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Awareness about Infectious Aerosol in Dental Hygienists
Mařasová, Veronika ; Kovářová, Diana (advisor) ; Křížová, Petra (referee)
Introduction: Problematics (awareness) of infectious aerosol is a current topic that dental hygienists encounter everyday. Infectious aerosols are vectors for spreading of many diseases. Infectious aerosoles in dental hygienist's clinic are created by many specialized procedures done in oral cavity of the patient but also by simply breathing and talking. However the protection from created infectious aerosoles is not adequate in many dental clinics. Therefore every dental hygienist should protect themselves from infectious aerosoles and try to minimize its concentration. Aim: To find out what amount of infectious aerosoles is created during common procedures administered (carried out) in dental hygienist's clinic. To explore possible ways of lowering concentrations of infectious aerosoles that are effective and can be used routinely. And furthermore to determine if pandemic of SARS-CoV-2 virus influence usage of protective equipment and rate of following of the hygienic protective plan in dental hygienists clinic. And finally to create informative pamphlet displaying basic protective measures. Methods: Infectious aerosole that was created during piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler treatment was collected with fallout on the open Petri dish with blood agar method with Petri dishes located 40 cm and 1,5 m...

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