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The main causes of migration in the Middle East: Is migration predominantly caused by armed conflicts?
Béres, Dóra ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Aslan, Emil (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the causes of migration with a special focus on the relationship between international irregular migration and armed conflicts. The first part of the thesis consists of a short overview on the security challenges in the 21st century as a method of approach to the migration topic. Engaging the issue, I clear first the definition then overview the common causes of migration in the Middle East, my geographical area of research. Using Lee's theory of migration, I identify the main push and pull factors behind an individual's or group's decision to leave the homeland. The main part of dissertation deals with the armed conflicts in the Middle East and its effect on the volume of migration. Investigating the different aspects of the topic I narrow my research to Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, and the Palestinian territory. In the last part of the dissertation through a descriptive analysis of two case studies I apply Lee's theory to show the chain process that led to the today experienced large-scale migration of Syrian and Iraqi people. As a conclusion, the research question addressed by stating that in the Middle East from the many push factors of migration the armed conflict represents the greatest threat.
Conflict Dynamics in the Power-sharing Postconflict States
Podhorský, Vojtěch ; Aslan, Emil (advisor) ; Ludvík, Jan (referee)
Power-sharing has become a frequent approach to conflict resolution and postconflict reconstruction in deeply divided multi-ethnic states. Although most of the power-sharing arrangements failed within the first years after their establishment, a few contemporary cases are associated with successful power-sharing, namely with the consociational model. This work aims to determine the impact of the power-sharing arrangement on conflict dynamics and vice versa, thus the development of the model in the long term. Designs, aims and theoretical predictions of two power-sharing models, specifically consociational and centripetal models, are elaborated and subsequently compared with the after-civil war development in Lebanon and Burundi from 2005 to 2019. The periods are divided into time units bounded by amendments of the power-sharing arrangements and peace agreements. That enables to observe the development of both conflict dynamics and models. Political and civil society developments, conflicts registered in the UCDP database and political crisis are considered and put into the context of power-sharing arrangements. Based on the results, I claim that conflict dynamics from the last civil war are maintained on elites' level in the long term, while the gap between elites and masses has widened. Also, the...
Platform governance triangle: The case of the EU Regulation on preventing the dissemination of illegal terrorist content online
Miksová, Karolína ; Aslan, Emil (advisor) ; Rosendorf, Ondřej (referee)
The thesis focuses on the relationship between the European Union and platform companies, and it tries to explore a debate about binding regulations regarding the moderation of illegal content online. The Regulation on preventing the dissemination of illegal terrorist content online from 2018 was applied as the case to test the arguments. The thesis applies the concept of platform governance triangle to analyse whether the Regulation has the potential to be effective. The research argues that the effectiveness of the Regulation depends on the actors competencies, the legitimation of the Regulation and how it was contested during the decision-making process, and finally on the power relations between actors and the tools to monitor and enforce the Regulation. The research shows that the EU has extensive competencies in areas of independence, representativeness and expertise due to the work of EU specialised agencies. Platform companies, on the other hand, possess unique technical competencies to moderate terrorist content online. Furthermore the specific design of the Regulation, and the fact that it was designed under the ordinary legislative procedure and was contested by various actors, suggest the Regulation is legitimate. Finally, the monitoring and enforcement tools in terms of sanctions could...
Examining the causes of the recent rise in right-wing terrorism within the Western world
Collins, Jonathan ; Kazharski, Aliaksei (advisor) ; Aslan, Emil (referee)
right assailants within the past five years. The thesis uses David Rapoport's seminal theory political pressures. Therefore, using Rapoport's measurement criteria, the project focuses on methods empirical analysis, the thesis contends that the data's common themes and patterns fulfil Rapoport's distinctive wave conditions within the phenomenon's international nature, the American and European experiences. Therefore, in satisfying Rapoport's conditions and
Motivating Factors for Radicalization in Balkan Muslim-Majority Countries
Vlk, Jonáš ; Aslan, Emil (advisor) ; Kuľková, Miroslava (referee)
The topic of religious radicalization in the Balkans is gaining attention among academia in recent years. However, motivational factors of radicalization in the region still remain rather under-researched. Furthermore, comprehensive research focusing particularly on the motivational factors of Islamist radicalization in the Muslim-majority countries of the Balkans - countries with a specific context and background unique in the wider Europe - hasn't been yet carried out. This paper thus elaborates on the motivational factors of radicalization in the Muslim-majority countries of the Balkans, which is Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Kosovo, by applying generally-known factors of radicalization to this specific theatre. Predominantly secondary sources as well as documents issued by the OSCE which maintains field presence in all of the abovementioned countries are utilized in order to provide a thorough overview of motivational factors of radicalization in each of the selected countries. These are discussed respectively in corresponding chapters. Individual chapters are in dialogue with each other following the same methodology and structure, focusing on similar issues. A comprehensive overview of the motivational factors of radicalization in Balkan Muslim-majority countries is thus presented. Applying the...
Suppressing violence or promoting destabilization? Analysis of Principal-Agent relationships to achieve different goals: Cases of Iran and Israel
Bora, Daniel ; Doboš, Bohumil (advisor) ; Aslan, Emil (referee)
Nowadays, the theory of proxy warfare receives more and more attention. However, it is not an entirely new phenomenon. Recent conflicts in Syria and Yemen got proxy warfare to the forefront of academic and public interest. This thesis aims to describe the existing proxy relationships in the area of the Middle East and analyze those relations from the perspectives of an actor's motivation to forge such a relationship and management of the proxy. The principal-agent (p-a) analysis is the approach that allows us to do that. We apply this approach to three case studies. In the first case study, we analyze the principal-agent relationship between Iran and Hezbollah. In this relationship, we can observe a high alignment of interests, and therefore it should be a textbook example of the p-a relationship. In the second case study, we focus on the relationship between Israel and Hamas. However, it may seem like there is no possibility these two actors will cooperate in any sense. We described that if "declared interests" (ideology) are put aside, both principal and agent can find a common pragmatic interest enabling them to establish the p-a relationship. The third case study analyzes Hamas as a hybrid actor, suggesting that one agent (Hamas) can be in the principal- agent relationship with two hostile...

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