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The ecology of mental skills development in Canadian athletes: person-process-context-time
Štrajt, Martin ; Mudrák, Jiří (advisor) ; Jonáš, Juraj (referee)
This bachelor's thesis examines the development of mental skills in Canadian athletes. It does this by linking Urie Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Theory to the underlying themes of sport psychology. In the literature review section, chapters on motivation, specific mental strategies, talent perception, athlete development and education, and the Canadian context are developed in addition to the person-process-context-time model. The thesis offers various connections between the theories and emphasizes certain factors that most influence an athlete's personality and development. At the end of the theoretical section, an overview of several Canadian projects that influence the Canadian sport context is offered. The content of the practical section is qualitative research that examines the development of mental skills in Canadian university athletes. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews and then evaluated through thematic analysis. The results of the research offer an overview of the themes related to motivation, the process of mental skills training and the associated role of sport psychology, followed by the characteristics and mind-set of the athletes, and finally the athlete's environment.
Burnout as a result of early specialization in ice hockey players
Fixová, Eliška ; Mudrák, Jiří (advisor) ; Macháček, Martin (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on relationship between burnout syndrome and early specialization in ice hockey players of categories U16 to U23, year of birth 2000 to 2007. The literature section of thesis describes burnout syndrome, both generally and specially in sport, concept of early specialization, its risks, and alternatives. The thesis focuses on possible moderators - motivation factors, team cohesion, coach's personal characteristics and his climate, and perfectionism. The research part has a quantitative character, and its main goal is to explore the relationship between burnout syndrome and early specialization and factors that are may play role of moderator. The main research question is determined: Exists relationships between early specialization and burnout syndrome in ice hockey players? For research was created online questionnaire. The questionnaire had six parts. Realizes analysis were performed on final sample 112 respondents. . Final sample consists of ice hockey players of categories U16 to U23. There was found statistically significant negative relationship between burnout syndrome and early specialization, (r (112) = -0,200; p = 0,034; 95 % CI [-0,015, -0,372]. That's mean highest score in Index of early specialization predict lower score of burnout. The results of analysis...
Perfectionism and eating disorders among professional ballet and contemporary dancers
Bartoš, Josef ; Štěrbová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Mudrák, Jiří (referee)
Compared to the general population, professional dancers are more prone to higher levels of perfectionism and a higher prevalence of eating disorders due to the high emphasis on the physical aspects of the individual. The aim of this thesis was to compare the prevalence and correlation of perfectionism, eating disorders and well-being in the genres of classical and contemporary dance. To this end, quantitative research was conducted on a sample of 109 probands (74 females, 35 males). Classical and contemporary dance probands did not differ significantly in perfectionism nor eating disorders. However, for the total sample (without distinguishing the genre), a moderate positive correlation (r = .32, p = <.001) was found between perfectionism and eating disorders and a weak negative correlation (r = -.23, p = .02) between perfectionism and well-being. The tested mediation model of the relationship between perfectionism and well-being mediated by eating disorders did not reach statistical significance (β = -.08, SE = .04, p = .43). Although no significant differences were found between the classical and contemporary dance groups, the correlations found are consistent with the results of previous research and suggest the importance of developing and applying prevention programs in the professional dance...
The influence of mental anorexia in adolescents on family resilience
Štirská, Lucie ; Tichotová, Sylvie (advisor) ; Mudrák, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor's thesis examines the impact of anorexia nervosa in adolescents on family resilience, specifically its dynamics and development both during and after treatment. The thesis is divided into a literature review section and a practical section, which takes the form of a research proposal. The literature-review part contains three main chapters, which are mental anorexia, family resilience and the mutual influence of mental anorexia and family resilience. The chapter on anorexia nervosa includes diagnostic criteria, aetiology, risk factors and the relationship of the disease to family and family functioning. Family resilience defines its status from individual resilience and is described according to the FAAR model. The final part of the paper focuses on identifying patterns and factors that families build and apply to increase their level of resilience and suggests their development and application in treatment. The proposed research aims to monitor the development and dynamics of family resilience during and after treatment of a child with anorexia nervosa in selected families. It is a qualitative research conducted through semi-structured interviews that will be coded using the IPA (Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis) method. The motivation for the research is to improve and...
Achievement motivation and burnout syndrome in elite athletes
Matějčková, Barbora ; Mudrák, Jiří (advisor) ; Bezdíček, Ondřej (referee)
The thesis focuses on performance motivation and its connection to burnout syndrome among top athletes. We described the performance motivation in terms of 3 theories from which the goal of the work subsequently resulted. The aim of the work was to find out what is the relationship between the expressions of Burnout syndrome and motivation among top athletes. The data collection was conducted using a questionnaire survey including Sport motivation Scale (SMS), Athlete Burnout Questionnaire (ABQ), Perception of Success Questionnaire (POSQ) and Dweck Mindset Instrument (DMI). The research set consisted of 115 elite athletes (73 women and 42 men), with an age average of 22.4 years. Subsequently, the data were statistically evaluated and analyzed by Pearson correlation and regression analysis in the SPSS - 23 program. In the research part, 5 hypotheses were examined in turn. The Pearson correlation results showed statistically significant associations between intrinsic motivation (Intrinsic), task/competition orientation (Task) and ego (Ego) and Burnout syndrome. In addition, 3 predictors of Burnout syndrome were found, namely: Type of sport and kinds of motivation Intrinsic and Integrated. From practical perspective, the results may contribute to better understanding of Burnout syndrome and the...
Drop out in competitive girl's basketball
Lisá, Nikola ; Crossan, William Morea (advisor) ; Mudrák, Jiří (referee)
Title: Drop out in women's youth competitive basketball Objectives: The main goal of this master thesis is to use electronic questioning to find out the reasons for the atrition of former female players, within the last five years, in the categories U12-U19 (the so-called age category 12-19 years) from the basketball Youth Sports Centers (SCM and SpS) that have been assigned the status of the year 2022. Methods: The work used a combination of the quantitative method, in the form of an electronic questionnaire that was sent to former young female players, and the qualitative method, where in-depth interviews were conducted with four coaches and one female coach. For higher accuracy and better com- parison of results, the questionnaire was constructed based on previously conducted studies on the drop out of sports activities of children and youth, specifically according to the model "Questionnaire of reasons for attri- tion" by Gould et al. (1982). Results: A total of 1945 girls droped out from basketball centers during the period under review. 160 former players participated in the research. The main reasons the girls left were: "I felt a lot of pressure from the coaches", I didn't like the coach" and "I didn't feel like an important part of the team". Reasons expressing a negative experience with...
Burnout Syndrome in Professional Team Sports
Halbichová, Adéla ; Mudrák, Jiří (advisor) ; Janák, Vladimír (referee)
Název: Burnout Syndrome in Professional Team Sports Cíle: The aim of this study is to assess a prevalence of burnout syndrome and engagement in team professional sports and explore relationships between burnout and engagement and social resources and demands produced by teammates, coaches, and global sport environment and other selected variables (motivation, perfectionism etc.). Metody: The research was carried out by means of an electronic survey. The questionnaire was constructed from 7 separate questionnaires, each focusing on one of the selected predictors of burnout and engagement. It was distributed to professional male and female players of volleyball (extra-league), hockey (Chance League and 2nd League) and handball (extra-league). A total of 102 professional athletes participated in the study. The obtained data were processed using descriptive statistics and correlation and regression analysis. Výsledky: The results provide an overview of the relationships between burnout and engagement and the selected predictors, which are types of motivation, effort goals, perfectionism, coach-created motivational climate, and team cohesion. The general assumptions of the relationships of engagement and intrinsic motivation, and conversely burnout with extrinsic motivation and its related introjected...
Sport motivation in competitive rhytmic gymnasts
Horová, Eliška ; Mudrák, Jiří (advisor) ; Ruda, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Sport motivation in competitive rhythmic gymnasts Objectives: The main aim is to investigate the commitment to sport in rhythmic gymnasts at the performance level at different age categories and the relationships between commitment and different forms of motivation. Based on the results obtained, to make recommendations for coaches. Methods: The research was conducted using a quantitative method with an online questionnaire survey. 91 modern gymnasts from the West Bohemia region, mostly practicing sports at the performance level, participated in the research. The questionnaire battery was divided into four parts according to the sub- questionnaires. The first one measured the female athletes' involvement in the sport using the Athlete Engagement Questionnaire. The second questionnaire addressed team cohesion using "The Youth Sport Environment Questionnaire". The third questionnaire investigated what is the motivational climate created by the coach based on ,,Empowering and Disempowering Motivational Climate Questionnaire-Coach". The last questionnaire in this section measured goal orientation using the ,,Perception of Achievements Questionnaire". Results: The results show significant relationships between motivational constructs and motivational climate and sports engagement in modern...
Selfregulation among children in public and alternative preschool
Janečková, Kristina ; Šporclová, Veronika (advisor) ; Mudrák, Jiří (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the self-regulation of preschool children from public and alternative preschool. The literary review part is mainly devoted to self-regulation, emotions and their recognition, the development of children's emotional understanding, understanding of social situations and the characteristics of public preschool and alternative preschool education with a focus on forest kindergartens. The research part contains research of a quantitative type, which compares the self- regulation of preschool children in public and forest preschools. The aim of the thesis was to investigate and compare the self-regulation of children attending traditional and forest preschools. Specifically, the work aims to find out how children from these preschools work with emotions and how they understand emotions and social situations. The IDS method was used for data collection, specifically subtests dealing with social-emotional competences. The research group consists of 42 respondents aged 5-7 years, from 4 preschool education facilities, more specifically 2 public preschools, 1 forest school and 1 alternative preschool educational facility integrating elements of the Waldorf, Montessori and forest approach. The results showed that respondents from alternative preschool education score higher in...

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