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Autoportrait of the nonhuman
Trnková, Barbora ; Horáková, Jana (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (referee) ; Ruller, Tomáš (advisor)
The work conducted through artistic-research methods, spanning across several interconnected projects and their explications, examines the proclaimed overcoming of rationalistic dualities personified in the in the cyborg metaphor. It showcases how mediated digital thinking obstructs the perception of the other, posing a risk to feminist visions inspired by this metaphor. In the spirit of glitch feminism, instances of algorithmic biases are proposed, revealing glitches within normative hegemony mediated by the outcomes of learning algorithms, to be positively perceived as opportunities for their identification and removal. Furthermore, it introduces the category of the non-human other, fabricated through dehumanizing and tabooed violence. In comparison to the nature of the pornographic and the erotic, and in the context of the concept of becoming, a path towards acquiring autonomy of the other is hinted. Alongside the creation of alternatives that disrupt dominant hegemony, a shift in focus towards subtractive strategies is suggested, acknowledging the uprising of the non-human within us, while suspending the transcendental subject in the same move. This addresses the issue of preserving the subject, which interprets the other.
Marketing Mix of Science Theme Park
Horáková, Jana ; Muzikářová, Tereza (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on the analysis of the marketing mix of the science theme park and on creating a proposal for its changes. The theoretical part explains the concepts related to the issues of the thesis. The analytical part includes an analysis of the current situation of the science theme park, an analysis of the marketing environment of the organization, and a questionnaire survey. The design part of the thesis contains proposals and recommendations for changes in the marketing mix (7P).
Strengthened by Sirens
Nikitina, Pavla ; Horáková, Jana (referee) ; Medek, Tomáš (advisor)
The diploma thesis "Hardened by Sirens" focuses on telling stories through sculptural realisation. These stories are taken from the new phase of the Russian-Ukrainian war that started in 2022. I created the sculptures based on 3D scans as a reportage of events caused by the war. In my work, I followed up on an earlier sculptural project-study entitled "5 Minutes", which was created in 2019 in the context of my bachelor’s studies at FFA BUT. The sub-heading to the study read "3D war reportage ". In the textual part of the master’s thesis, I also focus on the concept of 3D reportage and the various possibilities it offers me as an artist working on the border of the genre of reportage and social documentary.
Big Brother is Dead. Decentralised Big Data Collection, Analysis, Visualisation and Interpretation in the Artistic Practise
Javůrek, Tomáš ; Horáková, Jana (referee) ; Joler, Vladan (referee) ; Cenek, Filip (advisor)
The text of the dissertation confronts, on a theoretical level, the metaphors from Orwell’s novel 1984 with the state of the social order as described by Gilles Deleuze in his text Postscript on the Societies of Control and how the current technological and information society is perceived by contemporary authors. It also includes descriptions of the author’s practical artistic outputs, which are also embedded in the theoretical context of the dissertation as outlined above.
Innovation of the sports product - Czech Surfers Camp
Horáková, Jana ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: Innovation of the Sport Product - Czech Surfers Camp Objectives: The main objective of the research is to create an innovated product Czech Surfers Camp based on the analysis of primary data obtained by survey. Respondents will be divided into individual groups based on their personal experience with participation in the Czech Surfers Camp. According to the evaluated results of preferences and satisfaction of participants, an updated model of the event program will be designed. It will reflect the requirements of individual groups of participants. The secondary goal is to evaluate the loyalty of past camp participants. Methods: The selection of suitable research methods is led by the motivation for the use of modern methods of data acquisition. The research file is divided into samples of former participants, future participants (they have already bought a voucher for 2022), and potential participants. The method of online survey uses questionnaires shared by a web application optimized for a mobile environment and also uses surveys on social media networks. Results: The result of Czech Surfers Camp participants' feedback shows that the innovation process of the event's program cannot fully follow the requirements of the respondents. The developed program reflects a factor range that...
Social work in a sheltered housing called ."Domov Kamélie Křižanov, p.o."
Bachelor thesis on the topic Social work in sheltered housing in Domov Kamélie Křižanov, p. o. is focused on social work with clients who has either light or medium mental disability and who are also habitants of Domov Kamélie Křižanov, p. o. The theoretical part describes sheltered housing with all its aims and principals, sheltered housing Křižanov described, clients of sheltered housing and description of light and medium mental disabilities. In the practical part the qualitative research is selected. Questioning was used as a research metod. Semi-structured interview was used as a data collection technique. In the research I did an interview with ten social services workers and one social worker. The aim bachelor thesis is to map social work with clients with light and meduim mental disabilities in sheltered housing Kamélie Křižanov, p. o. Partial goal is to describe the role of social worker as well as his job description. The second partial goal is to find out how clients are involed into making decisions about the service they're using. The third partial goal is to determinate the benefits of sheltered housing services. The results shows that social worker and social services workers is based on unified view. Thanks to this view, it is way much easier to help the client with his indipendence and develop the neccesery activities and skills to the maximal extent possible. According to the whole team in Kamélie Křižanov housing, attention is paid to all possible ways of trainig and development, as well as supervision, which eliminates the risk of failiture to a minimum. The results further showed that, in identifying how clients are involved in deciding how to use the service, it is primary for clients to choose the activity they will perform themselves, or to assist them, not to make decisions on behalf of clients. Furthermore, to acquire and train the skills needed for independent living as well as to practice the development of practical skills associated with self-care and apartment maintenance, the demonstration is a priority, then constant repetition of activities. The client will get a habit which will make it easier for the clients to gradually start living independently. To maintain and establish social bonds, interest from users of sheltered housing in cultural events has been found to be high, where they spend time with their friends and can forge new social ties. Family ties are, in many cases, solid through visits, and user friendships are solidified. The only problem persists is getting involved into the labor market, there are only two clients who have a job and, thanks to it, their own income. Bachelor thesis and its results can help other social workers and social service workers who work in social care facilities with clients with mental disabilities. Bachelor thesis describes what is neccesary to obey and which direction to go to have positive results. It also should develop social workers attitude of thinking. His persuasion should depend on what is important for his client, and also how important is an individual attitude. This bachelor thesis brings evaluation and point of view of social workers who work in sheltered housing Domov Kamélie Křižanov, p. o. It also shows how society can still have prejudices against these kind of facilities. This document can be a proof that well-functioning team is the basic circumstance for effective work.
Henry of Carinthia. Transformation of historians's perception of his rule.
Horáková, Jana ; Charvátová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Sládková, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with view on the figure of Henry of Carinthia, whose image was usually unflattering in the works of Czech historians. This view of Henry is based on an important source, the Zbraslav Chronicle, which, among other things, also describes the period when Henry of Carinthia governed in the Kingdom of Bohemia (1306-1310). For a long time, Zbraslav Chronicle was considered as a set of true testimonies. The author of the Zbraslav Chronicle, very influential Cistercian Petr Žitavský, acted as a direct witness to the events described, and also due to some almost diary-like entries in certain parts of the chronicle, no one doubted the relevance of his entries. In other chronicles, Czech historians adopt the perspective of the author of the Zbraslav Chronicle, as they consider it a reliable source. Thus, Henry of Carinthia entered the consciousness of the majority based on the description of Petr Žitavský, as a weak monarch without vision and the necessary skills of a successful ruler. At the beginning of the 21st century, Jakub Razim came up with a new perspective on the Zbraslav Chronicle and thereby influenced the subsequent work of other historians. The aim of this thesis is not only the analysis of the passages devoted to the figure of Henry in the Zbraslav Chronicle, but...
Plan how to support marketing activities development in boat rental in Znojmo
Horáková, Jana ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Šrámek, Martin (referee)
Title: Plan how to support marketing activities development in boat rental in Znojmo. Objectives: The aim of the thesis is to analyze (including SWOT analysis) the marketing activities of the company Půjčovna lodí Dyje in Znojmo. On the basis of these findings to propose a plan for their development. The next task is to establish support activities and complementary activities to contribute positively to the promotion of rentals not only in Znojmo but also in the region South Moravia. The result of the work would be a proposal for specific technical and creative steps to complement existing but also new marketing activities of the 2018 period. Methods: Information and data were based of the documents and information provided directly by the company Půjčovna lodí Dyje. They were subsequently used in analyzing the marketing environment, where the organization is located. After identifying the weaknesses and strengths that were subsequently highlighted in the promotion, will be build a SWOT analysis of the company. Results: The company Půjčovna lodí Dyje has shortcomings in the promotion and indirect communication tools with customers. Based on this knowledge, a plan has been developed to support the development of existing and brand new marketing activities that appeal to the wider public and...

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