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Frequency synthesizer for microwave communication systems
Klapil, Filip ; Vondra, Vlastimil (referee) ; Kasal, Miroslav (advisor)
The main aim of the thesis is to develop a solution of a frequency synthesizer for a microwave communication systems. Specifically, it suggests a design for frequency synthesizer with phase-locked loop. At beginning of the thesis the principle and basic properties of this method of signal generation are explained. Then it is followed by a brief discussion of the parameters of synthesizers and their influence on design. Another part of the work is the analysis of circuit the frequency synthesizer with the phase-locked loop MAX2871, which is followed by a proposal for the design of the frequency synthesizer module hardware. The last part of the work deals with practical implementation, verification of function and measurement of achieved parameters and their evaluation.
Low Noise Amplifier for the S Band
Benites Ayala, Ivan Alejandro ; Vondra, Vlastimil (referee) ; Kasal, Miroslav (advisor)
This master's thesis presents the design and the realization of a low noise amplifier (LNA) for the S band of radio frequency spectrum from 2.3 GHz to 2.4 GHz. This thesis is mainly focused on stability and impedance matching networks study. Ansoft Designer and ANSYS HFSS programs are used for this design to simulate the LNA. Different low noise devices are simulated in order to find the best results for the final design. Moreover, a coaxial cavity resonator is designed in the input of the LNA and works as a band pass filter. Finally, the LNA is fabricated and its properties compared with the simulation results.
Low noise amplifier for UHF band
Horký, Stanislav ; Baran, Ondřej (referee) ; Kasal, Miroslav (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor's thesis is description and design of low-noise RF amplifiers. This work is also focused on design and simulations of amplifier in Ansoft Designer software. In this thesis is in detail described design of amplifier ATF 54143, mainly focused on stability, biasing and noise matching. For the needs of RF applications are described a few types of filters, with his design and realization
Automatic elevation and azimuth measurement system
Večeřa, Jindřich ; Kasal, Miroslav (referee) ; Záplata, Filip (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with an automatic elevation and azimuth measurement system, which will be used for antenna positioning. It is realized by using magnetometer and accelerometer. Important part of the system is tilt compensation and calibration for selected location. This system will send data to PC and also display them on LCD display. This project contains theory of measured quantities, method choice, component choice, realization of wiring, PCB design, programming device, testing device and accuracy determination.
Solid State Power Amplifier for the L-Band
Pecen, Vojtěch ; Vondra, Vlastimil (referee) ; Kasal, Miroslav (advisor)
The goal of this diploma's thesis is to create a design of a two stages amplifier working in a band reserved for the secondary surveillance radar at the frequency of 1090 MHz. Output power of the amplifier should be 20 W and efficiency should be as high as possible. Because of this the second stage is designed in class C. Contents of this diploma's thesis include a theoretical analysis, simulations of the amplifier parameters, comparison of the Ansys Designer and AWR Microwave Office simulation programs and design of both stages of the amplifier, followed by a comparison of the measured parameters with the simulations.
Low Noise Amplifiers for frequency range 1-3 GHz
Klegová, Hana ; Zamazal, Michal (referee) ; Kasal, Miroslav (advisor)
This masters thesis deals with low noise amplifier design for frequency range 1 GHz - 3 GHz. There is a short theoretical introduction in the first part of the thesis. There are described parameters and properties of transistors and general two-ports. Description of the noise characteristics two-ports follows. The next capture contains design of two-stage amplifiers. One of them is with a microstrip filter between stages and the second one is with combline filter on input of the amplifier. The amplifiers and the microstrip filter were designed in program ANSOFT Designer. The design of combline filter was realised in program CST Microwave Studio. Both amplifiers ware made and their properties ware compared with simulations.
Microwave power amplifier
Pecen, Vojtěch ; Urbanec, Tomáš (referee) ; Kasal, Miroslav (advisor)
The goal of this bachelor's thesis is to create a design of a microwave power amplifier working in X-band at the center frequency of 10.368GHz. The amplifier has to operate in CW mode and pulse mode with output power of 36dBm and gain of 20dB. Contents of this bachelor's thesis include a theoretical analysis, design of the amplifier and its bias and protective circuits, simulations of time constants of the bias circuits, simulations of the amplifier, construction and measurement of the amplifier parameters.
Broadband White Noise Meter
Klegová, Hana ; Záplata, Filip (referee) ; Kasal, Miroslav (advisor)
This semestral thesis deal with measuring noise cosmic objects with broad microwave receiver with cutoff frequency 144 - 149 MHz. In this thesis is designed broad white noise meter due to reference value „cold sky“. There are described properties white noise in radiofrequency part of spectrum and ways of measuring it. Further is in this thesis modeled bandpass filter including broad-band amplifiers in program ANSYS Designer and designed Printed Circuit Boards in program Eagle.
Control and position sensor of small antenna rotor
Tribula, David ; Šebesta, Jiří (referee) ; Kasal, Miroslav (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis is dealing with the activities of antenna rotators operating on the principle selsyn and the ability to control its location using two buttons. Then the scanning angle using magnetic encoder and system overview display angle rotator. It indicates a complete software solution.
Antennas controller in azimuth and elevation
Lyko, Antonín ; Záplata, Filip (referee) ; Kasal, Miroslav (advisor)
Document describes the realization of an interface to control antenna rotators using a computer. It explain ways of external control antenna rotators, the current solution to this problem and suggested a new possible solutions. The conclusion presents itself with the implementation of imperfections in the design and appropriate solution.

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