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Theresienstadt Jews and the Musy action as an example of forced migration conditioned by the Holocaust
Hawlanová, Julia ; Králová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Kubátová, Hana (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the rescue operation called Terezín-St.Gallen or "Musy- Transport", through which 1 200 prisoners were transferred from the Theresienstadt concentration camp to Switzerland in February 1945. Through the use of secondary sources, audio-visual testimonies, and archival materials, it examines the circumstances under which the rescue of these Jewish prisoners took place, and analyses the situation of the participants in the Swiss refugee camps in the context of this campaign. It also tackles the question of whether the Musy-transport was intended to be a liberation campaign or whether the people involved in organization of the operation had their own self-serving intentions.
Creating and Preserving Community: Czech Americans in Omaha, Nebraska.
Shattuck, Stephanie Marie ; Králová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Perutka, Lukáš (referee)
Czechs are one of the many diasporic communities that exist in the United States. The state of Nebraska contains one of the largest Czech diasporas in the country. This thesis looks at the Czech diaspora in Omaha, Nebraska - the largest city in the state. Through the use of interviews and archival research, a fragmented microhistory of the community is created answering the questions of how the community has changed since its founding, how it maintains its ethnic heritage, how it represents itself to the public, and what its future holds. This thesis argues that the key challenges to the vitality of the community are generational shifts, conflicts and lack of cooperation between community organizations, and finances.
Elements of scout education in the childcare
Poustevníková, Jitka ; Hanková, Zdeňka (advisor) ; Králová, Kateřina (referee)
1 ABSTRACT The thesis deals with the benefits of elements of scouting in the after-school club. The aim of the thesis is to design and verify an educational project for the after-school club, where the Scout idea will be interconnected with education in the after-school club. The program works with detailed preparation of individual activities serving as material for governesses in after-school clubs, scout leaders or teacher in leisure facilities. In the theoretical part I characterize the after-school club, its goals, mission and functions in the context of leisure time pedagogy. Furthermore, I describe the intellectual foundations of Scouting, the main principles and goals and also the Scout methodology. In the last charter of the theoretical part, the educational program in the after-school club will be compared with the Scout methodology so that there are clear common elements between them that will be used in the creation of the project in the practical part of the bachelor thesis. The practical part of the thesis consists of a project for the after-school club containing elements of scout educational work. At the same time, the project was tested on a specific group of children in the after-school club. The outputs show that the project is beneficial for children and governesses in the after-school...
Student Self-assessment of English Language Level
Králová, Kateřina ; Voňková, Hana (advisor) ; Štípek, Jiří (referee) ; Vlčková, Kateřina (referee)
v anglickém jazyce This thesis deals with the self-assessment of the level of English language of upper-secondary school pupils (ISCED 3). Self-assessment questions are often used in pedagogical research, both in the Czech Republic and at the international level (e.g. PISA, TIMSS, ICILS). At the same time, they often contain a rating scale for recording the answer. However, for a direct comparison of the answers obtained, all respondents must understand both the question asked and individual points on the scale in the same way. Literature and research deal with heterogeneity in reporting behavior or differential item functioning. One possible solution is the anchoring vignette method. The aim of the thesis is to analyze the differences in adjusted and unadjusted subjective self-assessments of respondents. The theoretical part consists of two chapters. In the first chapter, different levels of knowledge of language skills and their possible measurement methods are discussed. One of the methods is self-assessment, which is defined in the work and the issue of the incomparability of respondents' statements is presented. In the second chapter, the anchoring vignette method is described. The empirical part describes the research study carried out at upper-secondary vocational schools of various types...
The Serbian Orthodox Church's Engagement in Memory Politics of Post-2000 Serbia: Memory of Suffering and Resistance
Hofmeisterová, Karin ; Králová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Aleksov, Bojan (referee) ; Pavlaković, Vjeran (referee)
For late-modern societies, amnesic and fragmented in their character, a compact presence of the past in the present is of crucial importance. The search for collective memory as a precondition of collective belonging is especially urgent in the light of societal insecurity, which deconstructs the firm systems of significations. Churches, governed by the imperative of continuity constitute the reservoir of memory and provide a very effective response to such an insecurity. Religious institutions, therefore, often employ their mnemonic potential to constantly reaffirm their public relevance in the realities of late modernity. In my dissertation, I explore the motivations, forms, strategies, and outcomes of the mnemonic engagement of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) in post-2000 Serbia. Analyzing primary sources collected by using methods of multi-sited ethnography, I illuminate the SPC's mnemonic activities related to the memory of Serbian heroic victimhood in World War II, and I embed them in a wider picture of memory-making, framed by the socially memorable and configured by specific features of mnemonic interaction. As a historical disjuncture, World War II has been an object of multidimensional mnemonic interplay, involving diverse mnemonic actors from local to transnational and from vernacular...
Politics of Memory and Nostalgia: Current Image of the former regime and Nicolae Ceaușescu on social networks
Smitková, Klára ; Kocián, Jiří (advisor) ; Králová, Kateřina (referee)
This thesis is dedicated to the remembrance and nostalgia of the former Romanian communist regime and its long-time leader Nicolae Ceauşescu. The thesis first summarizes the basic reasons why the regime fell and then tries to draw a basic outline of the development in the field of remembering the former regime and Nicolae Ceauşescu. Then it tries to map how nostalgia for the regime has evolved over the years and what has been the cause of its changes. It also defines the factors that have influenced the growth of nostalgia over the years and its main features. The practical part of the thesis focuses on remembering and nostalgia in the digital space, specifically on social media. The main core of the whole thesis is research carried out on Twitter and Instagram, where, through sentiment analysis and multimodal analysis, the author analyses posts related to the regime and Nicolae Ceauşescu in order to determine their main characteristics and whether they show elements of nostalgia. Finally, she tries to portray the image that the communist regime of Nicolae Ceauşescu has today on social media.
Marketing Communication of a Selected Company on a Foreign Market
Králová, Kateřina ; Schüller, David (referee) ; Mráček, Pavel (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the marketing communication of a selected company on a foreign market that produces herbal products from the category of healthy nutrition. The theoretical part contains definitions of basic terms related to the researched issues. The analytical part analyzes the current state of the selected company and its significant surroundings. It also includes a marketing research, which is conducted on the basis of qualitative and quantitative approach. The final part provides suggestions for improving the company's communication strategy in the Slovak B2C market.
Peace initiatives of international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1990-1993: Vance-Owen peace plan in the realm of contemporary theories of conflict resolution and peace making
Šantrůček, Štěpán ; Šindelář, Jan (advisor) ; Králová, Kateřina (referee)
The bachelor thesis "Peace Initiatives of the International Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1990 - 1993: Vance-Owen Peace Plan in the Realm of Contemporary Theories of Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking" analyzes the work of the International Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina between 1990 and 1990. The approach of the International Community towards the conflict and the attempt of its resolution through the Vance-Owen Peace Plan is analyzed on the basis of the contemporary theoretical approaches towards conflict resolution and peacemaking.
Czenglish: a basic outline of an EFL variety
Králová, Kateřina ; Klégr, Aleš (advisor) ; Sparling, Don (referee)
Czenglish, an interlanguage developed by Czech learners of English, is a specific English variety which has not been comprehensively studied yet. Not surprisingly, English differs from Czech in varying degree at all levels, starting with the pronunciation of individual sounds and writing conventions, morphology and syntax up to the textual level, pragmatics etc. These differences are due to the different character of the two languages and the different conventions. Learners transfer their linguistic habits from their mother tongue into the language they learn and as a result a modified variety of language comes into being which is neither Czech nor completely English. This is not to say that every mistake made by a Czech speaker of English IS automatically Czenglish. It seems appropriate to apply this term only to an English that systematically and repeatedly exhibits not only features that can be attributed to the influence of Czech, but also errors that rather than being due to negative transfer are common to all learners of English regardless of other nationalities, which shows them to be developmental errors typical of an interlanguage found in language acquisition. Describing such a variety is a long process and it is impossible to cover all the facts in this thesis. However, it might provide a useful...

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