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Complex of methods for effective entrepreneurship of SMEs in the cultural sector
Dostál, Petr ; Kislingerová, Eva ; Pešek, Ondřej ; Horný, Stanislav ; Surynek, Alois ; Jarošová, Eva ; Srpová, Jitka ; Misař, Jan ; Svobodová, Ivana ; Boukal, Petr ; Vávrová, Hana ; Scholleová, Hana ; Mullerová, Jana ; Sieber, Patrik ; Sieber, Martina ; Vondra, Zdeněk
Základním cílem předloženého souboru metodik je poskytnout sektoru kultury nástroje, které umožní zlepšit řídící činnost především malých a středních organizací, ale zároveň se zlepší i možnosti trvalého a systematického rozvoje a transparentnost v komunikaci kulturních organizací, památek, orgánů státní správy a samosprávy, donorů a dalších, které jsou cílovými skupinami metodiky.
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History, development and trends in photography with a focus on sport photography
Pelikán, Jan ; Krsek, Libor (advisor) ; Horný, Stanislav (referee)
The theoretical part is focused on history, development and famous artists in photography. There is detailed description of nowadays sports photography, new technologies, which help photographers to get better results and basic and advanced techniques of shooting sports photos. The practical part has two main parts. The first one is photography experiment in order to compare modern technologies in sports photography to techniques used to in 19. century. The second part is based on commented results of photography development of author of this thesis. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to share photography knowledge with general public especially in history and new trends of sports photography. Benefit of this thesis is to give detailed overview of specific field of photography to general public and professional photographers to help to develop this industry.
Marketing comunication of a company: A proposal of a company design
Bessenyey, Viktorija ; Horný, Stanislav (advisor) ; Seko, Martin (referee)
This work focuses on corporate marketing communication means which are used to reach its target groups. In the theoretical part, important aspects of corporate communications are examined, especially the communication of the company through a unified corporate visual identity. In the practical part these findings are applied to a particular company, it describes its current model of communication and subsequently a redesign of its visual communications is proposed and processed in graphic program.
Visual communication of Národní památkový ústav
Sonntágová, Jana ; Horný, Stanislav (advisor) ; Černý, Zbyněk (referee)
This Master's Thesis aims to analyze the visual communication of Národní památkový ústav, National Monument Institute. The theoretical part deals with the interpretation of corporate identity focusing on corporate design and corporate communication. The second part begins with an analysis of the main and derived elements of the visual communication and continues with a comparison of the elements of the public monument institutions abroad. At the very end the Thesis also includes some recommendations in order to make the whole corporate image of Národní památkový ústav better.
Corporate identity of a small company with practical application for a particular company
Jančíková, Nikola ; Horný, Stanislav (advisor) ; Černý, Zbyněk (referee)
This Master´s Thesis deals with the visual style of a small company Jahody Stebno which specialises in seasonal harvesting and selling of strawberries. It concerns a corporate design with the main emphasis on its logo, font and colors. The thesis also concentrates on the form of corporate identity, culture, image and corporate design in terms of graphic theory and on the comparison of corporate brands of a concurrence in the field. In its conclusion the thesis presents a graphic manual that could be used by the company in the future.
Corporate identity of government institutions exemplified by Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech republic
Čápová, Zuzana ; Horný, Stanislav (advisor) ; Souralová, Veronika (referee)
The thesis deals with corporate identity, corporate design and corporate image of the Czech government institutions. Special attention is paid to logo, using colours or shapes, typography and composition in terms of theory of graphic design and comparision of foreign examples. In its conclusion the thesis presents graphic manual of a government corporate identity as a proposal to the future.
The design process, digitization and promotion of font
Krčková, Anna ; Khabirova, Maja (advisor) ; Horný, Stanislav (referee)
This thesis focuses on the development, production and font digitization. It examines how far one must understand the matter and how important is it to know the historical backround of typography so he would be able to create high-quality font, both for personal or commercial use. It also defines what parameters determine high-quality font and how to recognize high-quality font. In the practical part there will be introduced principles and programs for creating fonts that are currently widely used and will be presented possibilities of promoting and selling fonts. The aim is to compare the pros and cons of self made font so whoever deals with this issue could evaluate whether it is worth investing time in creating font or not, and eventually was able to design basic alphabet.
The production process of making books, from text to finished media
Frydecká, Markéta ; Khabirova, Maja (advisor) ; Horný, Stanislav (referee)
The theme of this work is book creation, editing, typesetting and printing. In the first part, thesis brings options for choosing binding, format, paper and font. It also provides a clear and comprehensive insight into the issue of typesetting and briefly describes what needs to be taken into account when considering the book and what is good to remember when exporting it. Thesis also briefly introduces printing techniques and offers an overview of finishng works. In the second part, there are findings from the first part taken and used to typeset a novella Návrat and next activities related to printing and finshing book are described. As well current book publishing practise is outlined in the second part.
Branding concept for a new photoalbum brand and its introduction on a market
Bašníková, Adéla ; Horný, Stanislav (advisor) ; Phung, Hyu Nghia (referee)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is designing a branding concept for a new photoalbum brand. The main purpose is to explain and define the importance of strong and unite brand identity, that can help build a strong brand. The practise part is about introducing the concept of a new photoalbum brand, for which new brand identity was designed, all reffering to the theoretical part of the thesis. According to the analysis of the field of competiton and definition of the characteristics of target audience, an options for publicity and advertising were introduced.
Family photography
Peroutková, Klára ; Krsek, Libor (advisor) ; Horný, Stanislav (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to apprise it's readers with the most important rules of children photography. Basic ideas of photography are explained in the theoretical part of the thesis. These are essential to understand. Following are principals of cooperation with children during photoshoot and the tactics of communication according to their age. Attention is also devoted to important moments of their lives, which should be photographed. The practical part describes the process of children photography inside a studio. This thesis is devoted to readers who are interested in family photography.

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