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Alternative methods in cryptology
Hampl, Dalibor ; Doležel, Radek (referee) ; Hajný, Jan (advisor)
In the first part of this thesis explains, what is generally cryptography, generally analyze the problem of the current encryption methods. These include asymmetric, symmetric and hybrid encryption methods. The second part focuses on the theory of lattices and their main mathematical problems, then the shortest vector problem, the closest vector problem, the approximate shortest vector problem and the approximate closest vector problem. Mathematically difficult problems of lattice are used in an encryption method GGH for asymmetrically encrypted communications method and GGH for digital signatures. It explains mathematical methods, which use these encryption methods. Another part of this thesis deals with the encryption method and the establishment of XTR on Diffie-Hellman protocol, thus XTR-DH. It explains mathematical methods, which use methods XTR, XTR-DH and Diffie-Hellman protocol. There are shown the main mathematical problems for this part of thesis DHP (Diffie-Hellman problem) and DLP (discrete logarithm problem). The fourth part focuses on a program designed to demonstrate the GGH encryption method for asymmetrically encrypted communications. Describes the structure, functionality, graphical part of the program and shows to a user interface. Students can test how the GGH encryption method behave when entering different input values. During the work with the program, the user should obtain sufficient information to understand the principles of this encryption method.
Current security trends in mobile networks
Jirkovská, Šárka ; Sobotka, Jiří (referee) ; Doležel, Radek (advisor)
This master's thesis deals with the issue of the security of GSM and UMTS mobile communication systems. In the thesis the principles of the authentication and encryption of both the mobile systems are described. Further, the constituent algorithms used for identity verification, key generation and encryption are mentioned. The commonly used algorithms are described along with their weaknesses. In the following part of this thesis, well-known attacks on GSM system are mentioned. In the part where UMTS system is dealt with one can find the algorithms used in this system to increase the security of transmitted data and authentication in comparison with GSM system. Therefore the whole process of authentication and encryption is described separately. In the last part the creation of programming models of authentication and encryption in GSM and encryption in UMTS is described. These models are created in the environment of Matlab version 2009b.
Secure communication between data logger and database server
Ferek, Matúš ; Doležel, Radek (referee) ; Svoboda, Radomír (advisor)
This work is aimed to analyze security risks of data transfer in Internet network and to design couple of possible solutions for securing communication between data logger and server for data processing. As a result, solution of securing this data communication by SSL layer was designed.
Security of wireless computer networks
Jelínek, Martin ; Pelka, Tomáš (referee) ; Doležel, Radek (advisor)
The master's thesis deals with the issue of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) from the viewpoint of the security and functional principle of security mechanisms. The transition to the issue concerning the security is accompanied by the methods of wireless data transmission operating on the level of physical layer (FHSS, DSSS, OFDM, MIMO), which is followed by the summary of individual 802.11 standards. The next part deals with the issue of shared transmission medium (CSMA/CA), influence of interference and correcting mechanisms (RTS/CTS). Within the security, the principles of the authentication along with the commonly used methods of security (WEP, WPA, WPA2) are described in detail. The first part concerning security deals with the security in the form of the WEP protocol, which is considered insufficient nowadays and points out the imperfect implementation and the consequent risks. The following part describes the security in the form of WPA which eliminates the implementation weaknesses of the previous WEP security protocol. The description of commonly used mechanisms of authentication (PSK, 802.1x), required temporary key management (PTK, GTK), data integrity (MIC) and encryption which uses TKIP protocol are also included. The last part, possible WLAN security, is aimed at the full support of 802.11i standard, which is called WPA2 (sometimes RSN). That part describes the basic encryption security element CCMP, which is based on the AES block cipher modes. The practical part of the thesis deals with the security verification of current wireless networks. In the process of verification the accessible HW means and programming tools of Open Source Software (OSS) are used. By means of verification it has been pointed out that there are possible security risks resulting from the security method which has been used. Also several recommendations how to reduce the security risks of the used method to minimum are mentioned.
Web Services Security
Kubáni, Tomáš ; Doležel, Radek (referee) ; Malina, Lukáš (advisor)
The bachelor thesis analyzes the current state of Web services and their security. The first chapter describes the construction details, options and features web services, with primary focus on the technologies (SOAP, XML, HTTP, WSDL, etc.) used for communicating and processing information and resources. The most important part of this work is focused on cryptography and security for these services. The essence of cryptography and encryption methods is explained, the main safety requirements and security mechanisms is pointed out, security standards are presented and compared. Finally, the bachelor thesis contains the theoretical and practical proposal of our secure Web Service, according to selected and necessary criteria.
Portal for the support of cryptography instruction
Forman, Tomáš ; Doležel, Radek (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
The main goal of this master's thesis is building of web portal for presentation basic cryptography algorithms. Those algorithms would be explained in the theoretical page in the first place. After that, they would be demonstrated by scripts. One part of this project is designing simplified theoretical element for basic impletion portal of information. Next part is creating web portal by one of the free available CMS´s systems. Programming language JAVA would be used as an instrument for creating demonstration scripts. For creating animations will be used the Flash animation tool. Target of formed web portal is creating community of expert public. It would make new articles, scripts and knowledge. This way, the portal would be kept current. The section which would include failure the most widely used algorithms and instructions how to eliminate it will be part of portal.
Design of security infrastructure for electronic archive
Doležel, Radek ; Lattenberg, Ivo (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
This master's thesis deals with design of security infrastructure for electronic archive. In theoretical part is disscus about technical resources which are based on security services and protocols and methods which are used for protection. On basics of theoretical part is designed model of security infrastructure and it is built in laboratory. Model of security infrastructure is based on Open Source Software and as safety storages for private user authentication data are used cryptographic USB tokens. This master's thesis includes design and construction of real infrastructure of secured electronic archive. In each part of master's thesis is put main emphases on security and clear explanation from the beginning of desing of model of security infrastructure for electronic archive to finish of construction.
Web portal for the video transmission from IP cameras
Čučka, Milan ; Doležel, Radek (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
This work is about methods for transferring an image from the web cameras, IP cameras and the creation of a live transmission of television cameras with streaming server and subsequent placement on the web. The first part deals with basic methods of webcam image transfer. This information is described in detail, in next section. The third section describes using of IP cameras for live broadcasts or transmission to a common frame. The last section describes creation of a streaming server and the process of creating a live transmission. There are the advantages and disadvantages of each technology. At the end of the work is given the most frequently used multimedia data formats.
Internet privacy protection
Malina, Lukáš ; Doležel, Radek (referee) ; Hajný, Jan (advisor)
Anonymous authentication is a mean of authorizing a user without leakage of user personal information. The technology of Anonymous Authentication Systems (AAS) provides privacy of the user and yet preserves the security of the system. This thesis presents the basic cryptographic primitives, which can provide anonymous authentication. Among these primitives there are usually some asymmetric cryptosystems, but an essential part of anonymous authentication is based on zero knowledge protocols, blind signature schemes, threshold group schemes, etc., that are presented in Chapter 1. Generally, Anonymous Authentication Systems have application as electronic coin, electronic cash, group signatures, anonymous access systems, electronic vote, etc., which are analyzed and presented in Chapters 2 and 3. In the practical section, the implementation (in the environment .NET in C#) of the AAS system is presented and described in Chapter 4, which is being developed at the FEEC BUT.
Crab of container gantry crane
Doležel, Radek ; Malášek, Jiří (referee) ; Pokorný, Přemysl (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with design of crane trolleys, with a load capacity of 80 t and a lift height of 22 m. This crane trolley is constructed for a gantry crane used in a container transshipment yard. The gantry crane ensures the relocation and transfer of containers to means of transport. In this work, one specific type of a crane cat with two lifting drums and four travel wheels is calculated. The work is divided into three main parts. The first is a brief search of lifting devices. The second part is computational. The last part is focused on assembly drawings and welding of the main frame.

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