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Nuclear Ban Treaty and Stigmatization of NATO's Extended Nuclear Deterrence: Responses from Germany and Czechia
Svobodová, Markéta ; Smetana, Michal (advisor) ; Ludvík, Jan (referee)
Markéta Svobodová: Nuclear Ban Treaty and Stigmatization of NATO's Extended Nuclear Deterrence: Responses from Germany and Czechia (2023) Abstract To change the way nuclear weapons are addressed in international politics, proponents of the Nuclear Ban Treaty have called out not only the nuclear-haves, but also states benefiting from extended nuclear deterrence. If the nuclear disarmament norm is central to what constitutes appropriate behavior in international politics, how do NATO member states react to this deliberate stigma imposition strategy? The presented diploma thesis aims to answer this question by examining the cases of Germany and Czechia, showing the discursive strategies they employ to manage the circulation of the potentially discrediting information in regard to their identity as responsible members of the international community. While success of stigma imposition depends on the degree of stigma power possessed by the stigmatizer in the given context, In Germany, the ties of the current political leadership to pro-disarmament non-governmental sector have contributed to a shift from an approach of stigma rejection to a degree of stigma recognition over the examined time period (2013-2023). In Czechia, the lack of such a connection has among other factors prevented the non-governmental...
The evolution of NATO's image in selected Czech media
Koutenská, Kristýna ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Ludvík, Jan (referee)
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has been here for more than 70 years. It has undergone a number of reforms and has faced various challenges, both external and internal ones. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO had to adapt to a new security environment and identify new security threats. It transformed some of its internal structures, started to operate more outside its territory, while trying to balance the differences between member states, whose number gradually increased. The North Atlantic Alliance is currently one of the most important international organizations in the world and (not only) because of this, it often makes headlines in the media. From serious national (print) newspapers, through alternative (online) media going against the main stream, to those deliberately spreading disinformation. Published reports create certain image of the Alliance, which readers of the media obtain. Using quantitative content analysis, this diploma thesis examines articles from selected Czech media both mainstream newspapers (MF DNES, Právo, Blesk) and alternative media (Britské listy) or disinformation ones (Parlamentní listy) and finds out how NATO was presented to Czech people, or more precisely what its media image was in 1999, 2009/2010, 2019, and how it changed. From the...
Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant and Energy Diplomacy: How Construction of the Akkuyu Power Plant affected Energy Diplomacy between Turkey and Russia? A Process Tracing Approach.
Kolay, Bengi ; Holubcová, Jitka (advisor) ; Ludvík, Jan (referee)
In 2010 a contract was signed between Russian Rosatom and Turkey to build the first Nuclear Power plant (NPP) in Turkey called Akkuyu NPP. The aim of this thesis is to analyze energy diplomacy between Turkey and Russia in context of the construction of Akkuyu. By analyzing energy diplomacy in the context of Akkuyu NPP gives a better understanding of bilateral relations, national interest, economic considerations and security concerns. To study this, explaining the outcome type of Process Tracing (PT) was used as it allows analyses within a case. Akkuyu NPP in itself is unique as it is the first NPP that is built on Build Operate and Own (BOO) principle that is technically owned by the Russian Federation. Three hypotheses were formulated and tested. As a result, out of three hypotheses two were proven. The first hypothesis that argued that the construction of Akkuyu NPP was used as an energy diplomacy tool by Russia to promote national interest was conclusively proven but had some plausible indications. Hypothesis two and three demonstrated that construction of Akkuyu was affected by energy diplomacy and economic considerations and Akkuyu NPP has negatively affected energy diplomacy between Turkey and Russia. From PT results and literature review combined it can be further plausible to say the...
(Gender-Neutral) Conscription in the Nordic Countries' Armed Forces
Šťastníková, Štěpánka ; Plechanovová, Běla (advisor) ; Ludvík, Jan (referee)
While conscription has been experiencing a modest, albeit notable comeback in the past decade, the emergence of its gender-neutral variant is largely overlooked. Through a comparative case study of Norway, Sweden, and Finland, this thesis explores the reasons that led to or hindered the introduction of gender-neutral conscription in the three Nordic countries. Given the countries' similarities in many areas, the thesis aims to explain why Norway and Sweden introduced gender-neutral conscription, whereas Finland retained conscription only for men. To do that, the three cases are analysed using an original framework based on the surveyed literature, which features the following factors: national security situation, role and character of conscription, its legitimisation, integration of women into the military and thematization of gender equality in the military. On the one hand, the analysis identifies common patterns in the cases of Norway and Sweden across most of the factors. In the two countries, the security situation was perceived to be relatively favourable, conscription was used as a tool for the recruitment of future active-duty soldiers and thus the practice was considerably selective, conscription was reformulated to address changing circumstances, women were integrated into the military...
Examining Rio's pacification strategy in dialogue with a critically revised securitisation framework: an Immanent Critique
Kirchhoff, Vincent ; Ludvík, Jan (advisor) ; Střítecký, Vít (referee)
This dissertation approaches Rio de Janeiro's public security policy of 'pacification' implemented since 2008 from a critical perspective. Widely hailed for being an innovative solution approach to the city's exorbitant levels of lethal violence and perceived as being conducive to a well-grounded approximation process aimed at unifying the 'divided city', it is the purpose of this dissertation to contextualise the public policy with the historical and socio-cultural fundament upon which it is based. The researcher makes use of a critically revised framework of securitisation theory, thus allowing for the examination of the power-knowledge nexus nurturing the securitising discourse. To examine the latter, a wide array of speech act material including official speeches and interviews published on official government websites, Brazilian mainstream media, and video-sharing websites will be analysed. The critical analysis will be placed in dialogue with the socio-cultural context from which it originates by drawing on analytical techniques of critical discourse analysis, connecting the said with the social. For this purpose, the socio-historical process of Brazilian nation-building will be retraced, shedding light onto institutionalised modes of domination that guide state action and its policies. The...
Prevention of threats to Galileo Global Navigation Satellite System
Kouba, Tomáš ; Doboš, Bohumil (advisor) ; Ludvík, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis presents a single case study exploring how the Galileo Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), a European autonomous navigation system, deals with threats. Space systems nowadays face many types of dangers including electronic, cyber, kinetic physical, directed energy or natural attacks. At this point, since Galileo GNSS is one of the most advanced technologies that is also considered to be a strategic one (for EU and ESA), it is important to reveal and describe the system's vulnerabilities to external material or technical threats. This diploma thesis describes the history, development, current situation and position of Galileo GNSS on the global scene. Furthermore, this thesis will summarize the possible material threats to space objects and finally operationalize them to the conditions of Galileo. The prevention measures identified as insufficient or improvement-worthy are then presented with recommendations for possible future development or enhancing factors which would increase Galileo's strategic service (PNT) safety.
Deradicalization Programs in the MENA Region Countries: A Comparative Study of Libya and Saudi Arabia
Gribanova, Elizaveta ; Kocmanová, Markéta (advisor) ; Ludvík, Jan (referee)
This study investigates deradicalization programs in Libya and Saudi Arabia. The main goal of the research is to examine and assess deradicalization programs' impact on MENA region security. The research provides with an opportunity to understand the complex nature of deradicalization programs in both countries, prerequisites for their emergence, as well as the uniqueness of each of the programs, taking into account the historical background. The MENA region has always been at the center of discussions, scientific research and debate due to its instability and the rapid spread of terrorism, which has turned the problem of ensuring security into a challenge for the entire world community. The comparative case study with the help of the interpretation method help design and further develop recommendations that were created based on the information collected about deradicalization programs. The thesis also helps to understand the uniqueness of the programs, their complexity and proves that deradicalization programs are an effective measure within the framework of the counter-terrorism strategy. The thesis highlights four main criteria for comparing the deradicalization programs of Saudi Arabia and Libya, thanks to which a comparative analysis was carried out. The thesis consists of theoretical and...
Threats to Ireland by the United Kingdom during the Second World War, Testing the Theory of Buffer State
Burian, Tomáš ; Kofroň, Jan (advisor) ; Ludvík, Jan (referee)
Fear of state's death is considered to be the most important motivation for its actions, therefore it is very important topic not only for states themselves. What if state was placed in mortal danger through no fault of its own, simply because of its geographical location? Should states fear for their security because of being caught between two rivals? Tanisha Fazal focused on such cases and developed a theory around these questions. According to her theory, many states that were located between two rivals had an increased threat to their security only because of their location, and often afterwards the state died for the same reason. Aim of this work is to extend Fazal's quantitative testing by case that she herself did not include in her theory and at the same time to test the theory qualitatively. The theory is being tested on the case of Eire between 1923 and 1955 Based on the analysis of historical data, we determine whether Eire's geographical location between two rivals, Germany and the United Kingdom, was the reason for the increased threat to their security, primarily from the United Kingdom. After examining the mentioned time period, we find evidence to confirm our hypothesised expectations and that confirms Tanisha Fazal's theory in the case of Eire.

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