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Multiple forms of dipeptidyl peptidase IV and fibroblast activation protein in brain tumors
Matrasová, Ivana ; Šedo, Aleksi (advisor) ; Kupcová Skalníková, Helena (referee) ; Modrianský, Martin (referee)
Proteolytic enzymes are known to contribute to the initiation, development and progression of a number of diseases. Dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV) and fibroblast activation protein (FAP) are serine proteases with the unique ability to cleave dipeptides containing - highly evolutionarily conserved - proline at the penultimate position of the N- terminus of substrates/biologically active peptides. FAP also exhibits gelatinolytic activity, which it exerts during extracellular matrix remodeling processes. Glial brain tumors (gliomas) arise from resident transformed glial cells, whereas brain metastases originate from circulating transformed extracranial tumor cells. Our previous work has described an increased expression of DPP-IV and FAP in high-grade glioma tissues. The presence of DPP- IV and FAP in brain metastatic tissues has not been described to date. The aim of this thesis was to describe the multiple forms of DPP-IV and FAP, and to describe their cellular origin and possible regulation in brain tumors. DPP-IV and its molecular MW and pI forms were expressed predominantly by transformed glial cells, whereas FAP and its MW and pI forms were expressed by transformed and stromal cells present in GBM and brain metastatic tissues. The spectrum of multiple forms of DPP-IV and FAP in GBM tissues and...
About the Group 42 (Skupina 42) Poetry Movement. The Connection between Graphic and Poetic Pictures
Zaoralová, Jana ; Kupcová, Helena (advisor) ; Synecký, Jakub (referee)
C í l em této práce bylo prozkoumat zjevné souvislosti b á s n i c k é h o a výtvarného vidění toposu města němu patřící p e r i f e r i e . Myšlenkovou oporou se nám staly eseje f i l o s o fa V á c l a v a Navrátila, ze kterých jsme čerpali podněty d a l š ím analýzám. Z a m ě ř i l i j s m e se na i n d i v i d u á l n í vidění u j e d n o t l i v ý c h , námi vybraných slovesných i výtvarných umělců Skupiny 42 a na to, j a k se k o n k r é t n í motivy p r o s t u p u j í v j e j i c h dílech. Nekladli jsme si otázky t ý k a j í c í se h i s t o r i e Skupiny, základní fakta zmiňujeme v p r v n í k a p i t o l e.
Idyll and Anti-idyll; Viktor Fischl: Cock-Crowing - Jan Křesadlo: The Lord of the Manor or Anti-curio
Hamplová, Miroslava ; Kupcová, Helena (advisor) ; Mocná, Dagmar (referee)
Diplomová práce Idyla a antiidyla, Viktor Fischl: Kuropění versus Jan Křesadlo: Zámecký pán aneb Antikuro zkoumá dvě vybraná literární díla a vzájemně je srovnává. Reflektuje také jejich intertextový vztah, zařazuje je žánrově - jako idylickou prózu a parodický text - travestii, hledá v textu jejich typické žánrové prvky, pojmenovává je a charakterizuje. Styčné body v přístupech obou autorů nelézá především v rovině literárních postav a motivů, naopak diametrální rozdíly odkrývá v jyzoké rovině, časoprostoru, podstatné rozdíly vidí i v naračních strategiích. Powered by TCPDF (
Two-faced Garden: Different approaches to The Cement Garden
Nováková, Lucie ; Kupcová, Helena (advisor) ; Sládek, Miloš (referee)
The aim of my bachelor thesis is to analyze the first work of a contemporary British author Ian McEwan, The Cement Garden and to present its wide influence on art. To achieve my intention, I have focused on analyzing the play performed by Švandovo divadlo. The analysis is based on crucial events, such as the death of the father, the perish of the mother and her burial and final incestuous scene. Each moment has been closely examined so that one may understand the process of adaptation. The explanation of an adaptation process has been provided to support my claims. An opening chapter delves on the life and work of Ian McEwan, mentioning The Cement Garden which historical context is provided and on the remark regarding an evolutional process of literary work which is concerned with child protagonists. Author's inspirations and motives are also mentioned. Second chapter not only closely analyzes the novel and the crucial events, but also focuses on formal requirements, such as the narrator or the setting. Meanwhile the next chapter considers the theater adaptation and its accomplishments and downfalls. Brief explanation of possible adjustments is provided as is the difference between the prosaic text and the script. Final part is dedicated to the movie adaptation by Andrew Birkin. Unlike the previous...
Drahorádová, Ivana ; Med, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kupcová, Helena (referee)
The Main goal of this thesis is the comparison of fates of the Jewish heroes in the Second world war. I will compare five selected proses written by Arnost Lustig. My focus will be on the fates of the Jewish women during the second world war and how this extreme experience affected their characters and moral believes. The source of the thesis will be the listed primary literature, which was selected to show the uniqueness and individuality of so strong experience, which the second world war and holocaust definitely was. Concurrently, it demonstrates the fact that under influence of their shared fate, are the heroes of the stories in many ways very similar. I will also focus on the questions regarding the dignity and morality and how the Jewish woman deals with their lost of personal and life assurances.
Irish drama in a repertoire of Cinoherni klub
Bližňáková, Magdalena ; Kupcová, Helena (advisor) ; Sládek, Miloš (referee)
The author's aim for her diploma thesis is to examine the phenomenon of Irish theatre, which existed in repertoire of one of the most influential small scenes in Prague - Činoherní klub. The work will delve into Czech-Irish cultural relations as 19th century as well as illustrate the way poetics of theatre align with tragicomical poetics of Irish theatre. This will be demonstrated on examples of specific plays by Irish authors The Drama Club put out throughout the years.
A Dialectic of Tameness and Wildness in Hermann Hesse's novels
Berný, Tomáš ; Kupcová, Helena (advisor) ; Sládek, Miloš (referee)
Annotation: The main topic of this thesis is an analysis of tameness and wildness phenomena in particular Hermann Hesse's novels. Thesis will aim to expressions and interpenetrations of those phenomena and their position in period mind frame.Aim will be chronological analysis of those phenomena, their evolution and change in particular novels and an attempt of their synthesis. Key words: Hesse, Nietzsche, tammeness, wildness, Freud, Jung, Demian, Steppenwolf, Narcissus and Goldmund, The Glass Bead game, dialectic, dualism
War and love from the perspective prosaic novels of Erich Maria Remarque
Krajíčková, Kamila ; Kupcová, Helena (advisor) ; Sládek, Miloš (referee)
The bachelor thesis aims at introducing some information about the life of writer Erich Maria Remarque. To sum up his biography - from birth to death - and to mention his inspiration and life experience to write such important works. Then the bachelor's thesis will be devoted to two particular prose works, mostly book All quiet on the western front and the Three Friends. Each work will mention the basic information, the circumstances that led to the creation, the theme of the novels, the filmography, the characteristics of the characters that appear in the works, and then a detailed description of the happening. In the last chapters of the bachelor thesis we will first point to the common characters or, on the other hand, to the differences between the two above-mentioned authors' works, then the works of the others. There will be a brief analysis of other Remarque prose and a reference to the common elements that accompany the work.
The ethnography in south-western Bohemia in Český lid
Kopová, Anna ; Sládek, Miloš (advisor) ; Kupcová, Helena (referee)
This thesis is focused on folkloristic work in Domažlicko, Klatovsko and Sušicko at the end of especially in journal Český lid, published 1891- - estate of Čeněk Zíbrt, the editor of the journal. folklore, ethnographers, Domažlicko, Klatovsko, Sušicko, Český lid, Čeněk Zíbrt

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