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Mechanisms determining the identity of intestinal epithelial cells
Berková, Linda ; Valenta, Tomáš (advisor) ; Krylov, Vladimír (referee) ; Klíma, Jiří (referee)
(ENG) The intestinal epithelium has been heavily studied for decades. It is a traditional model to study the natural renewal of tissue during homeostasis and upon the damage, carcinoma establishment and progression and regulation of stem cells by Wnt signalling. Since the main interest in the tissue is focused on epithelial stem cells, it has been described quite recently that also all differentiated epithelial cells from the small intestine including enterocytes undergo drastic changes in properties during their short life. This phenomenon came to be known as villus zonation. In parallel with that observation, the heterogeneity of intestinal mesenchymal cells and their impact on intestinal epithelium have been gradually revealed. Distinct populations of mesenchymal cells secrete specific signalling molecules, which determine the destiny of epithelial cells. Those signalling molecules regulate stem cell maintenance as well as villus zonation. Our work combines those novel findings of intestinal enterocytes and mesenchymal cells. We studied the effect of distinct Bmp ligands produced by mesenchymal cells on the differentiation of enterocytes. We treated small intestinal epithelial cells with recombinant Bmp proteins in vitro and analysed changes in their gene expression by RNA sequencing. We...
Comparison of tinnitus treatment by selected therapeutic approaches.
Klíma, Jiří ; Malá, Jitka (advisor) ; Vláčilová, Ivana (referee)
Author: Bc. Jiří Klíma Title: Comparison of tinnitus treatment with selected therapeutic approaches Objectives: The aim of this thesis is to investigate the effectiveness of selected therapeutic approaches in the treatment of subjective chronic tinnitus. These approaches are manual therapy, low-power laser therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. Another aim is to determine which of these approaches is the most effective. Last but not least aim is to summarize the current knowledge about tinnitus. Methods: The thesis is processed in the form of literature review. First, the current theoretical background is described, then the objectives of the thesis and research questions are set. Then the methodology is described and the results are presented and discussed. Last but not least, the limitations of this thesis and the studies are described. Results: In total, 13 studies were found that met the criteria. Based on these studies, it appears that both manual therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy lead to a significant reduction in tinnitus severity in some patients with subjective chronic tinnitus. The results of studies investigating the effect of low-power laser therapy have been inconsistent, but most have concluded that it is also effective in reducing the severity of tinnitus in patients with...
(Spectro) Electrochemical Study of Cibalackrot Derivatives – Potential Chromophores for Singlet Fission\n
Šimková, Ludmila ; Lušpai, Karol ; Klíma, Jiří ; Ludvík, Jiří
Recently, substantial attention has been paid to the search for suitable chromophores for singlet fission. This photophysical effect promises to increase the maximum of theoretical efficiency of solar cells. One type of candidates are derivatives of cibalackrot. Redox properties are critical for their use. Our electrochemical work is focused on the study of oxidation and reduction of a series of substituted cibalackrot derivatives using classic voltammetric techniques and their combination with in situ UV-vis and EPR spectroscopy. The results show the reversible formation of the radical anion (cation) in the first reduction (oxidation) step enabling determination of ´´electrochemical´´ HOMO-LUMO gap.
EPR-Electrochemical Study of Reduction Mechanism of Pyrene-Cyclobutene Conjugates
Koláčná, Lucie ; Polák, P. ; Klíma, Jiří ; Tobrman, T. ; Ludvík, Jiří
Reduction mechanism of pyrene-cyclobutene conjugates were studied electrochemically and\nspectro-electrochemically. Analysis and interpretation of spectro-electrochemical data of\nconjugates revealed intramolecular communication of electrons and enabled determination of\nredox mechanism of conjugates. This knowledge is fundamental for tuning the required redox\nproperties of molecules just by chemical modification. Studied molecules represent promising\nmaterial for organic semiconductor materials.
The Use of Multichannel Flow Cytometry in Biomedicine and Experimental Biology
Kideryová, Linda ; Smetana, Karel (advisor) ; Elleder, Milan (referee) ; Klíma, Jiří (referee)
Flow-cytometry is a process on which large numbers of single cells are quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed. This method gives information about size, granularity surface or intracellular markers of every single cell in suspension. In modern biology is worthy to perform quick, objective multiparametric analyses of cell phenotype. This project was focused on cells, which analyses are complicated by extreme rareness or lack of clearly identifying specific markers. Analysis of stromal cells of the investigated tumors (histiocytoma and tumor fibroblasts originating in squamous epithelium: basalioma (BCCF) and spinalioma (SCCF) elucidated alteration of gene expression induced by tumor cells. Tumor-derived stromal fibroblasts acquire distinct properties to shape a microenvironment conducive to altering the phenotypic characteristics of normal epithelial cells in vitro. Reproducible, quick and highly sensitive method of detection extremely rare non-haematopoetic cells (EPC, CEC) was established. Numbers of CFU-En correlate neither with circulating endothelial progenitors nor with matured endothelial cells detected by flowcytometry. These colonies are formed in cooperation of CD14 + and CD4+ cells. Numbers of endothelial progenitors and matured endothelial cells are closely related with vessel endothelium...
A case study of physiotherapeutic treatment of a patient with a diagnosis of total hip endoprosthesis
Klíma, Jiří ; Ragulová, Michaela (advisor) ; Nováková, Tereza (referee)
Author: Jiří Klíma Title: A case study of physiotherapeutic treatment of a patient with a diagnosis of total hip endoprosthesis Objectives: The objective of this Bachelor's thesis is to review a case study of physiotherapeutic treatment of a patient with a diagnosis of total hip endoprosthesis and become acquainted with this diagnosis from a theoretical point of view. Methods: A case study of physiotherapeutic treatment of the patient was produced during practise in the Malvazinky Rehabilitation Clinic from the 11th of January to 5th of February 2021. It included anamnesis, initial kinesiological examination, both short-term and long-term physiotherapy plans, 14 physiotherapy sessions, a final kinesiological examination and an evaluation of the effect of therapy. Results: Physical condition of the patient was improved. The postoperative oedema was reduced and condition of soft tissue around the scar was improved. The range of flexion, extension and abduction of the operated hip joint increased. Flexors, extensors and abductors have been strengthened. Keywords: physiotherapy, rehabilitation, case study, endoprosthesis, coxarthrosis, hip joint
The use of stem cells in the treatment of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Řehořová, Monika ; Jendelová, Pavla (advisor) ; Klíma, Jiří (referee) ; Jiruška, Přemysl (referee)
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a neurodegenerative disease caused by degradation of motoneurons (MN). No effective treatment is currently available. Cellular therapy is considered to be a promising experimental treatment that could target the pathology of complex disease through many potential mechanisms. We compared the effect of three types of repeated applications of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC): intrathecal administrations, intramuscular administrations and the combination of these applications. Best results were obtained after combined repeated hMSC administrations. We observed the rescue of MN, neuromuscular junctions and decreasing levels of proteins involved in the signaling of necroptosis (Rip1, cl-casp 8), apoptosis (cl-casp 9) and autophagy (beclin 1), decreasing astrogliosis and the level of astrocytic connexin 43. Neural precursors derived from induced pluripotent stem cells (NP-iPS) are considered as other promising candidates for ALS therapy. Intraspinal administration of NP-iPS increased mRNA expression of BDNF and IGF-1, on the other hand decreased expression of proapoptotic casp 3. We also observed their effect on expression of components of perineural nets (PNN). Human embryonic stem cells (hESC) are the other cell candidates for the treatment of neurodegenerative...
Design of a high-speed electrical machine.
Šolc, Martin ; Klíma, Jiří (referee) ; Mach, Martin (advisor)
This diploma thesis is dedicated to design of highspeed induction motor with power 30 kW, 60 000 rpm. In the beginning of the thesis basic problematic of highspeed motors, used materials and motor types is discussed. The practical part of the thesis concerns design of the motor itself, creating a model in ANSYS Maxwell software, performing several simulations and optimalization of the designed machine. In the last parf of this thesis each simulation is evaluated and the final model of the machine is introduced.
Finite Element Analysis of High Speed Induction Motor With Axially Slitted Rotor
Klíma, Jiří
This paper deals with an analysis of three phase, two pole high speed induction machine with axially slitted solid rotor. The finite element model of induction motor with axial slits has been developed and motor has been analyzed for several slips in order to get performance characteristics. Setting the simulation is crucial and will be discussed. All-important fields and performance characteristics are presented.
Design of Line-start synchronous machine
Lolová, Iveta ; Klíma, Jiří (referee) ; Bárta, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with line-start permanent magnet synchronous motor, because in these days the world focuses on energy saving more than ever. Line-start permanent magnet motors represents a possible replacement for asynchronous motors, which are the most used kind of motors and constitute one of the greatest energy consumption apparatuses in the world. The efficiency improvement of induction motors is usually achieved through design optimization of induction motors resulting in limited degrees of success. This thesis also thoroughly explains LSPMSM topology and compares properties of the line-start permanent magnet motors and asynchronous motors. This thesis deals with the design of line-start permanent magnet synchronous motor based on previously designed asynchronous motor. In the last chapter LSPMSM is investigated in RMxprt and Ansys Maxwell.

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