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Sylvia Plath and her work from the perspective of psychobiography
Zachová, Jana ; Kučera, Miloš (advisor) ; Viktorová, Ida (referee)
The goal of my bachelor's thesis is to analyse the relationship between Sylvia Plath's biography and her work, focusing on the so-called confidence poems, especially in the question of her relationship with her father, using the principles of psychobiography. The first part of the thesis focuses on the concepts of psychobiography as conceived by William T. Schultz and the psychology of artistic literature. The thesis also includes a brief biography of Sylvia Plath, an introduction of confessional poetry, and a short survey of the author's work. The primary sources I work with in this thesis are Plath's artwork and her journals. In this thesis I also present three different studies that have previously focused on Sylvia Plath's work and life. For the purpose of this thesis, I have chosen the poem Daddy, one of Sylvia Plath's most famous poems, which I discuss and analyse in detail in the thesis. I will interpret the findings psychologically, primarily using a psychoanalytic perspective. Finally, I compare my findings with the biography of the subject under study. KEYWORDS psychobiography; psychoanalysis; suicide; Sylvia Plath; relationship with father; poetry
Phenomenology of Humor in Romantic Relationships
Vodová, Veronika ; Heider, David (advisor) ; Kučera, Miloš (referee)
The objective of this thesis is to introduce the topic of humor in the context of romantic relationships from the perspective of both partners separately. It examines the forms, manifestations and functions of humor in the relationship and observes whether the production and perception of humor of the partners changes over time. The theoretical part analyzes the conceptual definition of humor in terms of its functions, aims, styles, focus and the participants in the communication process. Furthermore, the thesis discusses the topic of romantic relationships, presents theoretical models of their formation and stages, describes factors influencing relationship cohesion, and reflects on couple conflicts and the communication strategies that constitute them. The empirical part of the thesis presents qualitative research focusing on the phenomenology of humor in six heterosexual romantic relationships with 12 respondents. Data were collected using semi-structured interviews and the subsequent analysis was developed using principles of grounded theory method. The research results show that humor between partners stands on two pillars - dynamic and static - which determine its potential and intention. The dynamic pillar refers to the specific communicative function of humor and the strategies of its use,...
Foreign language and the psychotherapist: a study from a psychodynamic perspective
Or-Gordon, Enav ; Kučera, Miloš (advisor) ; Vavrda, Vladimír (referee) ; Štech, Stanislav (referee)
Starting from Freud and onwards, Language is the medium in which psychoanalysis, the talking cure, exists. Word choice and associations, dreams and sentence phrasing, make the landscape of the subject's inner world, personal story, and the unconscious. Language is also the means for psychological change through talking in all forms of analytic psychotherapy. It is the main tool in the service of therapist's interventions and the creation of insight. The present research explores the experience and the implications of doing therapeutic work in a foreign language. Data collection included interviews with nine polyglot therapists, analysis of the researcher's own experience as a polyglot therapist practicing psychotherapy in three languages, and theoretical research into psychodynamic, linguistic, and developmental aspects of polyglots. Thematic analysis of participants' contributions resulted in the following themes; 1. Polyglot Therapists' Relationship with their Different Languages. 2. Identity. 3. The Polyglot Therapist's Work, with two subthemes: 3.1. Non-verbal Elements. 3.2. Technical Issues. These themes are presented and discussed using participants' citations and theoretical literature. As a result of further, psychoanalytically-informed qualitative analysis, the concept of Therapeutic...
Joke at school (primary and lower secondary)
Pejchalová, Michaela ; Klusák, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kučera, Miloš (referee)
in English The thesis focuses on problematics of child jokes at a primary and a lower secondary school. Its aim is to study and analyze how child jokes work and how they develop across different grades of the primary and the lower secondary school. The thesis is based on empirical research of qualitative nature with transversal overlap. Data was obtained in a use of the following qualitative methods: group interviews and analysis of artefacts (jokes). Another analysis (qualitative and quantitative) and an interpretation of the materials followed. All the finding were then compared with a known literature. The written work consists of three main parts. Theoretical part is based on concepts of Sigmund Freud, Martha Wolfenstein, the cognitive psychologists and the linguists. The second part of the thesis describes metodology of the research and analysis of the data. The main result of the research is a classification scheme of different techniques of construction of child jokes' points. The classification takes in a consideration a connection with developmental trends and gender differences across the different grades of the primary and the lower secondary school. The third part of the thesis discusses and summarizes similarities and differences between the research and a relevant literature. The main...
Psychological aspects of life in the shelter
Čepelák, Roman ; Kučera, Miloš (advisor) ; Doubek, David (referee)
TITLE: The Psychological Aspects of the Life in a Shelter AUTHOR: PhDr. Roman Čepelák DEPARTMENT: Katedra psychologie SUPERVISOR: Doc. PhDr. Miloš Kučera, CSc. ABSTRACT: The master thesis explores, by analytic way, the life of clients in shelter for families with children. The thesis describes the specific shelter home in Prague - Horní Pocernice and observes its specifics in a context of other shelters. It maps the target group of users, who are mostly clients from Roma population. The thesis aims at clients' motives to live in a shelter, their coping with shelter norms and their adjustment of shelter rules to clients' own needs. It notices individual behaviors in a community of clients, describing interactions with social workers and between each other. The specific chapter is devoted to children as the youngest users of a shelter, their coping with the environment and the possibilities shelter home offers to them. The last chapter implies a certain similarity in shelter clients thinking with thinking of people living in an oral culture. The thesis disputes declared purpose of shelter home(s) as training of their own home living, since their repetitive "coming home" returns to shelter(s) witness another motives for shelter life as well. KEYWORDS: Shelter, Roma, social worker
Biblical Stories in Hagiotherapy and Pastoral Care
Kynclová, Dana ; Kučera, Miloš (advisor) ; Viktorová, Ida (referee)
KYNCLOVÁ, Dana. Biblical Stories in Hagiotherapy and Pastoral Care. Praha, 2013. Master's thesis. Charles University. Faculty of Education. Department of Psychology. Supervisor M. Kucera. Keywords: pastoral care, hagiotherapy, Christianity, integrated approach, psychology, theology, spirituality, religion, psychotherapy, Bible, Bible stories, exegesis, existential psychotherapy This thesis deals with the relationship of hagiotherapy and pastoral care on the basis of their approach to work with motifs from biblical stories. The theoretical framework of the study are various findings on the relationship of psychology and theology and their application disciplines of psychotherapy and pastoral care from a clear definition of the boundaries of both disciplines to their integration. Due to the default assumption that personality is composed of bio-psycho-social-spiritual needs, an integrative model has the potential to meet human needs in this wholeness. Hagiotherapy, as a direction of existential psychotherapy using Bible stories as a therapeutic tool, is close in nature to pastoral care and this fact gave rise to the research project. The aim of the research is to determine how hagiotherapy and pastoral care work with the motifs of biblical stories and whether it is possible to find similarities in...
The meaning of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale for school-age children
Čechová, Vlasta ; Klusák, Miroslav (advisor) ; Kučera, Miloš (referee)
The topic of this thesis is focused on the meaning of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale for children of the primary school age. The core motive of the fairy tale is the threat of being swallowed up which every child would face if his wish to get rid of one of his parents in order to gain the affection of the parent of the opposite gender was fulfilled. Oedipus Complex is thus at the root of the fairy tale about a cute, innocent girl who is swallowed up by a wolf (Bettelheim, p. 162) and who allowed the wolf to swallow up her grand-mother. Coping with the theme of being swallowed up (e.g. the Oedipal Conflict) throughout the school years, the child psychosexual development is the subject of our analysis. In the sample of children studied, the tendency to choose the Little Red Riding Hood as a fairy tale of special personal importance decreases in inverse proportion to the child's age. This means that the older the pupils are the less likely they are to choose the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. The only exception was the second and sixth grade, where we can observe a significantly higher percentage of the pupils choosing the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. We suppose that the high proportion of the pupils choosing the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale in the second grade resulted from sexual...

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