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Software support of education in cryptography area based on elliptic curves
Szturc, Jakub ; Sobotka, Jiří (referee) ; Burda, Karel (advisor)
The master‘s thesis is focusing on cryptography based on elliptical curves consists of four main parts. The first part provides an overview of the basic cryptographic and mathematical concepts. A key element of this work is the second part which are described in detail the mechanisms of counting two points on elliptic curve and counting point to themselves over the various fields. On this mechanism is based almost the entire issue. In the third section provides the best-known algorithms and protocols for key exchange, encryption and digital signature. The goal of this paper is to devise software to support teaching. This material is created as a web presentation, which described the theoretical foundations and the main characteristics of cryptosystems based on elliptical curves. The whole issue is supported by practical examples of calculations examples, there are also examples for independent work. Additionally, java applets are prepared that allow an interactive opportunity to try the basic parameters of curves, or verify the calculations.
Seating system of lower, upper and deflection rolls of the XRK 7-200 straightener
Sobotka, Jiří ; Tůma, Jiří (referee) ; Omes, Jiří (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis Seating system of lower, upper and deflection rolls of the XRK 7-200 Straightener describes the procedures for construction proposals of the rolls in a seven-roll straightener for rods of 100-200mm in diameter. Further, the thesis deals with evaluation of these proposals. The bearing life and the strength of the shafts are examined.
Security analysis of network protocols
Bednařík, Jan ; Sobotka, Jiří (referee) ; Hajný, Jan (advisor)
The aim of my bachalor’s thesis is security of net protocols analysis. Because of the huge number of net protocols, I’ve decided to choose only a few of them to describe. My task is to describe the TCP/IP model structure in term of security, so I have chosen to devide my thesis into two separate parts. The first part contains describtions of particular TCP/IP layers and adumbration of possibilities of securing. The second part contains more accurate describtions of some chosen protocols, mostly the case of their security. At the close of my work it is my task to describe some utilities and methods which can be used to accomplish an successful attack on chosen net protocols. I have chosen protocols HTTP, FTP and SSL. As the utilities I have chosen programs Wireshark, Brutus and SSLSTRIP.
Current security trends in mobile networks
Jirkovská, Šárka ; Sobotka, Jiří (referee) ; Doležel, Radek (advisor)
This master's thesis deals with the issue of the security of GSM and UMTS mobile communication systems. In the thesis the principles of the authentication and encryption of both the mobile systems are described. Further, the constituent algorithms used for identity verification, key generation and encryption are mentioned. The commonly used algorithms are described along with their weaknesses. In the following part of this thesis, well-known attacks on GSM system are mentioned. In the part where UMTS system is dealt with one can find the algorithms used in this system to increase the security of transmitted data and authentication in comparison with GSM system. Therefore the whole process of authentication and encryption is described separately. In the last part the creation of programming models of authentication and encryption in GSM and encryption in UMTS is described. These models are created in the environment of Matlab version 2009b.
Network attacks by Cain & Abel
Smékal, Lukáš ; Stančík, Peter (referee) ; Sobotka, Jiří (advisor)
This Master’s thesis is dealt in the local area network security, cryptographic algorithms, particular attacks on computer networks a practical application these attacks in local area networks. To application particular attacks is used the Cain & Abel program. The detailed manual for this program is created from the results of these attacks. This manual contains the exhibits of usage particular program tools and the attack application exhibits. This manual considers consequences of particular attacks and summarises achieved results during work with tools too. Master thesis closely deals with one of the program tools called RSA SecureID Token Calculator. Authentication via hardware tokens is contained in this Master thesis. Thesis contains the way of authentication using RSA SecureID Token Calculator without physical owning of the hardware token. Cain & Abel program shows and interprets why cashed passwords in operation system are dangerous and it shows methods how attacker can reveal this passwords from the operation system memory. This Master thesis is focused on sniffing credentials and passwords in local area networks and it is focused on cryptographic algorithms cracking for username and passwords revealing.
Distributed systems for cryptoanalysis
Vašek, Jiří ; Trzos, Michal (referee) ; Sobotka, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis should introduce a reader with basic objectives of parallel computing followed by distributed systems. The thesis is also aimed at description of cryptographic attacks. The main point should be to obtain theoretic information for design of distributed system for cryptoanalysis.

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