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The Proposal of Company Marketing Mix
Čížek, Tomáš ; Horák, Ondřej (referee) ; Novák, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of company's current state. For this state's detection a marketing mix analysis and an outside and inside analysis were used. The design suggests a solution for sale increase, competitivness and new customers acquirement.
Verification of the properties crimp joint
Horák, Ondřej ; Hruška, Ondřej (referee) ; Lidmila, Zdeněk (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the description of mechanically unbreakable conections, called crimp connection. The most often used materials are copper, brass and bronze. The crimp connections are divided into joints with an open tube, closed tube and crimp isolation. The joint is formed by bending of the parties of the crimp, where a consequent plastic deformation results in a mechanically non-detachable joint. The post production control of the crimp consists of visual inspection, measure of the crimp height, supplementary tearing test and cutting the crimp. No visual defect in testing two types of crimp connections was detected. The measured crimp height corresponds to the values specified by the manufacturer. During the tear test, the desired values were not achieved by incorrectly attaching the wire to the clamping mechanism and no manufacturing defects were detected at the final check of the cut.
All-pass filters based on modern functional blocks
Horák, Ondřej ; Petržela, Jiří (referee) ; Dostál, Tomáš (advisor)
The present thesis is focused on all pass filters. The principle of all pass filters, their properties, the design of nth degree of these circuits will be analysed in succession and then some of functional blocks, by which these structures can be made, will be described. After that, the allpass filters will be designed and simulated in program OrCAD PSpice. First of all, the analysis will be performed with ideal components, then with real components. After that, the sensitivity and tolerance analysis will be made and the influence of parasite effects on circuit parameters will be examined. Once the experiments are finished, the design of Printed Circuit Board's (PCB) will be realized. Circuit showing the best parameters will be chosen for the design.
Light (Magic of Light)
Horák, Ondřej ; Hayek, Pavel (referee) ; Artamonov, Vasil (advisor)
The present work deals in one level with the issue of work and laboriousness in the arts and in the second plane perception of reality and its illusion. Here, briefly explains the function of the visual system, leading to the formation of the image, perception of light phenomena and to create visual illusions (ie. Phenomena, when our perception completely does not match with reality), which served as the basis for dealing with the formal aspects of the work.
Design of sewer network rehabilitation of choice parts of urbanized areas
Horák, Ondřej ; Malaník, Stanislav (referee) ; Raclavský, Jaroslav (advisor)
The thesis approaches the problem of design of sewer network rehabilitation of urbanized area named Kamenná čtvrť. The thesis is divided into several parts. In the first part of the thesis there is the accompaying report, which describs characteristics of the area as a whole. The second part of the thesis is about describing each part of the network, clasification of defects according to the ČSN EN 13508 -2 and fothcoming TNV 75 6905 and photographs from network camera survey. In the third part of this thesis there is a chart with all defects located on the network. Also there is an evaluation of each part of network according to prepared TNV 75 6905. The fourth part of the thesis talks about evaluation of each part of the network as a whole. In the fifth part of the thesis we design possible choises of reahabilitation on the network. The sixth part of the thesis contains the economic aspects of possible alternatives and their comparsion. Last part of the thesis contains a hydrotechnical calculation, which means calculation of the current situation and the possible alternatives. There is an individual evaluation of the calculation and if its necessary optimizations of the network.
From the Nature
Horák, Ondřej ; Merta, Vladimír (referee) ; Artamonov, Vasil (advisor)
The essence of my work is to transfer the fragments asphalt strips on the canvas exactly 1:1, together with the effort transfer also as closely as possible to their true shades of gray. And thus that motive elevate from the ground and show the viewer simple beauty of banalities such as the asphalt sidewalk, after which we step daily unnoticed. Another attempt to approach the reality was decided to name the images according to the original coordinates of the place where the motive is, because any name could cause unwanted and unnecessary association.
Analysis of Dimensional Accuracy and Mechanical Properties of Plastic Components Made by 3D Printing
Horák, Ondřej ; Joska, Zdeněk (referee) ; Sedlák, Josef (advisor)
The Master's thesis deals with the determination of mechanical properties of materials used for 3D printing by ALPS ELECTRIC CZECH, s.r.o. (PETG, PLA, ABS, PLA ESD), extended of new materials (ASA, PC / ABS). The prepared test samples, produced by 3D printing technology Fused Deposition Modeling, were analyzed using mechanical tests (tensile test and two hardness tests), surface roughness and dimensional accuracy. Statistical evaluation was performed for individual materials of selected parameters (tensile strength, modulus of elasticity in tension, elongation, Shore hardness, hardness of ball indentation). The conclusion of the thesis is devoted to the comparison of materials by selected parameters and production costs. The additive material PLA Filament Plasty Mladeč proved to be the best with its properties and the second lowest price.
Nuclear energy future development perspectives in the Czech Republic and in the world
Horák, Ondřej ; Lisá, Hana (referee) ; Milčák, Pavel (advisor)
The submitted bachelor's thesis deals with the irreplaceable role of nuclear energy and the types of reactors being designed at the same time. A large part of the work is focused on a relevant overview of nuclear reactors in the world, including those under construction. The thesis deals with the legislation of the Czech Republic in the field of nuclear safety and international cooperation between operators of nuclear power plants. In the conclusion of the bachelor's thesis, the perspective of the future development of nuclear energy in our country and in the world is mentioned. The research-synthetic method was used for processing the text.
Criminal law aspects of the first aid
Horák, Ondřej ; Sovová, Olga (advisor) ; Císařová, Dagmar (referee)
Criminal law aspects of the first aid (summary) Ondrej Horak The purpose of this thesis is to clarify and to analyze the criminal law aspects of the first aid in relation to the healthcare professionals. A duty to provide first aid is stricter for the healthcare professionals and unlike laymen they cannot withdraw from this obligation even in life or health threatening situations. At the same time, they face the highest rate of accusations of having committed the crime of breach of the duty to provide the first aid. This work aims to support a discussion on this crime and to contribute to raise the legal awareness within the healthcare professionals. Last, but not least, the goal of this thesis is to point out particular complicated questions related to this topic and to outline possible solutions to improve the legal regulation. The thesis is composed of five chapters. Chapter One provides a summary of the general legal framework of the first aid including both national and international rules. A part of the summary is also concerned with delegated regulation and outlook for the impact of the medical reform. Chapter Two defines three fundamental terms which can be found very often in relation to this topic and which are the key terms to understand this issues. These are the terms: "necessary aid, the...

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