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3D printer enclosure
Vícha, Daniel ; Pech, Ondřej (referee) ; Hejčík, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis consists of four main parts. The first part deals with 3D printing methods, and especially the FDM method, for which a box is subsequently designed. The second part mentions suitable 3D printing conditions, which can be influenced by 3D printer modifications. The third part describes the negative external influences affecting the quality and course of printing and the subsequent elimination of these influences. The fourth, main part, deals with designing an enclosure for the 3D printer Prusa i3 MK3s, which will prevent the effects of external influences and improve the print quality. The enclosure is designed to ensure optimal printing conditions, an ideal environment for the filament, and the correct function of multi-material upgrade MMU2/S.
Refrigeration device for home brewery
Křivánek, František ; Tuhovčák, Ján (referee) ; Hejčík, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of cooling processes and the design of cooling equipment for home brewery. The first part outlines an introduction to this issue, followed by the design of the cooling circuit and a description of its individual parts. Attached is the cost estimate for this device.
Energy usage of beer production
Maťa, Jakub ; Tuhovčák, Ján (referee) ; Hejčík, Jiří (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of energy consumption of beer production. The first part focuses on the technology of beer production itself, the understanding of which is a key prerequisite for assessing the possibility of using a heat pump for this process. The main part then describes the individual processes and their energy consumption. Finally, it evaluates the use of a heat pump and shows if it could reduce the energy requirements of beer production.
Koštuřík, Adam ; Elcner, Jakub (referee) ; Hejčík, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis shall inform readers with the theory of humid air and its dehumidification at low temperatures. Here are the basic ways to dehumidify the air and then is selected a device that is suitable for low temperature conditions. Humidity problems in refrigerated areas are also described here.
Air cooled electrical cabinet
Rusetskyi, Ivan ; Bělka, Miloslav (referee) ; Hejčík, Jiří (advisor)
During the operation of electrical equipment, heat is generated due to internal losses of the equipment. If these devices are located in the switchgear, the heat output of the individual elements adds up and the temperature in the switchboard can rise to values when the reliability of the individual devices decreases. One of the ways to prevent increase the temperature inside the switchgear from rising to critical values is to solve its proper ventilation (cooling with ambient air). By natural convection or using a ventilator. This diploma thesis deals with the most reliable way of cooling UniGear ZS1 switcgears by natural convection.
Heating and ventilation in a renovated family home
Nejerál, Michal ; Hejčík, Jiří (referee) ; Charvát, Pavel (advisor)
The main goal of the diploma thesis is to design a new ventilation and heating system in an old house after its reconstruction. The design also includes consideration of the possibility of using renewable resources. A central heat recovery ventilation systém is designed to ensure ventilation of the building. The heating design is based on two independent heat sources. It is a wood boiler and a gas condensing boiler. After considering renewable sources, a photovoltaic system is designed. The results of individual calculations and drawing documentation of designs are also attached.
Refrigeration system with passive evaporator
Carbol, Marek ; Mauder, Tomáš (referee) ; Hejčík, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis is concerned with the design of a heat pump that does not use a ventilator during operation. In the introductory chapter, the functioning and the basic components of this device and other types of heat pumps are described. Properties of some commonly used refrigerants and oils as well as their classifications are stated. Due to the absence of a ventilator, a special heat exchanger was designed to achieve the required heat power. The choice of components in this refrigeration system takes into consideration the efficiency and functionality of the device.
Design of Helium liquefaction cycle
Bártová, Jana ; Kracík, Petr (referee) ; Hejčík, Jiří (advisor)
The present master thesis deals with the technologies for gas liquefaction focused on helium. The first part of the thesis contains a description of the history of liquefaction, production and usage of liquid helium, as well as the principles of liquefaction and cooling cycles. In the following part of the thesis is a detailed model of the liquefaction cycle for which radial-axial turbine wheels were designed. The last part of the thesis contains financial analysis of the suitability of using the expander with eddy current brake and the expander with an electric generator.
Retrofit of heating system in a family house
Doležel, Pavel ; Hejčík, Jiří (referee) ; Charvát, Pavel (advisor)
The master’s thesis deals with the solid-fuel fired furnaces, complying with the new emission legislation, and their application in central heating. The introductory part of the thesis focuses on the theory of solid fuels combustion, pertinent legislation, and various designs of solid-fuel fired furnaces. The main part of the thesis deals with the design of a central heating system for a townhouse with a solid-fuel fired furnace as the primary heat source for central heating. A roof-mounted PV system was considered for solar-assisted domestic hot water heating. The energy performance of the house was evaluated with the use of the degree-day method and also with a detailed computer simulation in TRNSYS. As an appendix, the thesis includes the detailed engineering calculations and the engineering drawings and diagrams of the central heating system.
The flow analysis inside semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor
Bouchal, Patrik ; Hejčík, Jiří (referee) ; Tuhovčák, Ján (advisor)
The topic of this diploma thesis is CFD simulation of flow inside CO2 semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor Stream manufactured by Emerson. The goal of this thesis is to analyze critical points inside the compressor with regard to excessive entrainment of oil by flowing refrigerant by means of CFD simulation using ANSYS CFX. Simulation for both single-phase and two-phase flow is part of the thesis and results from them are analysed.

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