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Development of tools to minimise the risks of air contamination by respirable asbestos fibres released from the rock environment by human activities - summary research report on the progress and results of the project solution
Vavro, Leona ; Vavro, Martin ; Daněk, T. ; Kajzar, Vlastimil ; Drozdová, J. ; Raclavský, K. ; Kubina, Lukáš
The summary research report provides an evaluation of the procedure and results of the project SS01010257 - Development of tools to minimise the risks of air contamination by respirable asbestos fibres released from the rock environment by human activities (AZROCK). The solved project had two main objectives. The first one was the creation of two methodical instructions, both for the rock and aggregate sampling with a possible naturally occurring asbestos content and for the subsequent analysis of the presence of asbestos fibers in the samples taken. Furthermore, the project set itself the goal of creating: (1) a specialized map of the risk of asbestos occurrence in the rock environment in the Czech Republic and (2) a web knowledge portal of asbestos. A substantial part of the project solution was based on the collection of samples of rocks and aggregates at almost a hundred selected sites throughout the Czech Republic and their subsequent evaluation using a selected and verified set of analytical methods. Similar information on the occurrence of asbestos in the rock environment of the Czech Republic has not yet been available to interested professionals and the non-specialist public.
Web App for Q-Sorting
Daněk, Tomáš ; Bartl, Vojtěch (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
The aim of my bachelor's thesis was to become familiar with the Q-methodology and create a web application for conducting research according to this method. The work includes a complete report on the technologies used and the overall implementation of the web application. I focused mainly on the user interface and ease of handling the application for the respondents. Thanks to this application, the client is able to carry out his own research and the respondents of the research are provided with user interface that is very intuitive and easy to use.
Methodological guide for determining the presence of asbestos fibres in rocks
Daněk, T. ; Vavro, Leona ; Vavro, Martin ; Kajzar, Vlastimil ; Drozdová, J. ; Raclavský, K. ; Kubina, Lukáš
The content of the presented methodological procedure is guidance on a suitable and reliable method of laboratory analysis of rocks and crushed aggregate for the presence of naturally occurring asbestos. The created methodology follows on from the Methodological guide for sampling to determine the presence of asbestos fibers in rocks, with which it is closely linked. Together, they represent the first methodological documents dealing with the issue of asbestos in rocks and aggregates within the Czech Republic.
Půdní fyzikální vlastnosti ve výbězích a na louce při chovu koní v ekologickém zemědělství
Daněk, Tomáš
This thesis describes the differences in soil properties within different land use. In the enviromentally freindly farming enterprise were chosen meadow, grazing and the paddock for horses. The enclosure is for daily use, grazing only in good weather and meadow is mowed twice a year for dried hay. Samples of soil were taken three times: in autumn 2013, in spring 2014 and in autumn 2014. Each sample was taken to 3 steel cylinders and also was taken simple soil sample. Samples were analyzed in laboratories. Analyses were performed on pH, granularity, humus, density and bulk density. The result was a determination of the differences in density and porosity of the soil and other parameters mentioned above. Soil in the horses' enclosure was the most compressed and meadow, on the other hand, at least. Humus content was again highest on the meadow, due to the grass cover, paddock was worn out and with no vegetation
Assessment and mapping of cultural ecosystem services in landscape
Daněk, Jan ; Slovák, L. ; Daněk, T. ; Pánek, J. ; Schlossarek, M.
Summary research report presents the most important findings from the research focused on assessment and mapping of cultural ecosystem services in landscape.
Methodological guide for sampling to determine the presence of asbestos fibres in rocks
Vavro, Leona ; Vavro, Martin ; Kajzar, Vlastimil ; Daněk, T. ; Drozdová, J. ; Raclavský, K. ; Kubina, Lukáš
The content of the presented methodical procedure is guidance on a uniform method of sampling rocks and natural crushed aggregate potentially containing asbestiform particles. The created sampling procedure represents the first methodical document that deals with the issue of naturally occurring asbestos in rocks and aggregates within the Czech Republic.
On the limits of inexspressible with C.G. Jung
Ryška Vajdová, Ivana ; Komárek, Stanislav (advisor) ; Pokorný, Vít (referee) ; Daněk, Tomáš (referee)
C. G. Jung (1875-1961) was one of the representatives of Depth psychology of the 20th century. In recent years, more attention has been paid to this direction thanks to Jung, or rather new archival discoveries of his work and his new publications. However, the historical and ideological context of Jung's work still remains relatively unknown. This work aims to map Jung's formative years and early work, which I date from The Zofingia Lectures (1896-1899) to the publication of Psychological Types (1921), in which I try to show how significantly he was influenced by philosophical ideas, especially Immanuel Kant (1724-1804), who, according to Jung himself, had the greatest influence on the analytical psychology he created. Since Kant's work has not become the subject of any of Jung's writings, this text works with passages across collected writings and letters in which Jung refers to Kant, while seeking a more general grasp of the way Kant's philosophical ideas are implemented in psychological theory. We will also touch on other philosophers to whom Jung is directly connected, such as Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716), Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860), Carl Gustav Carus (1789-1869) and Eduard von Hartmann (1842-1906). I try to show that Jung uses already existing philosophical ideas in his...
The Beekeepering in The Czech Republic on crossroads
Mohrová, Kateřina ; Bartoš, Michael (advisor) ; Daněk, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis entitled The Beekeeping in the Czech Republic on Crossroads aims to get in the current issues of beekeeping. It describes the field of beekeeping, one of the oldest human activities in terms of biology, ecology, history, sociology and practical use. The methodology of this thesis is set in the framework of qualitative research and the discipline of social and cultural ecology which is based on multidisciplinary research. During the research a questionnaire construction was used. The research part focuses on the social and generational issues of beekeeping and reveals the motivation of my respondents for keeping bees. Furthermore it interprets the opinion of my respondents on beekeeping organizations in the Czech Republic, their connection with nature and their own outlook for the near future of beekeeping. In the discussion I summarize the results of the interviews with my respondents and in the conclusion I re-evaluate the aimed goals of my thesis and I give suggestions for further research possibilities in this field.
Fairtrade Coffee Production in Tanzania
Seidlová, Aneta ; Stojanov, Robert (advisor) ; Daněk, Tomáš (referee)
Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world and its consumption is still increasing. The majority of coffee is produced by smallholders from countries of so called "global South". Their livelihoods are influenced by price fluctuations at the world commodity markets. Fairtrade system strives for improving their trade and living conditions. The primary aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe the production of coffee on Fairtrade terms in Tanzania. Main research questions focus on the economic and social impacts of Fairtrade on the livelihoods of smallholders, the process of joining the system and meeting Fairtrade standards. Secondary research questions are the perception of climate change, its impacts on the coffee production and the role of Fairtrade in adapting to these changes. The analysis consists of 12 semi-structured interviews conducted with smallholders from Kagera Cooperative Union (KCU) and Karagwe District Cooperative Union (KDCU) from Lake Victoria region. The results show ambiguous positive impacts. On one hand, better availability of education and medical services, but also different profits from social premium in both unions and criticism of one of the main benefits of Fairtrade - the purchase price, which is too low according to most of the respondents. More...

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