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New apartment building in Telč
Benešová, Zuzana ; Hobzová, Klára (referee) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to design and develop project documentation for a new apartment building. The apartment house is located in Telč. The building is designed as a free-standing building with three aboveground floors and one basement. There are eleven parking spaces next to the building. The basement of the floor plan extends above the ground floor, there is a common room, cellar and technical facilities. There are nine residential units on the upper floors. The apartment building is based on reinforced concrete foundation strips. Perimeter masonry in the basement is made of concrete blocks and in the upper floors of ceramic blocks. The internal load-bearing masonry is also made of ceramic blocks. The ceiling structure and the staircase are monolithic. An elevator is located between the arms of the staircase. The roof is flat, vegetative. The building envelope is insulated with the ETICS contact thermal insulation system.
Retirement home i Dolní Kounice
Sedláková, Zuzana ; Hobzová, Klára (referee) ; Benešová, Romana (advisor)
This diploma theses deals with making of desing documentation for a nursing home. The building is designed as a detached house situated in Dolní Kounice town and has 4 above-ground floors. Main entrance is situated in the northern part of the building. There are situated offices, technical utilities, a doctor’s office, shop, hairdresser’s or rehabilitation in the first floor. In higher floors there are situated the apartments for old people. There will be total of 15 apartments. The walls are made of clay masonry that are 300 mm thick. The walls are insulated with mineral wool that is 200 mm thick. Ceilings will be made of prestressed concrete panels. There will be pitched girder roof, 2 roof terraces, flat green roof and access galleries.
Medical center in Prostějov
Kubíček, Jan ; Hobzová, Klára (referee) ; Benešová, Romana (advisor)
The aim of this master´s thesis is to elaborate the project documentation of a new-built medical facilty for building permit, in the cadaster area of Prostějov. The building has six medical offices with facilities, pharmacy with the production of drugs and X-ray equipment. The building is simply-shaped, with two aboveground floors. The vertical loadbearing structures are designed from sand-lime blocks. The building is insulated by a ETICS with ventilated facade with green facade. The horizontal loadbearing structures and the staircase are designed from reinforced cast-in-place prefabricated parts. The concept of flat roof is an extensive green roof. The building is heated by gas condensing boiler. The building uses photovoltaics to produce electricity for save non-renewable resources. The building is ventilated using mechanical ventilation. In the third part, an assessment of water management was performed. The project was processed in ArchiCAD and Lumion.
Garden Centre Tilia
Šnajdárková, Zuzana ; Hobzová, Klára (referee) ; Benešová, Romana (advisor)
The thesis focuses on project documentation for a construction project with the aim to design a garden center with an administrative part that deals with the design of gardens. The building is situated in the outskirts of Nový Jičín. It is partly a one-story and partly a two-story building. The object lays on the slab foundations, vertical structures are made of ceramic blocks. The horizontal structures are made by prestressed Spiroll panels, due to the large spans. The building is covered by a vegetated flat roof. The exterior walls are solved with the ETICS system or with a ventilated facade made of wood or a green facade. On the 1st floor there is commercial area - 2 units intended for the sale of mainly indoor plants, decorations and goods for the home and garden. From both of these units, there is access to the outdoor sales area, where goods of larger dimensions are considered - outdoor trees, shrubs, outdoor plants. There is also a cafe and a florist studio. The florist studio is considering selling cut flowers, bouquets and decorations.In the central part of the 1st floor there is an atrium with a large skylight. The second floor is intended for a design office and a training room - designed for holding evening courses - garden architecture, flower arranging, tree cutting, etc.
Apartment building
Murínová, Bohuslava ; Hobzová, Klára (referee) ; Utíkalová, Ivana (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is to elaborate project documentation for a residential building. It is located in Nový Bor. Construction site has a relatively flat profile. It has four above ground floors and one underground floor. Roof is flat green roof with a slope of 2,62 %. The whole construction is from reinforced concreate and mansonry with main use on construction materials from the company YTONG. The insulation materials are all from the company ISOVER. The drawing documentation necessary for the realization of this residential building was elaborated in Allplan computer program. Part of the work is fire, acoustic and thermal-technical solution.
Apartment building
Malá, Barbora ; Hobzová, Klára (referee) ; Utíkalová, Ivana (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor’s thesis is to create project documentation for the construction of a detached apartment house on the outskirts of Vyškov city. The apartment building is designed as a partial basement, a four-story terraced building. In the basement are located cellars used for storage of each apartment unit, technical facilities of the building, and a common room. There are a total of 9 apartments on the upper floors. On the first floor and the second floor are designed apartments with category 3 + kk. On the third floor are located apartments with category 5+kk (maisonette). Each apartment has its own terrace accessible from the living room and maisonette apartments are also complemented by balconies on the top floor. The apartment building is based on flat reinforced concrete foundations. The structural system of the basement is made of waterproof concrete and together with the foundation slab forms a so-called "white tub". The non-basement part is based on reinforced concrete foundation strips. The core of the building (staircase and elevator shaft) is also designed as monolithic reinforced concrete walls. The vertical load-bearing structures of the upper floors are designed as masonry from classic and acoustic sand-lime blocks. Non-load-bearing ones are made as masonry partitions either of sand-lime blocks of thickness 150 mm or 115 mm. Building envelope is designed as a ventilated facade with timber cladding. The ceilings are made as cast-in-place reinforced slabs and in some rooms, they are equipped with SDK suspended ceilings, either directly anchored or suspended. The flat roof above the 4th floor is a green roof. The 3rd floor is covered with a warm flat roof with asphalt roofing. Windows and exterior doors are aluminum and glazed with insulating triple glazing.
The block of flats
Kolář, Jan ; Hobzová, Klára (referee) ; Beneš, Petr (advisor)
The subject of my barchelor thesis is the design and the elaboration of project documentation of the construction of the apartment building. Projected building is located in restful part of city Přerov with viewpoint to surrounding rural area and the place of Saint Hostýn pilgrimage. Detached building with semi-flush basement and three overground floors offers a capacity of 6 flat units for the settlement for 21 persons. Modular flats are situated lengtwise with disposition of 3 rooms + cooking place and 4 rooms + cooking place into two parts of groundplan with different proportions, that have connected by cental corridor with lift and technical utility room. Architectural rendering takes into accout the requests of comfort living and utility space, that every housing unit have larger social zone, with own terrace, storage room and cellar. Parking places for 9 cars are reserved on the plot with possibility of covered parking at the individual garage in basement. There are also meeting room, bike shed and laundry room. Material of bulding is formed of prefabricated system of wall masonry from brick shard fittings with standardized dimensions. External surface of the builng is provided by contact system of heat insulation consistent to the ETICS requests. Ceiling tiles of reinforced concrete are constructed monolithically. There is used prestressed reinforced concrete for better possibilities of use the basements individual garage. The building use technical equipment and technologies for using of renewable resources and is projected like building with almost zero energy consumption.
Fire Resistance Testing of Green Flat Roofs
Hobzová, Klára ; Pilinszki, Martin ; Beneš, Petr
The requirements for the roof covering with a vegetation layer, from the point of view of fire safety, are not currently directly defined in the Czech Republic. According to ČSN P CEN / TS 1187: 2012, four test methods are used for the classification of roofs / roof coverings exposed to external fire. The basis for determining the fire resistance of a green roof are classification protocols prepared according to the standard (roof coverings classified in the Broof (t3) class do not spread fire and prevent ignition of flammable parts of the structure). The article deals with testing the fire resistance of a green intensive roof according to our own methodology, which is based on the Broof (t3) test. The course of temperatures in individual layers of the roof cladding was monitored. The maximum temperature under the grass was determined from the temperature sensors, followed by the maximum temperature rise of 150 mm and 300 mm below the surface. Finally, the extent of flame spread across the surface was measured. The aim was to determine the effect of external fire on the supporting structure of the roof cladding, then to classify the structure into the appropriate classification according to ČSN EN 13501-5: 2017.
Apartment building
Šindelář, Marek ; Hobzová, Klára (referee) ; Daněk, Lukáš (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor´s thesis is to elaborate the project documentation of the newbuilt apartment building in Přímětice(Znojmo) The apartment building is designed as the five-storey partly basement building. In the above ground floors there are 25 apartments and the technical backgroud of the building. In the basement there is the collective garage with 12 parking spots. The foundations are solved as the monolithic strips from the reinforced concrete under the nonbasement part of the building and as the foudation plates from a reinforced waterproof concrete under the basement part. The vertical load-bearing and nonload-bearing constructions are made of the Porotherm system with combination from the reinforced concrete columns. Just the basement is made of the reinforced waterproof concrete and together with the foundation plates form so-called white bath. The horizontal load-bearing stuctures consist of reinforced concrete ceiling slabs. The roofing of the building is designed as the flat one-layer roof which serves as terraces in fifth floor. The bachelor´s thesis contains project documentation for the construction and it has been made in ArchiCAD 22 and Lumion 10.
Apartment building
Svobodová, Monika ; Hobzová, Klára (referee) ; Daněk, Lukáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis elaborates the project documentation for the construction of an apartment building. The proposed apartment building is placed on the property 1037/28, in Třebíč, Vysočina region. The apartment building has four floors above ground and one underground floor. The building is a freestanding with irregular floor plan and roof construction is designed as flat green roof. The last upper floor has a smaller floor plan than the other floors and roof terraces are designed. The building contains thirteen apartments. In the basement of the building is designed an underground garage for private cars of apartment owners. The basement also contains storage facilities and a technical room. Vertical structures are designed from ceramic blocks. The perimeter masonry is insulated by the contact insulation system ETICS. The ceiling structures are designed as monolithic reinforced concrete ceiling slabs. The object is based on a reinforced concrete base.

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