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The block of flats
Kolář, Jan ; Hobzová, Klára (referee) ; Beneš, Petr (advisor)
The subject of my barchelor thesis is the design and the elaboration of project documentation of the construction of the apartment building. Projected building is located in restful part of city Přerov with viewpoint to surrounding rural area and the place of Saint Hostýn pilgrimage. Detached building with semi-flush basement and three overground floors offers a capacity of 6 flat units for the settlement for 21 persons. Modular flats are situated lengtwise with disposition of 3 rooms + cooking place and 4 rooms + cooking place into two parts of groundplan with different proportions, that have connected by cental corridor with lift and technical utility room. Architectural rendering takes into accout the requests of comfort living and utility space, that every housing unit have larger social zone, with own terrace, storage room and cellar. Parking places for 9 cars are reserved on the plot with possibility of covered parking at the individual garage in basement. There are also meeting room, bike shed and laundry room. Material of bulding is formed of prefabricated system of wall masonry from brick shard fittings with standardized dimensions. External surface of the builng is provided by contact system of heat insulation consistent to the ETICS requests. Ceiling tiles of reinforced concrete are constructed monolithically. There is used prestressed reinforced concrete for better possibilities of use the basements individual garage. The building use technical equipment and technologies for using of renewable resources and is projected like building with almost zero energy consumption.
International sales contract
Kolář, Jan ; Pauknerová, Monika (advisor) ; Pfeiffer, Magdalena (referee)
Jan Kolář - International sales contract Abstract Topic of this master's thesis is international sales contract, more specifically remedies for the breach of international sales contract. As a substantive law by which remedies for the breach of international sales contract are judged is the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. Reason for choosing the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods as a substantive law for this thesis is that this convention represents one of the most successful and most widely used international legal norm used to govern international trade in today's world. This is mainly because of the Convention's well balanced and impartial approach and also the fact that the Convention has been ratified in 83 states which significantly contribute to the overall volume of an international trade. This thesis mostly uses analytical and descriptive legal research methods. This is given by the nature of its subject. However, the thesis does not only describe provisions of the Convention but aspires to point its reader to most salient and problematic features of the Convention. The thesis is divided into six chapter, introduction and conclusion. For better clarity chapters are further structured into two more levels. First...
Sigma-porous sets and the differentiation theory
Koc, Martin ; Zajíček, Luděk (advisor) ; Zelený, Miroslav (referee) ; Kolář, Jan (referee)
of the dissertation thesis Title: Sigma-porous sets and the differentiation theory Author: Martin Koc Department: Department of mathematical analysis Supervisor: Prof. RNDr. Luděk Zajíček, DrSc., Department of mathematical analysis Abstract: The thesis consists of five research articles. In the first one, it is shown that there exists a closed upper porous (in a strong sense) subset of a nonempty, topolo- gically complete metric space without isolated points that is not σ-lower porous (in a weak sense). In the second article, a new notion of porosity with respect to a measure, that generalizes the upper porosity of a measure, is introduced. Several natural definitions of this notion are investigated. The main result of this chapter is a decomposition theorem for sets that are σ-porous with respect to a measure. The third article deals with sets of points at which arbitrary real functions are Lipschitz from one side and not Lipschitz from another side. A full characterization of the system generated by sets of this type is proved. In the fourth article, several results on relations among metric derived numbers for functions with values in metric spaces are shown. The last chapter deals with existence of differentiable extensions for functions defined on closed subsets of Rn . Its main result...
What is meaningfull proper name?
Volák, Martin ; Kolman, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Kolář, Jan (referee)
The theme of this Thesis can be characterized by one question: "What is the meaningful proper name?" The tradition of analytical philosophy is the departure point for finding the answer. The researched areas for what can be named have become not only things of the physical world but also abstract things, such as numbers. The author of this Thesis has determined the concept of truthfulness in such a way that this concept could become "Archimede' s" point for reaching the answer. The answer as such is accepted at the very beginning of the Thesis. From the perspective of language it is not the only possible answer. This answer is the only possible one, however, when viewed from the perspective of practical and pre-philosophical approach to the world - language relationship. The answer is: The meaningful proper name is any language entity for which there exist such criteria of identity that this entity can be secure1y and deliberate1y identified as a name for one conrete object; this entity must be incorporated within mutual language relationship with other language entities in such a way that it can be again recognized as a name naming the same.
Determination of cloud types from satellite radiometric measurements
Opat, Lukáš ; Kolář, Jan (advisor) ; Kaňák, Ján (referee)
The thesis is focused on analysis and possible modifications of methods and procedures allowing the determination of various cloud types using the satellite data. Today, the main methods are concentrated around two the most applied international projects, one being developed for the instrument MODIS on board American Terra and Aqua polar satellites, and the other one being developed for the instrument SEVIRI on the European geostationary satellite Meteosat. The algorithms used for automatic discrimination of several cloud types operationally are created on these models. The American program MODIS Atmosphere have been created by NASA and the European program NWC SAF have been developed by organization EUMETSAT. Content of the thesis is to specify how input parameters influence final result of cloud determination in both models, and how results are depending on the external meteorological and geographical conditions during data acquisition. The effort will be given to identification of main drawbacks at two models and to identify conditions when their respective application is limited, their results different and to make steps towards possible modifications to mitigate the drawbacks. The analysis will use ground data and optimal developed procedure for validation of satellite data processing. The...
Flood monitoring using satellite radar data for different land cover categories
Rauch, Tomáš ; Kolář, Jan (advisor) ; Brodský, Lukáš (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to find method for flood monitoring from radar images. The thesis deals with flood in general and with organization of flood protection. There are described principles of radar sensors. There is also summary of satellites with their parameters. Next part of the thesis describes interaction between radar beam and different types of surface. Theoretical part is closed by overview of the existing methods for flood monitoring. In the practical part there is method for flood monitoring applied to areas affected by flood. The process is based on the classification of the radar image. Using classification and digital elevation model is drawn boundary of flooded area. The result boundaries are compared with the existing maximal flooded areas.

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