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Model of complex psychosocial rehabilitation CARe in the practice of the Fokus Praha Community team
Christodulu, Niké ; Čihánková, Ivana (advisor) ; Najbrtová, Tereza (referee)
The bachelor thesis with the title The Comprehensive approach to psychosocial rehabilitation CARe in the Practice of the Community Team of an Organisation Working with People with Mental Illness deals with the topic of evaluation of the CARe model tools from the perspective of the Community team workers. The aim is to identify, in the given scope, the benefits and weaknesses of the selected tools (Personal profile, Personal plan and Early warning signs plan - Semaphore) of the CARe model in working with clients with serious mental illness and to offer recommendations to improve their use. The theoretical part of the thesis, in three chapters, defines psychosocial rehabilitation, its goals and principles. It defines basic contextual concepts such as serious mental illness and introduces the CARe model including theoretical background, basic vision and principles with their implication into practical working methods and selected tools. It sets the frame of meaning into Community team practice in the light of the ongoing mental health care reform. The empirical part of the thesis, included in the chapter four, analyses and interprets interviews with eight social workers on the benefits and weaknesseses of the selected tools and then offers recommendations for improving their use.
Impact of Faith in God on Life Contentment in Old Age
Worschová, Eva ; Čížková, Hana (advisor) ; Čihánková, Ivana (referee)
This bachelor work attempts to prove the positive impact of faith in God on life contentment in old age. The work contains four main chapters. The introduction brings definition of the term old age. The second chapter discusses the matters of life contentment and specifies criteria for life satisfaction in old age. The subject of the third chapter is faith. This chapter focuses on faith from the view of different religions, in more details it is dedicated to the Christian faith. The final chapter of this work then tries to prove that faith can help older people to fulfill the specified criteria of life satisfaction. For that purpose the theoretical knowledge of various authors is used and excerpts from the interviews, which were used for this work. Powered by TCPDF (
Influence of work with dying access to palliative care workers to death
Hejduková, Františka ; Čihánková, Ivana (advisor) ; Heryán, Ladislav (referee)
Tato práce s názvem Vliv práce s umírajícími na přístup pracovníků paliativní péče ke smrti má za cíl v daném rozsahu představit různé přístupy ke smrti, zejména u pracovníku paliativní péče a na základě kvalitativního šetření podložit teoretická východiska rozhovory s pracovníky konkrétního hospicu. Práce je rozdělena do dvou částí - teoretické a empirické. Kapitoly teoretické části se zabývají strachem ze smrti a dalšími možnostmi, jak ke smrti přistupovat. Dále představují předpoklady, které by měl splňovat pracovník paliativní péče a to jak ty dané na základě vzdělání, tak předpoklady osobnostní. Poslední kapitola teoretické části se věnuje významu komunikace v rámci multidisciplinárního týmu a komunikace s pacientem. V páte kapitole jsou popsány výsledky empirického šetření a jejich srovnání s odbornou literaturou. Klíčová slova Paliativní péče Strach ze smrti Smíření se smrtí Předpoklady pro práci v hospicu Komunikace s umírajícím pacientem Model Kübler-Rossové Summary This bachelor thesis titled Influence of working with dying people to palliative worker's approaches to death aims to describe different approaches to death and based on quality research to prove theoretical basis with interviews with concrete hospice workers. The thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and an empirical...
Physocial consequences of adult survivors of child sexual abuse from workers of Civic organization Elektra
Janíková, Renata ; Mašát, Vladimír (advisor) ; Čihánková, Ivana (referee)
This bachelor thesis called Physocial consequences of adult survivors of child sexual abuse from workers of Civic organization Elektra perspective aims to show the fact that the victims of sexual abuse are able to cope with the trauma and lead full life. The thesis is based on the experience of Civic organization Elektra - Support centre for child sexual abuse women survivors. The 1st part summarises the theory of sexual abuse. A brief historical attitude towards maltreated and sexually abused children is followed by statistical data evidencing a high number of adults, who in their childhood experienced some form of sexual abuse. The chances and prevention of this crime is also specified. The 2nd part talks about consequences of child sexual abuse and the effect on adult survivors in many ways. It is viewed from the aspect of psyche, psychosomatics and social sphere. The final part focuses on ways to help adult survivors of child sexual abuse and also tries to describe the therapeutic and counselling help and process in a bigger detail. The main aim of this thesis is to at least partly make the topic of sexual abuse less taboo. Powered by TCPDF (
Factors influencing the choice of church in young converts
Čihánková, Ivana ; Šturma, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee)
The subject of this dissertation is the course of religious conversion and the process of decision-making when converts decide which church they want to join. The theoretical part of the dissertation describes three models of conversion process which are based on psychological research works. Further it deals with a church as a large group and a small group because relationships with other believers (which fulfil the person's need to belong to a group of people) are one of important factors which could persuade a convert to join a church. At the end of the theoretical part there are stated the results concerning the number of believers and members of Christian churches from the census held in the Czech Republic, and there is also described a specific relation of the Czech society to Christian churches. The other part of the dissertation describes the results of qualitative research among 20 converts. The aim of the research was to compare the conversion process of young people with the models described in the theoretical part and to find out reasons which led to their decision to join a particular church. The respondents were chosen from the Catholic Church, the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren and three pentecostal churches because the research also tried to find out if the reasons for...
Integration of People with Brain Injury or Damage into Society and its Importance
Stodolová, Markéta ; Čihánková, Ivana (advisor) ; Čížková, Hana (referee)
The aim of this bachelor's work Integration of People with Brain Injury or Damage into Society and its Importance is to find out what is the influence of the organization "Dílny tvořivosti" on integration of people with brain injury or damage. Dílny tvořivosti is an organization which focuses on work with people with brain injury or damage. I try to find out at my bachelor thesis how much Dílny tvořivosti are important for people with brain injury or damage in their integration and how they are satisfied with services which Dílny tvořivosti offer them. Bachelor thesis includes two parts, theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part consequence of brain injury or damage, functions and aims of ergotherapy and acquirement of working habits are described. There are also traced availability of social services for people with brain injury or damage and all services provided to people with brain injury or damage too. The Last chapter of the theoretical part is devoted to organization Dílny tvořivosti, its history and its services which they offer. The aim of practical part is to find out how much Dílny tvořivosti are important in integration into society. The first part includes three case stories of people with brain injury or damage. Further there are described causes of their brain injury or damage and...
Volunteers and Their Motivation for Canistherapy
Saláková, Klára ; Hubertová, Lucie (advisor) ; Čihánková, Ivana (referee)
The bachelor thesis on the topic: "Volunteers and their motivation for canistherapy" is divided into the theoretical and practical part. The aim is to find out what motives lead people to do voluntary work in canistherapy. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts of motivation, volunteering and canistherapy, because these concepts are related with the name and with the aim of my work. First, there is defined motivation, basic concepts of motivation, motiv and concrete motives of volunteering. Through these themes, I come to the concept of volunteering, which is described in the second chapter. Since volunteers are the core for the canistherapy as a whole there is also defined a concept of volunteer, his/her selection, training, rights and obligations and aspects, which can support or hinder the volunteer in his activity. Finally in the third chapter, I mention areas for volunteering which include also the canistherapy discussed in my thesis. The third chapter to enable us to penetrate into the issue. In the practical part, I used qualitative data analysis from interviews. Selected respondents were three volunteers who have volunteer experience with canistherapy. The results showed that the main motivation for volunteer in canistherapy is a pleasant leisure time and the fact that it is also satisfied...
The Experience of Students with Mobbing
Gráf, Josef ; Hubertová, Lucie (advisor) ; Čihánková, Ivana (referee)
My bachelor thesis is titled "The experience of students with mobbing". Its aim was to determine whether employed students of the tertiary professional school Jabok and students of the Protestant Theological Faculty of the Charles University studying social work and pastoral care have experience with mobbing. The theoretical part contains the characteristics of mobbing and related concepts, actors and phases of mobbing. The special chapters are devoted to the categories of mobbing attacks, strategies of mobbing and preventive techniques against mobbing. The practical part consists of a description, a data analysis and an evaluation of results, in which 40 respondents took part. The aim of the survey was to explore whether employed students of social work are at risk of mobbing and to find out what types of attacks typical for mobbing are parts of their work experience. The results were then compared with the results of the author of this questionnaire, Petr Mareš. The results showed that students experience with mobbing in their jobs is comparable to a number of attacks on civil servants and more than a quarter of students are threatened by mobbing, or even experiencing ongoing mobbing. Powered by TCPDF (
Bohemian Embroideries from the period of the House of Luxembourg
Čihánková, Ivana ; Otavský, Karel (advisor) ; Martinek, Radek (referee)
Ivana Čihánková České výšivky z doby vlády Lucemburků Bakalářská práce Abstract The title of the dissertation: Bohemian Embroideries from the Period of the House of Luxembourg In the second half of the 14th century and at the beginning of the 15th century Bohemian embroidery was on a very high level, embroideries made in the Bohemian workshops were ordered by kings, noble families, church dignitaries and burghers for the churches and cathedrals on the whole territory under the rule of the House of Luxembourg. The aim of the offered bachelor dissertation is to describe the period and environment in which the embroideries were created, techniques and materials then used and connections of the embroideries with the other branches of art in the period. The first part of the dissertation deals with significance and use of embroidery under the Luxembourg rule and presents nowadays known information about embroiderers and embroidery techniques. The other part contains the descriptions of seventeen embroideries which preserved in this country and abroad, analysis of their iconography and historical links with other works of art, especially with panel painting and manuscript illuminations. Keywords Gothic art - applied arts - embroidery - Bohemian Gothic embroidery.
Focused on the Procedures of the Institution of Socio-legal Protection of Family with a Drug Addictions Member
Lhotáková, Michaela ; Čihánková, Ivana (advisor) ; Pazlarová, Hana (referee)
of the bachelor thesis is focused on the procedures of the institution of socio-legal protection of children (hereinafter OSPOD) when working with families where there is a parent dependent on addictive substances. The theoretical part of the work describes the basic concepts, which allow a basic orientation in the matter. The second chapter provides perspective on drug addiction in the family and the impact of drug-dependent parents on the child. The following chapter is dedicated to the rehabilitation of the family and the case conference. It shows the importance of redevelopment, its course and when it is possible to implement the bailout. The next chapter describes the important factors that affect the performance of the socio-legal protection of children. The chapter intro-duces basic procedures of OSPOD. The last chapter of the theoretical part describes the OSPOD workflow with the children themselves, parents, dependent on addictive substances. In addition, dedicated to the evaluation of the situation of the family and, not least, describes the involvement of expert. The practical part of bachelor thesis is based on processing of four case reports, which contain information of the file documentation from selected OSPOD on the territory of the capital city Prague. Powered by TCPDF...

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