication with divinity and sacrifice is not pure cost and benefit analysis. This paper tries to answer these questions and clarify the line between the two. It was Walter Benjamin who was first to notice the similarities between religion and economics and we would like to continue with the discussion. This topic is not much discussed further in literature, therefore by this paper we would like to fill the gap and contribute to the topic.
A Contribution to the Development of Anti-Semitism in the British Society in the Late-Victorian and Edwardian Age
Sedláček, Tomáš ; Soukup, Jaromír (advisor) ; Valkoun, Jaroslav (referee)
Bachelor thesis is analysing of British anti-Semitism between the years 1881- 1914. Thesis is focused on the status of Jews in the Great Britain before the year 1881 and is focused mainly on the process of Jewish emancipation. Next part is analysing the charge of their social status as consequence of the immigration of Jews from the Eastern Europe beginning right in the 1880s. The last chapter is explaining British anti-Semitism in consequences of state and foreign politics of Great Britain, mainly during the second Boer war.
The Hegemony of Political Power underlying the Development of Supra-State Institutions
O'Brien, Patrick ; Sedláček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Riegl, Martin (referee)
O'BRIEN, Patrick. The Hegemony of Political Power underlying the Development of Supra-State Institutions. 73p. Master thesis. Charles University, Fakulty of Social Sciences, institut politologických studií. Supervisot PhDr. Tomáš Sedláček Abstract This diploma thesis attempts to provide a multi-disciplinary based framework to illustrate the underlying dynamics of the social structures which influence supra-state institutions via case studies in the operation of the European Union and the World Bank. The paper focuses on the role of the individual within the expansionary power of institutions in determining social structures. More precisely, this paper focuses on the hierarchy of powers and the activity within the negotiated creation of supra-state global institutions the influence of epistemic communities within the Triple Helix of industry, government, and knowledge sectors of society. Keywords Epistemic Communities, Structuration, Triple Helix, Supra-State Instituions, Social Constructivism

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