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In the Name of Socialism, in the Shadow of the Monarchy: Post-War Monument Care in Central Europe
Bachtík, Jakub ; Johanidesová, Tereza ; Uhlíková, Tereza ; Giustino, Cathleen ; Sklenář, Michal ; Novotný, Michal ; Mahringer, Paul ; Lövai, Pál ; Spikić, Marko ; Janatková, Alena ; Meulen, Marcus ; Horáček, Martin ; Gaži, Martin ; Furkert, Alf ; Kovařík, David ; Radostová, Šárka
The collection of studies on the history of post-war monument care is based on the international conference Monuments and monument care in Czechoslovakia and other Central European countries during the second half of the 20th century, which took place in the spring of 2021. Selected contributions by authors from the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Croatia or Hungary map the institutional development of monument care in the countries of the former Habsburg Monarchy, a significant part of which was located on the eastern side of the Iron Curtain. The book thus offers not only a valuable comparison of the various systems of monument care within Central Europe, but also unusual material on the history of post-war European totalitarianism.
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The influence of the economic cycle on the creation of bid prices in construction
Novotný, Michal ; Biolek, Vojtěch (referee) ; Hanák, Tomáš (advisor)
The bachelor thesis analyzes the influence of the economic cycle on the creation of bid prices in construction. The theoretical part defines the economic cycle, supply and demand, prices, budget and tenders for construction companies. The practical part analyzes the approach of individual subjects to the creation of offer prices by means of a questionnaire survey and guided interviews with individual consultants. Finally, the findings are summarized and recommendations are made.
Analysis of Influence of Manufacturing Technology on Utility Properties of a Reducing Valve Part
Novotný, Michal ; Sigmund, Marian (referee) ; Řiháček, Jan (advisor)
The present work is focused on the comparison of the currently used technology for the production of reducing resistors, i.e. electroerosive machining in combination with soldering on one side and the use of a suitable additive technology on the other hand. In addition to the purely technological aspects, such as the individual production processes or their preparation, economic aspects are also compared, supplemented by an assessment of the delivery times of the finished parts. The analysis is carried out The environmental impact of both production approaches is also analysed. The individual comparisons form the basis for to assess whether the replacement of the conventional manufacturing approach by additive manufacturing is advantageous in this case. The results of this assessment can then be used for future applications of the considered additive manufacturing approaches for similar components.
How do objects arise?
Novotný, Michal ; Novák, Aleš (advisor) ; Kolář, Martin (referee)
Proposed thesis is an attempt to summarise the term object in the work of American philosopher Graham Harman, he himself named Object oriented ontology. The accent will be given also to other terms such as realism, essence, quadruple dimension of object, withdrawal of object, intentionality, conception of time and space, emanation and others. It attempts to create a certain genealogy of those terms in the work of other authors (Kant, Schopenhauer, Nietzche, Merleau-Ponty) and consequent comparison with the use of those terms in Harman's work. The aim is to create a certain critical overview of Harman's conception of o object and in general speculative realism theory and point out certain other approached to the classical subject-object dimension.
From a Burgher House through the Imperial Court to Loket Castle. The Careers of Kaspar and Mates Schlicks in Bohemia, Empire and Saxony ( 1390 - 1487)
Novotný, Michal ; Bobková, Lenka (advisor) ; Vorel, Petr (referee) ; Ledvinka, Václav (referee)
From a Burgher House through the Imperial Court to Loket Castle The Careers of Kaspar and Mates Schlicks in Bohemia, Empire and Saxony (1390-1487) The presented thesis is devoted to the oldest history of the Schlick family. The rise of an originally burgher-class family was based on the court and chancellery career of Kaspar Schlick († 1449); the latter bolstered his successes in the services of Sigismund of Luxembourg and Albrecht and Fridrich Habsburgs by an array of false documents that significantly contributed to the change of his social and economic status (his false promotion to the estate of a count and gaining a fortune). In the second half of the 15th century, after Kaspar's death, his brother Mates and his sons struggled for the preservation of acquired status and health. The following topics were investigated: (1) The utilization of court services and careers for burghers' getting into aristocratic circles, as exemplified by the person of Kaspar Schlick († 1449); (2) The search of strategies the Schlicks - Mates Schlick in particular († 1487) - took to limit themselves from the aristocratic environment, part of which they became. A significant role played Schlicks' relation to the town of Cheb, from which their family came, and to the Loket region, which they acquired and tried to make...
Inner Peripheries of contemporary Prague in the archives documents - trends and sonds
Nedbalová, Zuzana ; Semotanová, Eva (advisor) ; Novotný, Michal (referee)
This diploma thesis, entitled Inner Peripheries of contemporary Prague in the archives documents - trends and sonds, deals with changes originally separated urban areas located outside Prague, which went through significant transformations during last 150 years. For this thesis three studies were selected: city districts Karlín, Libeň and Vysočany. All three peripheries were originally separated areas of rural type which were located near centre of Prague. With the arrival of industry in the middle of 19th Century they turned into heavily industrial areas, in the beginning of 20th Century merged with the capital city, thus creating Great Prague. Many changes took place also with river Vltava regulations. During last 25 years the capital city is being modernized. This modernization is connected with additional changes in peripheries: old and unused factories are demolished and new buildings are built on their places or they are converted for other purposes. Because of this there are another impacts on the surrounding landscape. This issue also concerns industrial herritage: its main purpose is preservation and protection of former industrial buildings. The main goal of this thesis is description of these changes and their impact on the landscape with using maps, pictorial and written sources.
Optimization of the Construction Layers of Green Parking Lot when Using AS-TTE Grassing Blocks
Novotný, Michal ; Chorazy, Tomáš
The current way in drainage of roads is the concentration of rainwater in the subsoil of roads, so that rainwater does not drain into the sewer system, but freely infiltrates into the subsoil. The aim of this research is to optimize the structural layers of green parking lots with AS-TTE grassing blocks. During the design of structural layers and new types of materials, will be optimized to allow maximum water infiltration into the subsoil and at the same time keep the requirements for load-bearing capacity of structural layers according to ČSN 72 1006. Laboratory tests will be performed focusing on basic physical and mechanical properties, water permeability and adsorption of oil drips.

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