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Savings through the eyes of primary school children
Awwadová, Mona ; Tichá, Milena (advisor) ; Zicha, Zbyněk (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of savings through the eyes of primary school children and it looks at their role in the lives of upper primary school students. The theoretical part of the thesis presents an economic topic in close connection with one of consumption and investment. Furthermore, we propose ways of collecting funds and introduce the basic and the best well-known banking products. The banking products are compared with each other and, based on this comparison, we recommend procedures for which products to use related to different ways of maximizing savings and returns. The practical part of this thesis is divided into two sections. The first section presents the assumptions of qualitative research. We have formulated a research problem for this purpose, which is as follows: What are the approaches of primary school pupils in creating savings? The primary school pupils' opinions on the topic of savings are presented and interpreted based on implemented semi-structured in-depth interviews. Obtained data is finally analyzed and summarized. The research is then followed by a didactic concept of savings. The second section of the practical part is focused on financial literacy as a subject mediating a topic of financial life planing in a school teaching environment. We introduce...
Influence of the American economic crisis of 2007 on Czech economy
Gajdošová, Veronika ; Tichá, Milena (advisor) ; Samek, Tomáš (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on financial crisis from 2007 and its impact on Czech economy. Special attention is given to four macroeconomic indicators in Czech Republic and their transformation during this crisis and after it. First part focuses on definition and description of characteristics and stages of business cycles, first in general and then specifically when talking about 2007's economic crisis. Subsequent practical part analyses specific economic repercussions stemming from the crisis, pointedly in macroeconomic indicators, state budget and mortgage market. In the final part of this thesis, the knowledge and findings about these areas, which accurately depict overall status of Czech economy during the crisis and after it are evaluated and commented on. This thesis may be used by humanities' teachers to illustrate the functioning of business cycles and their impacts on economies. KEYWORDS: Czech economy, business cycle, trade cycle, economic crisis, mortgage crisis, globalization
Principles of market economy in Civics
Šulc, Martin ; Zicha, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Tichá, Milena (referee)
The diploma thesis will be devoted to the principles of market economy and its teaching in Civics classes at primary school. The work is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part introduces the basic principles of market economy, explains the concepts of market, market mechanism, supply, demand, competition, monopoly, price and profit, including the interrelationships. The following is an insight to the curriculum and the theory of didactics. At the end of the theoretical part, space is set aside for introduction to the basic issues of teaching economic topics at primary school. In the practical part I present project teaching, a didactic analysis of the principles of market economy is performed, a teaching unit was designed and evaluated, which was implemented at the primary school and kindergarten Kralupy nad Vltavou, Třebízského 523. The diploma thesis is ended with self-evaluation.
Diagnostics and development of children's understanding of market mechanism on primary school
Šimíková, Alexandra ; Dvořáková, Michaela (advisor) ; Tichá, Milena (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to observe the conceptual change in primary school students within the understanding of the market mechanism. On the basis of model situations, a diagnosis of children's understanding will be carried out, on which the didactic procedure will be made leading to the change of erroneous and incomplete ideas about the functioning of the market. On the basis of verifying the didactic procedure, recommendations will be presented for teaching the subject on primary school. KEY WORDS Conceptual change approach, domain-general theory, domain-specific theory, constructivism, qualitative pedagogical research
Children's understanding of social stratification regarding occupation
Czafíková, Kateřina ; Dvořáková, Michaela (advisor) ; Tichá, Milena (referee)
The thesis is focused on research for children's understanding of social stratification on primary school. The main topic are children's representations of the structure of society regarding occupations. The aim is the diagnoses of children's understanding reflecting the structure of society. It tries to reveal if children on primary school percieve invisible network of statuses and roles that result from the structure of our society and carry social rules and agreements. The theoretical part defines socialogical terms, deals with topics concerning the structure of society and describes past and current theories of social stratification. It also presents home and foreign research of children's understanding. Considering a little amount of research on this topic, the thesis draws inspiration from another theses focused on the same topic, yet aimed at children on secondary school. The practical part describes the qualitative research of the thesis. The major issue is How and on which basis a child thinks about the structure of society regarding occupations?. Qualitative research using the method of the depth semi-structured interview studies criteria taken into consideration by children thinking about this topic. The results are analysed by the method of process coding and presented by...

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