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Topics in central banking
Brož, Václav ; Kočenda, Evžen (advisor) ; Tůma, Zdeněk (referee) ; Égert, Balázs (referee) ; Martin, Reiner (referee)
This dissertation consists of three research papers dealing with selected issues relevant for central banks after the global financial crisis. The post-crisis world has seen a significant strengthening of the role of central banks with regard to the financial system as well as the real economy. Correspondingly, agendas of some central bankers have grown substantially, encompassing among others monetary policy, financial stability (macro- and microprudential policies) as well as resolution mechanisms. This dissertation thesis reflects the broad focus of some contemporary central banks in three original research articles that concern current unexplored issues for monetary policy and financial stability in the European Union, the Czech Republic, and the United States, potentially bringing policy implications for the relevant authorities. The first article analyzes inflation convergence in the whole European Union (EU) over 1999-2017 and provides comprehensive and robust evidence that the process of inflation convergence among the countries of the EU was not permanently disrupted during the global financial crisis, the European sovereign debt crisis, or the period of zero lower bound interest rates. Specifically, the convergence process did not noticeably weaken after the crisis and the occurrence of...
Financial Markets Comovements in Northern Europe
Tomek, Lukáš ; Čech, František (advisor) ; Brož, Václav (referee)
In this bachelor thesis, we study conditional correlation of various sector in- dices on the stock markets in Northern Europe, namely in Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and composite indices for Baltic countries. To model conditional correlations, we employ DCC-GARCH framework estimated by maximum like- lihood estimator. Validation of estimated models is based on residuals. We discovered that there is low level of correlation between Nordic and Baltic coun- tries and that some sectors exhibits very high level of correlation, while other tends to have correlation close to zero or even negative for some time peri- ods. Moreover, we observe that some industries have very persistent correlation structure, while others tends to react to the price shocks drastically. 1
Are the risk weights of banks in the Czech Republic procyclical?: evidence from wavelet analysis
Brož, Václav ; Pfeifer, Lukáš ; Kolcunová, Dominika
We analyze the cyclicality of risk weights of banks in the Czech Republic from 2008 to 2016. We differentiate between risk weights under the internal ratings-based and those under the standardized approach, consider both the business cycle and the financial cycle, and employ wavelet coherence as a means of dynamic correlation analysis. Our results indicate that the risk weights of exposures under the internal ratings-based approach, including risk weights related to exposures secured by real estate collateral, are procyclical with respect to the financial cycle. We also show that the effect of changing asset quality on risk weights is present for the internal ratings-based approach, in line with our expectations based on regulatory standards. Our results can be employed for the purposes of decision-making on the activation of supervisory and macroprudential instruments, including the countercyclical capital buffer.
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Does monetary policy influence banks’ perception of risks?
Malovaná, Simona ; Kolcunová, Dominika ; Brož, Václav
This paper studies the extent to which monetary policy may affect banks’ perception of credit risk and the way banks measure risk under the internal ratings-based approach. Specifically, we analyze the effect of different monetary policy indicators on banks’ risk weights for credit risk. We present robust evidence of the existence of the risk-taking channel in the Czech Republic. Further, we show that the recent prolonged period of accommodative monetary policy has been instrumental in establishing this relationship. Finally, we obtain comparable results by extending the analysis to cover all the Visegrad Four countries. The presented findings have important implications for the prudential authority, which should be aware of the possible side-effects of monetary policy on how banks measure risk.
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The Profitability of Standard Trading Strategies in Cryptocurrency Markets
Duda, Miroslav ; Krištoufek, Ladislav (advisor) ; Brož, Václav (referee)
The thesis attempts to determine how strategies used for forecasting and trad- ing on foreign exchange and stock markets perform when applied to cryptocur- rency markets. The approaches explored are ARIMA, VAR, MA Crossover, and Granger Causality using gold prices and S&P 500. The currencies traded are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and Basic Attention Token. The models are trained on logarithmically transformed and differenced time series composed of the currencies' daily and hourly closing prices. Applying these strategies mostly leads to ambiguous results, with MA Crossover generally performing better than VAR, which in turn performs better than ARIMA. However, every strategy was moderately successful for at least one of the currencies examined. Trading on the hourly dataset was negatively influenced by sudden price jumps. ARIMA and VAR perform better in the inter-bubble periods. No significant Granger causality was found. Keywords Cryptocurrency, Trading, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Basic Attention Token, ARIMA, VAR, MA Crossover, Granger Causality Title The Profitability of Standard Trading Strategies in Cryptocurrency Markets Author's e-mail Supervisor's e-mail
Analysis of Weather Effect on Sales in the Czech FMCG Market
Kubišta, Michal ; Krištoufek, Ladislav (advisor) ; Brož, Václav (referee)
In this work, we aim to study the effect of weather conditions on the sales of the FMCG market. For this purpose, we have collected an extensive dataset consisting of weekly category sales of over 1000 stores in the Czech Republic for years 2015 to 2017, coupled with various meteorological variables for over 80 different weather stations. We introduce a novel approach to analysis, using tree-based machine learning algorithms. These flexible non-parametric methods can estimate complex relationships as well as performing an automatic variable selection. Both of those attributes are critical in our work, as the final dataset consists of over 130 variables. The central point of this thesis is to either conclude there is only a negligible relationship or to provide a model with robust performance and explainable results. We manage to show a significant sales reactions based on changing weather conditions for three top-selling categories, producing a model that significantly outperforms both benchmarks, lasso regression and tree-based model trained on non- meteorological variables only. Ultimately we present two conclusions, firstly that linear regression, a commonly used methodology in similar studies, is not a suitable approch for modeling the weather effects and secondly that the weather variables...
Role of IDGFs and adenosine signaling in cell survival and energy homeostasis
BROŽ, Václav
Two groups of growth regulators were described in Drosophila imaginal disc cell culture Cl.8+. Imaginal disc growth factors (IDGFs) belonging to chitinase-like protein family of carbohydrate binding proteins and Adenosine deaminase-related growth factors (ADGFs), which are active adenosine deaminases influencing homeostasis of key cellular metabolite adenosine. The functions of two of the IDGFs, as well as the effects of extracellular adenosine and its receptor were studied primarily in in vitro cell culture. Our results supported their roles in the regulation of cell survival and energy homeostasis especially in imaginal disc cells. Both the IDGFs and adenosine also play important roles in organismal responses to stress and infection and may interact in vivo.
Inflation Convergence in the European Union: the effect of monetary regimes, the global financial crisis and the zero lower bound
Brož, Václav ; Kočenda, Evžen (advisor) ; Holub, Tomáš (referee)
Synchronizace inflačních cyklů je jednou z podmínek teorie optimální měnové unie, a jelikož bude jednoho dne valná většina členských států EU používat euro, zdá se analýza konvergence jejich inflačních měr jako rozumná i z dnešního pohledu. Používáme data měřítka harmonizovaného indexu spotřebitelských cen, jakož i velmi flexibilní model zdánlivě nesouvisejících regresních modelů a podáváme důkaz o všeobecně rozšířeném, setrvalém a robustním výskytu konvergence inflace v celé EU mezi lety 1999 a 2016. Navíc nám naše metodologie umožňuje zahrnout do modelu řadu dummy proměnných indikujících konkrétní období s možným dopadem na konvergenci inflace. V tomto smyslu ukazujeme, že měnové režimy zaměřené na cenovou stabilitu (inflační cílování, opatření omezující pohyb měnového kurzu) mají příznivý dopad, období globální finanční krize a nulové dolní meze se obecně nejeví jako rušivé, zatímco efekt zavádění společného evropského práva zůstává nejistý. Naše hlavní závěry implikují, že synchronizace inflace zřejmě nepředstavuje problém pro další rozšíření Eurozóny.
Analysis of wind speed distribution and applications in energy economics
Brož, Václav ; Červinka, Michal (advisor) ; Luňáčková, Petra (referee)
Analysis of wind speed distribution and applications in energy economics - an abstract Václav Brož 5 May 2015 Integration of generators of wind power into the electricity grid involves specific costs due to the intermittent nature of wind. Analysis of wind speed distribution is essential for accurate short-term prediction of wind power output in order to avoid mismatch between supply and demand in electricity markets. This thesis theoretically describes the analysis of wind speed distribution, high- lighting econometric and statistical concepts pertaining to the high persistence (modelling by the means of an AR(1) process) and the non-negativity (use of truncated normal distribution) of wind speed data. A random vector describ- ing the evolution of wind speed in time for a location in the Czech Republic is derived and its parameters are compared with those from the work of other authors. 1

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