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Early Modern Perspectives on Islam in the Czech lands by Bartosz Paprocki and some of his Contemporaries
Drápal, Martin ; Foltýn, Dušan (advisor) ; Sládek, Miloš (referee)
Early Modern Perspectives on Islam in the Czech lands by Bartosz Paprocki and some of his Contemporaries This thesis analyzes views on Islam in the 16 and 17th century Czech Lands. Its perspective is not religionist, but rather based on confrontation with muslims (mostly Turks) as represented in selected work of Bartosz Paprocki. Specifically, the thesis looks for specific features in the authorʼs approach to the issue and reflects on them from the viewpoint of present-day historiography.
Revenants in the Early Modern Period in Bohemian Lands with regard to the European Context
Chalupová, Helena ; Koldinská, Marie (advisor) ; Sládek, Miloš (referee) ; Prchal Pavlíčková, Radmila (referee)
The dissertation presents a comprehensive view of the issue of revenants in the environment of the Bohemia lands of the early modern period, i.e., between 1500 and 1800, in which the dichotomy of the official attitudes of the Church on the one hand and the popular view of the afterlife on the other is intertwined. The thesis contains a representative sample of revenant stories from the early modern period, on which socio-cultural subthemes in which ghosts play a role are studied. In particular, the popular "haunted house" and "Mass of Dead" stories have deeper roots in the past, and their typical features and development are discussed in detail. The key role of religion is acknowledged, and the concept of purgatory was particularly relevant to the Bohemian lands in the Baroque period. Many cases are of telling value for the study of the history of emotions and for the understanding of contemporary socio-cultural attitudes. The observed phenomena are compared with aspects of the same in other countries of the European continent - Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Austria, and Slovakia. The comparison is based on the study of the secondary literature on the subject published so far and the aim is to place the developments in the Bohemia lands in the European context. Keywords Revenant; early modern...
"All the Saints, Pray for Us." Bohemian Patrons in the Prints of the Prague Archdiocese from the mid-16th to 17th Centuries
Kupková, Kristina ; Zdichynec, Jan (advisor) ; Sládek, Miloš (referee)
(in English): The submitted diploma thesis deals with the analysis of the textual image of the Czech provincial patrons (Adalbert, Amabilia, Agnes, Cyril and Methodius, Five Saint Brothers, Günter, Hedwig, Hroznata, Ivan, Mlada, John of Nepomuk, Norbert, Procopius, Sigmund, Wenceslas, Vitus, Vojslava and Zdislava) based on hagiographic prints published in the Prague diocese. The beginning of the studied period (i.e. the period in which the texts were published) is defined as the reoccupation of the Prague archiepiscopal see by Anton Brus in 1563 and the associated beginnings of the restoration of the position of the Catholic Church. The upper time limit is then the mid-1650s, when the first phase of the recatholization gradually ceased and the thematic literary production increased in quantity. The thesis examines the contemporary formation of holiness and its types, comments on their individual aspects, compares them with each other, and attempts to provide a deeper understanding of the religious life and patriotism of early modern Bohemia. The present study uses individual methodological approaches and moves between history and history of literature. Key words: Prague Dioces; Second Half of the 16th Century; First Half of the 17th Century; Patron Saints of Czech Lands; Patriotism; Hagiography;...
Poet Karel Doskočil
Krásenská, Klára ; Sládek, Miloš (advisor) ; Kudlová, Klára (referee)
Karel Doskočil (1908-1962), historiographer, archivist, editor and poet passes unnoticed over a long period of time. This thesis' primary goal is to introduce Doskočil's work in the literary historical context, including two published collections Větve stromů (1941) and Milosrdenství (1947) and other unpublished texts as a part of Doskočil's estate. Approaching Doskočil's literary work in its wholeness (as enabled though access to personal archive) as well as putting it into perspective of the so-called catholic literature appears to be a desirable reminder of an author threatened by collective oblivion. The thesis also remembers Doskočil's scientific activities, altough it does not constitute a crucial subject of our work.
I give, so you would give. Analysis of Kryštof's Fischer Knihy hospodářské, that was published in Czech in 1706.
Pohlová, Kateřina ; Sládek, Miloš (advisor) ; Mikulec, Jiří (referee)
Anotation: The goal of this theses is an analysis of Czech edition of Kryštof's Fischer Knihy hospodářské from 1706, which was originally writen in Latin between 1679-1683. Kryštof Fischer was an administrator of Jesuit's agricultural property in Litoměřicko. The book consists of two parts. The first part concerns work on fields, ponds, breweries, gardens, orchards, vineyards, forests and farming. The second part describes agricultural administration and includes a calendar with a list of work recommendations. The theses is also focused on aspect of language and comparison between Latin, German and Czech edition.
"We Zbyněk, by the Grace of God Archbishop of Prague, Legate of the Holy Apostolic See, Supreme Council of His Grace the Roman Emperor, Master of the Crusaders with the Red Star..." Or, the Life of the Archbishop of Prague in the Rudolphine Period.
Syslová, Anna ; Čechura, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Sládek, Miloš (referee)
The topic of the work "We Zbyněk, by the Grace of God Archbishop of Prague, Legate of the Holy Apostolic See, Supreme Council of His Grace the Roman Emperor, Master of the Crusaders with the Red Star..." Or, the Life of the Archbishop of Prague in the Rudolphine Period will be the life of the tenth Archbishop of Prague, Zbyněk Berka of Dubá and Lipá, whose episcopate is bordered by the years 1592 to 1606. Archbishop Zbyněk Berka came from the birth of the Old Bohemian Ronovec family, from a Catholic-oriented one branches of the Berk of Dubá and Lipá and sat on the throne of St. Adalbert in agony years - in the second half of the reign of Emperor Rudolf II. During his episcopate thus he experienced an alternating growing government of non-Catholics with a political turnaround associated with the rise of a new generation of Catholic-bred lords in the late 90's. century. Zbyněk himself was an ardent supporter of the recatholic p16th program, within which, among other things, in 1605 he convened a diocesan synod in Prague, which represented a response to the reforms of the Council of Trent and their implementation on our territory. In the same year he wrote the work Synodus archidioecesana Pragensis reflecting synodal provisions. The work will try to reflect on the Czech confessional issues associated...
Parishes in the Tábor region from the perspective of preparatory writings for the Theresian Cadastre
Wiendlová, Tereza ; Sládek, Miloš (advisor) ; Mikulec, Jiří (referee)
The goal of this bachelor's thesis is to process cultural and historical data from spiritual preparatory writings, located in the National Archives in Prague, in the files of the Theresian Cadastre for the Tábor region from the first quarter of the 18th century. The preparatory writings were meant to improve taxation and the creation of a new Teresian cadastre. Focus of the thesis is on examining the condition of the local parishes, their extent according to the number of parishioners, the condition of parish and branch churches or chapels and the distance of villages from the church. Attention is also paid to the relations between priests, parishioners and lords. Separate chapters concern parish schools, hospitals or fraternities and literary fraternities. The thesis is supplemented by the financial and economic side of parishes, including permanent and incidental salaries of clergy, the composition of the parish economy and the equipment of churches. Keywords Theresian cadastre, spiritual preparatory writing (duchovní tabela), parishes, parish schools, fraternities, literary fraternities, baroque hospitals, Tábor region, Bechyně region
Life in the Baroque Period in Contemporary Prints
Sitař, Eduard ; Čechura, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Sládek, Miloš (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the life of our ancestors in the period of Baroque as it was preserved in the graphic prints of baroque masters. It is presented on chosen samples of contemporary works of art, which are assorted into individual chapters, so every sample appropriately documents the topic of the specific section. In the Introduction, this work deals with the development of graphics techniques and their characteristic features, so they can be correctly interpreted in the relation to individual described graphics works in the following chapters. There is also mentioned the importance of art collecting, thanks to which there is enough material preserved available for analysis. In the following chapters the graphic prints are presented according to chosen human activities, how baroque man perceived the space, their life in everyday mundaneness, but also their relation to the war. A separate chapter is also devoted to works dealing with contemporary religious issues. The final chapter then complements the whole with interesting facts from the individual selected areas and also brings additional information to technical aids, without which perfect graphic sheets would be.
The Subjects and their Governor. Manors Točník, Zbiroh and Králův Dvůr under the Authority of Samuel Ignatius de Bois (1670-1690)
Vacek, Josef ; Čechura, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Sládek, Miloš (referee)
The Subjects and their Governor. Manors Točník, Zbiroh and Králův Dvůr under the Authority of Samuel Ignatius de Bois (1670-1690) Abstract The diploma thesis focuses on the relationship between subjects and lordship, which in this case is represented by governor Samuel Ignatio de Bois. He administered the dominions Točník, Zbiroh and Králův Dvůr from 1670 until his death in 1690. During the two decades of his administration, a lot of archival material has been preserved, on which it is possible to study in which situations the subjects interacted with the lords and how these meetings took place. The paper is based on three main topics: registration of subjects, housing of desolate farms and dismissal of subjects on foreign dominions. Relevant sources were analysed for each of these topics and the findings were built on their basis. The main sources include, in particular, lists of subjects, correspondence between the governor and the Bohemian Royal Chamber, land books and the rich file material of the Zbiroh dominion. The main findings of the work include a description of the mechanisms of dismissal proceedings, the method of registration of subjects and the way in which the governor tried to occupy the empty farms. In all these cases, not only the pressure of the governor on the solution he is pushing for...

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