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Support of Intergenerational Dialogue and Cultural Older Adults´ Participation as Tools of Transfering and Sharing Cultural Values at Local and Regional Levels
Bargel, Robert ; Bednářová, Hana ; Černá Lucie ; Gregoriniová, Jindřiška ; Lössl, Jiří ; Klementová, Kateřina ; Perlín, Radim ; Novák, Jaroslav ; Zborníková, Andrea ; Kocianová, Renata ; Baumgartner, František ; Kopecký, Martin ; Richter, Eva ; Šerák, Michal ; Národní informační a poradenské středisko pro kuluturu NIPOS ; Katedra andragogiky a personálního řízení FF UK
The fundamental goal of the project presented is to encourage older people’s cultural participation and the associated positive intergenerational impact of cultural events and activities at the local and regional levels. The project’s implementation will provide public administration with comprehensive guidelines for systematic encouragement of intergenerational transfer and sharing of cultural values through cultural dialogue at the local and regional levels. In that way, public policies in the area can significantly contribute to intergenerational cohabitation. The project enhances understanding of a character of the mechanisms of intergenerational dialogue that is connected with learning and cultural transmission in the contexts of local and regional cultural events and initiatives. It shows the possibilities and indentify the competences (of public administration sector), that need to be strengthened if we want to improve the mechanisms of dialogue. The practical goal of the project is to offer the set of recommendations how to support the process of intergenerational dialogue and create the space for its functions in the public space of the municipalities and regions.
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Plemena hospodářských zvířat vhodná do ekologického chovu
Klementová, Kateřina
This work deals about breeds of livestock suistable for organic farming. In the first part is describes of principles of organic farming. In the next part the thesis deals with the requirements for breeding livestock suitable for organic farming. Next part of the thesis is devoted to the description of selected breeds of cattle, sheep, goats and pigs suitable for organic farming.
Annual report 2012 National Information and Consulting Centre for Culture (NIPOS)
Lázňovská, Lenka ; Klementová, Kateřina
The basic mission of NIPOS is the support of cultural development, in particular in the field of culture-social and creative citizen activities both local and regional.
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The Dance of the Renaissance Era: The Mirror of Early Modern Society
Klementová, Kateřina ; Kröschlová, Eva (advisor) ; Gremlicová, Dorota (referee) ; Steckerová, Andrea (referee)
The main focus of the dissertation is 15th century Italian court dance, which was one of the prime manifestations of the emerging aristocratic society all across renaissance Europe. The dissertation draws on a detailed research into original dance notations and works on dance theory of dance masters Domenico da Piacenza, Antonio Cornazana and Guglielmo Ebreo/Giovanni Ambrosio and contains first-time Czech translations of important parts of these works. The text first addresses general issues (occasions and locations for dancing, dance education and the role of the dance master, functions of dance in a given historical period, intellectual and philosophical framework of early dance treatises) and moves on to analyse specific features of period dance theory and provides a description of ractical aspects of the realization of dance choreography (basic steps and movements, figures, spatial dance forms etc.). The dissertation contains a reconstruction of one such dance choreography. A certain journey into related fields and later historical periods are chapters on the aesthetic of movement (required posture, position of the head, facial expression, hand gestures etc.) and period etiquette (acceptance of social hierarchy in dance and beyond, ways of showing respect and greetings, asking to dance and...
Marketing Communication of Ladies Body Toning Studio MODELACE
Hemerová, Barbora ; Průša, Přemysl (advisor) ; Klementová, Kateřina (referee)
Healthy and active lifestyle is one of the biggest phenomena in today´s society. People want more than ever to look good, have a perfect figure, feel fit, take care of themselves a lot and try to eat a healthier way. They search for a variety of ways to exercise, lose weight and sculpt the figure. At the same time, they are daily overloaded with plenty of information and advertisements from this area, primarily from large fitness and sports centers that have advertising sufficient funds. However, smaller companies also have a chance to reach their potential customers and get them to buy if they choose a suitable form of marketing communication and differentiate sufficiently from their competitors. The aim of this thesis is to critically evaluate the current marketing communication of the Ladies Body Toning Studio MODELACE and then make recommendations for its improvement. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part is focused on the meaning of marketing, as well as on communication process, marketing communication tools, trends in this area and marketing research. The practical part is dedicated to the Ladies Body Toning Studio MODELACE and its marketing communication. It is based on my own online questionnaire survey.

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