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Turbogenerators in nuclear power plants
Oulehla, Jan ; Kracík, Petr (referee) ; Milčák, Pavel (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to prove the viability of analytical methods for evaluation of thermodynamical properties of steam in the turbogenerators by calculation and comparison with the real data from NPP Dukovany. Calculation is seconded by a brief introduction to the principle of electricity generation in nuclear power plants and description of primary, secondary and terciary circuit of NPP Dukovany. Substantive part is also analysis of often used turbogenerators and their comparison with those used in classical thermal power stations.
Analysis of variants of the conceptual solution for the new nuclear power plant Dukovany
Imrichová, Anna ; Baláš, Marek (referee) ; Milčák, Pavel (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor’s thesis is nuclear power plants., In the first part the basic principles of nuclear reaction and nuclear power plants are discussed. It also describes the types and generations of nuclear reactors. In the next part are described the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant and the construction of its fifth unit, including a description of potential suppliers and projects.
Design of the steam generator for a nuclear power plant
Hort, Lukáš ; Špiláček, Michal (referee) ; Milčák, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis is about the design of a steam generator for a nuclear power plant. The opening chapters are purely theoretical, with the first one covering nuclear energy as such, the next one continuing with the search for different types of parogenerators and their subsequent comparison. This is followed by a calculation section dealing with the thermal calculation of the parogenerator for the given parameters.
Possibilities of using small modular reactors in the heating industry
Duchoň, Jan ; Šnajdárek, Ladislav (referee) ; Milčák, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with nuclear energy, mainly focusing on small modular reactors and their possible use in heating industry. The first chapters are focused on history of nuclear energy, explaining key concepts and describing nuclear reactors and their principle in general. One of the crucial topics, covered in the following section are small modular reactors, key examples of SMRs, their wide range of uses and comparison of advantages and disadvantages of this type of reactors. Next chapter consists of introduction to heating industry, description of situation in Czech republic and analysis of Czech heating plants. The final chapter uses acquired information to assess potential use of SMRs in Czech heating industry as a replacement for fossil fuel heating plants.
Analysis of possibilities to reduce energy consumption of pumps at nuclear power plant
Vícena, Ondřej ; Lisý, Martin (referee) ; Milčák, Pavel (advisor)
The topic of this bachelor’s thesis is the analysis of the possibilities of reducing the energy in-tensity of pumps in a nuclear power plant. Pumps are one of the essential parts of nuclear power plants. They affect the safe operation and at the same time the company’s electricity consumpti-on. This bachelor’s thesis aims to describe how pumping technology in nuclear power plants works and suggest where and what other way can save the operating costs of nuclear power plants. The work consists of theoretical and practical parts. The first part is recherche, where I describe a general introduction to atomic energy, the types of pumps used, and the possibilities of saving electricity during the pumps’ operation. The practical part focuses on calculating power input for the main operating pumps and general modifications of VD - 600 pumps. Based on my calculations, I determined the evaluati-on of the obtained results. The conclusion of the work determines the advantage of using coa-tings on the internal hydraulic spaces of the pump.
Conceptual design of secondary and tertiary circuit for a new nuclear source
Valíček, Roman ; Kracík, Petr (referee) ; Milčák, Pavel (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to create a conceptual design of the secondary and tertiary circuit of a new nuclear power plant in our country, which is preceded by a brief search of particular generations of nuclear reactors. The VVER-1200 reactor became the model for the new nuclear power plant. There was designed a heat diagram containing primary components in this work. After that, there was the balance calculation and calculation of parameters of the main devices of the proposed scheme such as condenser, low-pressure and high-pressure regeneration exchangers and steam generator.
Analysis of the condition of the K 220-44 steam turbine drainage pipeline and proposal of corrective measures
Horký, Jiljí ; Milčák, Pavel (referee) ; Šnajdárek, Ladislav (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the analysis of the drainage pipeline of the Škoda K 220-44 steam turbine. This turbine is operated in Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant. One part of this work is proposal of corrective measures. The aims of this work include the creation of a search for drainage, steam, erosion corrosion and mapping of defects in long-term operated drainage system. Work also includes the evaluation of measured values of the pipe wall thickness measured by ultrasonic analyzer. In addition, the work contains images created from 3D model, on which the location of defects and measurements are displayed.
Design of a pump and pipeline to ensure higher safety of the nuclear power plant
Ošťádal, Michal ; Milčák, Pavel (referee) ; Pospíšil, Jiří (advisor)
The main goal of the diploma thesis is to design the hydraulic part of the new piping system, which is added to the existing project of the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant. At the beginning of the work is theoretical basis for the design of the hydraulic part. The next part is the selection of piping material for aggressive refrigerant with subsequent verification of the pipe wall thickness. The piping system is designed with specific components from the companies SIGMA GROUP a.s., ARAKO spol. s.r.o. and ARMATURY Group a.s. In the last part, hydraulic solution is developed and commented using the excel program. The piping system is processed into the drawing documentation including bill of materials.
Characteristics of fan cooling towers
Joska, Jakub ; Milčák, Pavel (referee) ; Pospíšil, Jiří (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the problematics of fan cooling towers. The very first part of the text is research, focusing mainly on the theory of cooling and the function of fan cooling towers in general. The following chapter deals with the water resource management of the Dukovany nuclear power plant and the specification of its objects of forced draft cooling towers. The second part describes a computational model created to determine the cooling performance of these towers under the given input conditions. In the following chapters, the results from the computational model are compared with the available data from warranty measurements and with the provided characteristics. The final pages deal with the study of the influence of changes in input parameters on the cooling performance and the research of the behavior of the cooling towers under extreme weather conditions.
Feasibility Study of Burner of Rotary Chamber
Galková, Kristína ; Milčák, Pavel (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
This master's thesis talks about main burners of clinker rotary kiln. The first part is focused on the review of burners designed by main global producers. Description of the burners M.A.S.© and Turbu-Flex™ used in kiln system CEMMAC a.s. is in the next part. The influence of the replacement of M.A.S.© burner by Turbu-Flex™ burner is analysed in the last part of this thesis.

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