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Comparative analyses of cranial skeletogenesis and odontogenesis in basal Ray-finned fishes
Pospíšilová, Anna ; Černý, Robert (advisor) ; Přikryl, Tomáš (referee) ; Buchtová, Marcela (referee)
Skeletal (cartilaginous, bony, and dental) tissues undoubtedly exemplify the key innovation of vertebrates. Among all recent vertebrates, the most numerous and successful lineage is represented by the Ray-finned fishes that, accordingly, exhibit amazing variety of skeletal architectures and phenotypic adaptations. In order to depict fundamental principles of fish cranial skeletogenesis the developmental formation of skeletal architectures was described, compared and analyzed using members of early branching fish lineages, that exemplify very different strategies of skeletogenesis. While the Senegal bichirs and the Tropical gars are heavily armored forms with massive exoskeleton and hyperossified dental structures covering the whole oropharyngeal region, the European sterlets, on the contrary, possess mostly cartilaginous skeleton and reduce their dental structures during early development. Whole analysis is underpinned by the Northen pike, teleostean species with lightened skeletal architecture with comparable number of cranial elements. The present study represents the first complex comparative analysis of their skeletogenesis and odontogenesis. This allowed to define developmental strategies founding different lineage-specific skeletal architecture of vertebrates. Comparative description of...
The community circle and its contribution to the development of relationships between students
Blažková, Michaela ; Pospíšilová, Anna (advisor) ; Janošová, Pavlína (referee)
1 ABSTRACT The community circle is a method that teachers use not only for the personal development of their students, but also for building their mutual relationships and the relationshops inside of the entire team. This diploma thesis, entitled "The community circle and its contribution to the development of relationships between students", discusses the use of the community circle by teachers, precisely from the point of view of its contribution to relations between students. The theoretical part defines basic concepts, such as community circle and social exclusion or the climate of the school classroom. The practical part deals with the interpretation of the obtained data on two levels: the impact of this method on the relationships of all students and at the same time the impact on the relationships of excluded students. The research investigation brings information not only about the positive effect of this method on the formation of cultured expression, opinions or communication and social competences of each participant. It also provides information about the fact that the community circle is beneficial for promoting the excluded student and his feelings of belonging to the group.
Montessori methods of education and their application in teaching science
Linhartová, Eliška ; Mazáčová, Nataša (advisor) ; Pospíšilová, Anna (referee)
The theoretical part of the diploma thesis focuses on the importance of nature in the pedagogy of Marie Montessori. It points out the importance of using appropriate selected tools and the application of teaching techniques of Marie Montessori. It also focuses on the secondary education reform plan and provides examples of activities for students aged 12 to 18. In the practical part the tool inspired by Montessori pedagogy called Stromové pexeso was created. The tool is used for identifying tree species. The tool offers many ways how to use it. The methodology of working with the tool was verified in practice at the 2nd level of primary school and vocational school. The purpose was to find out the practical use of the tool and whether its using can affect the better memorization of the subject matter. The most students appreciated the use of the tool and it was discovered that playing with toll has a positive effect on memorizing the subject matter.

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