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Heat storage tank for heat pumps
Daněk, Tomáš ; Forman, Matěj (referee) ; Hejčík, Jiří (advisor)
The goal is to design a storage tank to the heat pumps air to water. The first part describes how a heat pump works and why it is advantageous to use the tank. Another section focuses on ways to accumulation of heat. Established a program that simulates the behavior of the heat pump system with storage tank, described how this program works and is designed tank size for a given heat pump. The last chapters deal with the calculation of minimum area of heat flow exchanger and the proposal inlet valve for improving the thermal stratification of the tank.
Analysis of a heat loss of passive manikin
Kodajková, Zuzana ; Krejčí, Vladimír (referee) ; Forman, Matěj (advisor)
This thesis is about problematics of creating Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model suited for analysis of airflow around sitting passive person. Thesis includes analysis of velocity field distribution, thermal distribution and thermal losses in the surroundings of sitting thermal dummy (computational model) and comparison of these values with experimental measurements. Thesis is a part of large experimental research (this research is not included here) focused on creating of functional method used for person-surrounding airflow analysis in future commercial use.
Effect of an exhaust opening location on air quality in an apartment
Charvát, Tomáš ; Forman, Matěj (referee) ; Krejčí, Vladimír (advisor)
This thesis deals with the influence of the location of exhaust outlets on the air quality. The study examines the performance of the hybrid ventilation system installed in an experimental house. The central point of this work is a numerical model of a bedroom with heat and carbon dioxide sources. The temperature, speed and concentration fields have been solved for, from which further quantities of thermal comfort PMV, PPD and DR were evaluated. Finally, the impact of changes in the quality of the microclimate using these quantities and in the energy efficiency ventilation is assessed.
The utilization of reverse engineering in computation of vehicle aerodynamics
Rozsíval, Jan ; Forman, Matěj (referee) ; Porteš, Petr (advisor)
The vehicle body was measured by using ATOS 3D scanner. Measured data from the ATOS 3D scanner were applied to make a 3D model of vehicle body and to make a 3D model of whole vehicle by using computer program Pro/ENGINEER. The model of vehicle was made with a view for future use of CAD model. Surface of the vehicle model was used for computation of vehicle aerodynamics – aerodynamic static pressure distribution by using CFD software Star-CCM+.
Assessment of thermal comfort in a low-energy family house with warm-air heating
Kos, Jan ; Forman, Matěj (referee) ; Jaroš, Michal (advisor)
The task of this master´s thesis is an evaluation of warm-air heating system in a low energy family house from the viewpoint of thermal comfort during winter season. The CFD simulation using CCM+ code was used for this purpose. The environment parameters in the central living room were evaluated for two variants – with underfloor heating and without it. The thermal comfort was evaluated using indices according ČSN EN ISO 7730 standard.
Comparison of the real and idealised human airways model
Roupec, Michal ; Elcner, Jakub (referee) ; Forman, Matěj (advisor)
The purpose of this thesis is to find basic parametres of idealized geometrical lung models – Weibel’s and Horsfield’s and to measure length and diameters of each pipe from trachea to 4th generation of bifurcation. Using 3D model (scanned casting of bronchial tree of man) measure matching diameters and lengths of airways and compare them with lengths and diameters of both models. Define bifurcation angles and total geometry of real lungs. Calculate Reynolds number knowing velocity in some of the airways for real lungs and both models and compare them.

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