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Support of Intergenerational Dialogue and Cultural Older Adults´ Participation as Tools of Transfering and Sharing Cultural Values at Local and Regional Levels
Bargel, Robert ; Bednářová, Hana ; Černá Lucie ; Gregoriniová, Jindřiška ; Lössl, Jiří ; Klementová, Kateřina ; Perlín, Radim ; Novák, Jaroslav ; Zborníková, Andrea ; Kocianová, Renata ; Baumgartner, František ; Kopecký, Martin ; Richter, Eva ; Šerák, Michal ; Národní informační a poradenské středisko pro kuluturu NIPOS ; Katedra andragogiky a personálního řízení FF UK
The fundamental goal of the project presented is to encourage older people’s cultural participation and the associated positive intergenerational impact of cultural events and activities at the local and regional levels. The project’s implementation will provide public administration with comprehensive guidelines for systematic encouragement of intergenerational transfer and sharing of cultural values through cultural dialogue at the local and regional levels. In that way, public policies in the area can significantly contribute to intergenerational cohabitation. The project enhances understanding of a character of the mechanisms of intergenerational dialogue that is connected with learning and cultural transmission in the contexts of local and regional cultural events and initiatives. It shows the possibilities and indentify the competences (of public administration sector), that need to be strengthened if we want to improve the mechanisms of dialogue. The practical goal of the project is to offer the set of recommendations how to support the process of intergenerational dialogue and create the space for its functions in the public space of the municipalities and regions.
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Further Education of Dance Teachers of Primary Art Schools
Sikorová, Ivana ; LÖSSL, Jiří (advisor) ; ELIÁŠOVÁ, Bohumíra (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to map out the interest of dance teachers in further education through a questionnaire survey. Specially about pedagogue of the dance department Primary Art Schools (TO ZUŠ) which are operating in the Central Bohemia region and Prague in 2014 - 2017. Respondents' answers are summarized in two thematic areas, one is a pedagogue profile, the other one is an interest in further education including awareness. For an overview of possibilities for further education in the years 2014 - 2017, there is a summary of seminars and dance workshops of selected Prague institutions - NIDV, NIPOS-ARTAMA, SE.S.TA and HAMU. A brighter idea brings out the description and course of two specific education seminars. In addition, the work defines the requirements for teachers of TO ZUŠ and represents the Framework Educational Program for Primary Art Schools (RVP ZUV).
Teacher's impact on children in the area of amateur dance
Stárová, Viktorie ; LÖSSL, Jiří (advisor) ; HLAVÁČKOVÁ, Lucie (referee)
Bachelors thesis is looking into dance education in the area of amateur dance. The theoretical part of the thesis processes information helpful for understanding children's needs, that are changing in the course of growing up. Succeeding is analysis of dance teacher's personality and treatise on the relationship between dance teacher and his student. Methods used in the theoretical part are critical analysis, synthesis and comparation of available sources. Practical part deals with results of survey conducted by the author of the thesis among students of private dance studios. The survey focuses on dance lessons, relationship between dance teacher and his student and experience with amateur dance from the perspective of the dance student. To analyse the survey data author used statistical functions of the site Conducted survey validated that it is rather important for dance teacher to give students attention, understand their needs and wishes and to work individually with each group and student so that the dance lessons can help grow student's personality.
Movement preparation for non-dance performers in the field of new circus
Válková, Monika ; LÖSSL, Jiří (advisor) ; BRTNICKÁ, Eliška (referee)
The main goal of this work is to create a sample training for movement education teachers that educate non – dancer performers from the field of new circus. The created training is inspired by the principles of modern dancing techniques of José Limón and Martha Graham. The work focuses on movement education of amateurs, but it may serve as an inspiration in education of professional artists.
System of four-branch education for preschool children in Elementary School of Arts
Drážková Drengubáková, Lucie ; FRIČOVÁ, Marie (advisor) ; LÖSSL, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor´s thesis is concerned with the education of pre-school children in Schools of Arts. It is focused on a four-branch system of schooling, which is so far not much widespread form of parallel education in all four branches taught in Schools of Arts – dance, music, dramatic and visual arts. The aim of my work is to prepare some materials and topics for this kind of teaching and thus to ease the work of teachers who would like to work this way but can be discouraged for example by the demands of preparing such a project.
Carnival in Roztoky
Krátká, Dorota ; LÖSSL, Jiří (advisor) ; DURDILOVÁ, Tereza (referee)
This thesis aims to document the Carnival in Roztoky from various aspects. I am interested in rituals and masks and research the current interest in the renewal of old traditions and local culture, initiated and carried out by the local community of Roztoky.
The dialog in the pedagogical process
Pellarová, Petra ; LÖSSL, Jiří (advisor) ; OSWALDOVÁ, Petra (referee)
The given master’s thesis deals with the process of learning which is based on my own experience. I have taught the movement education in two primary schools, one time in a preparatory class and another in a first class. The experience of acting with inner partner attained at the Department of Authorial Creation and Pedagogy has been inspiring. During the classes I have used this predisposition to confirm that it can be used as one of the basics in pedagogical practice. In this paper I map my journey of a pedagogue. The emphasis is on the group and the role of the pedagogue in it. I am also taking into consideration the influence of movement education on the children and the way they learn through movement, which is a part of their personal growth. The interconnection between dancing and the pedagogical practice was essential for writing this paper.
Dance education of preschool hyperactive children
Lacková, Ivana ; LÖSSL, Jiří (advisor) ; FRIČOVÁ, Marie (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis is Dance education of preschool hyperactive children. Goal of research is to describe teaching of hyperactive children especially dance lessons. There is described Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the first part of thesis. There is written about special needs of children with ADHD focused on education. Second part is focused on practical dance lesson of ADHD children. There is described example dance lesson based on theory and practical experience of experts. The result of research is that supply of special lessons is very limited and it is big pity. In the diploma thesis was recognized that the education with special program should help to children with ADHD and it can be good supplement to standard medical therapy.
Child as a source of inspiration of dance teacher
Plachá, Lucie ; LÖSSL, Jiří (advisor) ; ELIÁŠOVÁ, Bohumíra (referee)
The thesis aims to present the personality of the child as still forming human being, with their specific needs and developmental changes. The work highlights the importance of teacher sensitivity to the child entrusted in the creative process. The theoretical part describes the pedagogical, psychological, physiological and sociological perspective on the personality of the child. Also generally depicts the effect of methodological and didactic aspect of dance and movement education. The practical part contains my own creative output in the form of a short dance film, which accesses the creation of children with an awareness of these facts.
Further possibilities of education for dance pedagogues
Lafková, Šárka Isabela ; LÖSSL, Jiří (advisor) ; RINOWSKI, Veronika (referee)
Diploma thesis deals with further possibilities of education for dance pedagogues. It focuses on informal education and its recognition. It also brings information concerning current legislation, conditions required to obtain accreditation, and institutions which deal with informal education and offer educative workshops for pedagogues. Diploma thesis include a questionaire research focused on the participants of these workshops. The aim of my work is to introduce information about the current state of the education for dance pedagogues, about the possibilities of education and about the workshop participants and their satisfaction with the workshop.

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