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Electrical characteristics of gliding discharge for VOC decomposition
Jeřábek, Martin ; Sysel, Petr (referee) ; Bartlová, Milada (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor's thesis was to get familiar with the characteristics of plasma, its divisinon and diagnostics. In physics and chemismy plasma is considered to be, an ionized gas composed of ions, electrons (and possibly neutral atoms and molecules), which is produced by detachement of electrons from the atomic shell, or by dissociation and ionization of molecules. The plasma is often referred as the fourth state of matter. Attention was given to the description of various types of electric discharge, its characteristics and occurrence. One of the most idey known electrical discharges occurring in nature is lightning, a spark discharge, which occurs in the storm. Lightning is an electric discharge between centres of positive and negative charge of one or more clouds, between cloud and earth, or rarely between the cloud and the stratosphere. The greatest attention is paid mainly to gliding electric arc discharge, called Glide-Arc; it is a representative of on-thermal plasma formed by weakly ionized gas. It has many industrial applications, especially for its high energy efficiency, specific productivity and high selectivity of chemical reactions. Under low and atmospheric pressure, Glide-Arc represents a simple and non-expensive way of non-thermal plasma generation. The discharge is excited between two electrodes of different materials in the pressure range from very low pressures up to the pressures of the order of units of MPa. The gliding arc system consist of horn-gaps electrodes diverging in the direction of the working gas flow. After the application of DC or AC voltage, a breakdown occurs at the smallest distance between the electrodes, and a spark plasma channel drifts (“glides“) in the direction of the flowing gas. The final experimental part deals with the measurement of VA characteristics and oscillation characteristics of the current, and with the determinativ of gliding arc ignitron for selected of nitrogen and methane gases at various flow rates. The values of ignition voltage for variol mixtures of gases have been compared. Furthermore, the properties various combinations of gases at different gas flow rates have been evaluated. Measurements were carried out in the plasma laboratory of the Faculty of Chemistry BUT in the plasma reactor at the atmospheric pressure.
Project Dokumentation and Quality Management ISO 9000
Jeřábek, Martin ; ISO, Antonín Krbušek, auditor (referee) ; Havlíková, Marie (advisor)
Implementation of Quality Management System according to the International Standards ISO 9000 is one of the ways of increasing the competitiveness and efficiency of organization. The objective of this study was to describe and eventually streamline creation, founding and completation of Project documentation. One part of submission was creation of web sites with information(s) about ISO 9000 system. The outcome of this study is a complex of changes and improvement of directions according to ISO 9000 in a particular company.
Data acquisition - LabVIEW
Jeřábek, Martin ; Zůbek, Tomáš (referee) ; Šedivá, Soňa (advisor)
The main objective of this work is to create a program for automatic operation of measuring test track. The track is used for multi-hole velocity probes calibration. Normalized orifice plate is used as measurement standard. The program requires the user to enter certain information, which are not measured directly e.g. the values of measuring resistors, static air pressure. After entering this information, measurement can be started. The measurements are carried out simultaneously on the both flowmeters and on the thermomether Pt 100. The actual density of flowing medium is calculated from the measured temperature. Because the measurement is parallel, the calibrated flowmeter can be calibrated during the measurement.
Some Indicators Analysis in the Education of the South Moravian Region
Jeřábek, Martin ; Štefan, Miroslav (referee) ; Kropáč, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the analysis of demographic data and education in the South Moravian Region. The main purpose of the text is determination of prognosis of students going to primary schools depending on the number of births. Statistical methods, especially time series, are used to achieve these objectives.
Business Incubator
Jeřábek, Martin ; Pirochta, Josef (referee) ; Králová, Zuzana (advisor)
In my diploma thesis I designed a new office building in Brno. The building will function as a business incubator, so it will provide space for developing companies for favorable lease terms. While projecting the building I took into consideration future changes in dispositions. Part of the building has a basement and it has one underground and four aboveground floors. The building is designed as monolithic ferroconcrete unit and it has reinforcing perimeter walls with unit core. The ceiling is made of monolithic ferroconcrete panels. The building has flat rooftops, ventilated facade and is based on piles.
The Shift of Influence of Faith on Social Work Through Time
Jeřábek, Martin ; Kodymová, Pavla (advisor) ; Brnula, Peter (referee)
The work describes the shift of influence of faith on social work through time. For observation, probe to history is used with both primary and secondary sources. The work is divided into historical periods between the times before the Battle of White Mountain and today. Each historical period describes different aspects of social work and how they developed. It is a description of the historical period, approaches to work, fieldwork, supervision, life quality of carers, professionalization. Powered by TCPDF (
The impact of crises on differentiation and integration in the EU: COVID-19 and Ukraine
Běhunčík, Radek ; Martinková, Viera (advisor) ; Jeřábek, Martin (referee)
The European Union has had to deal with an increasing number of crises over the past 15 years. The future of its integration is thus increasingly dependent on concrete crisis responses. At the same time, the increasing heterogeneity of its members makes it more difficult to find compromise solutions, and integration often takes a differentiated path. This paper has attempted to answer the question of what is the impact of crises on the integration and differentiation of the European Union. It did so through an explanatory two-case study of the most recent emergencies - the COVID-19 crisis and the high energy price crisis linked to the war in Ukraine. To find the answer, a congruence analysis of the Union's crisis responses was conducted based on the models of Riddervold et al. The supply and demand theory of differentiation then explained the absence or presence of differentiation. The central data source was the European secondary legislation, frequently neglected by integration theorists. The analysis results find the crises' effects to be pro-integration in the given cases, here primarily in a uniform pattern. However, in the case of COVID-19, the thesis reveals shortcomings of the crisis response models used, pointing to the need for their conceptual reformulation. For a more comprehensive understanding...
Changes in Taiwan-Czech Relations
Chen, Wen-Yu ; Parízek, Michal (advisor) ; Jeřábek, Martin (referee)
This thesis aims to shed light on how the evolving Czech-Taiwanese relationship has been reflected in Taiwan. The research encompasses a diverse range of data sources, including governmental foreign affairs annual reports, government-funded scholarships, trade and investment flows, media coverage from selected Taiwanese news outlets, and individual movements between the Czech Republic and Taiwan. With qualitative content analysis and descriptive analysis, the study endeavors to provide conclusive answers to the research question. Given the consideration of the unavailability of research on recent developments in Czech Republic- Taiwan relations, as well as the bilateral relationship itself, this study is poised to identify and evaluate any significant changes in their ties. The research will focus on examining how these changes in bilateral relations have been manifested and perceived in Taiwan. The temporal scope of the thesis spans from 2013 to 2023, encompassing a decade of crucial developments in the Czech-Taiwanese relationship.
Czechoslovakia's relations towards Germany and Austria in the years 1919-1933.
Vokatý, Martin ; Jeřábek, Martin (advisor) ; Guasti, Petra (referee)
This thesis deals with Czechoslovakia's relations towards Germany and Austria in 1919-1933. The main research question is an attempt to find out the differences in the relationship of Czechoslovakia towards Germany in relation to the relationship of Czechoslovakia towards Austria in 1919-1933. In order to answer this question, a comparative analysis of these relations is conducted. The thesis also examines how Czechoslovakia was able to fulfill its foreign policy goals towards both Germany and Austria. The thesis is divided into three periods and this comparative analysis is made in each of them. The dividing line of the thesis is the international conference in Locarno. The comparative analysis shows that Czechoslovakia's relations to Germany and Czechoslovakia's relations to Austria were different. Differences also emerged in the time periods before and after the Locarno International Conference.
Energy policy of the Federal republic of Germany towards the Russian Federation during the Angela Merkel era
Kavan, Vilém ; Jeřábek, Martin (advisor) ; Karlas, Jan (referee)
This thesis focuses on German energy policy towards the Russian federation during Angela Merkel's leadership as Chancellor of Germany (2005-2021). The primary focus is the import of Russian natural gas to Germany and related projects such as Nord Stream and Nord Stream II. The aim of this thesis is to answer the research question of whether the energy interests of the Federal Republic of Germany have led to an increase in its dependence on the Russian Federation. The thesis analyses the German approach towards both their own energy policy and the policy of the Russian Federation and aims to contextualise this with data connected with Russian gas exports to Germany. The analysis shows that the Federal Republic of Germany ran its energy policy towards the Russian Federation independently of Russian policy actions and the wider criticism received from various German partners. The conclusion of the thesis is that the energy policy of the Federal Republic of Germany conclusively led to an increase in its dependence on the Russian Federation.

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