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Společenstva korýšů a vířníků v přirozených a revitalizovaných rašeliništích
Pfeifer, Lukáš
The theoretical part of the diploma thesis evaluates the current state of peatlands in the Czech Republic. Peatland were affected by drainage and the subsequent drying due to the peat extraction. There is the effort to restore these localities to their natural character and to protect them at present. The practical part evaluates species composition of mi-crocrustaceans and rotifers of monitored natural and restored peatlands in the Ore Mountains and Šumava. A total of 39 taxa of rotifers and planktonic crustaceans was found. The impact of restoration on these communities was evaluated based on differ-ences in species composition.
Stanovení a význam sloučenin fosforu ve vodním prostředí
Pfeifer, Lukáš
The bachelor thesis Determination and importance of phosphorus in the aquatic envi-ronment deals with familiarization with phosphorus and phosphates, which are present in water environment, and their evaluation. Phosphorus is important element playing significant role in formation of adenosinphosphates and membrane lipids. Its importance is described in the first part of the bachelor thesis. The second part deals with its collec-tion from number of places in southern Moravia and Vysočina from April to October 2018. These samples were then evaluated and compared with limits of surface waters according to Government Regulation no. 401/2015 Coll.
Are the risk weights of banks in the Czech Republic procyclical?: evidence from wavelet analysis
Brož, Václav ; Pfeifer, Lukáš ; Kolcunová, Dominika
We analyze the cyclicality of risk weights of banks in the Czech Republic from 2008 to 2016. We differentiate between risk weights under the internal ratings-based and those under the standardized approach, consider both the business cycle and the financial cycle, and employ wavelet coherence as a means of dynamic correlation analysis. Our results indicate that the risk weights of exposures under the internal ratings-based approach, including risk weights related to exposures secured by real estate collateral, are procyclical with respect to the financial cycle. We also show that the effect of changing asset quality on risk weights is present for the internal ratings-based approach, in line with our expectations based on regulatory standards. Our results can be employed for the purposes of decision-making on the activation of supervisory and macroprudential instruments, including the countercyclical capital buffer.
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Analysis of the current financial state of czech credit unions
Prokeš, Jan ; Pfeifer, Lukáš (advisor) ; Štěpánek, Pavel (referee)
This thesis analyzes the current problems of the credit union sector . At first describes the historical development of unions and further developments in the sector at the turn of the millennium. The greatest emphasis is placed on presenting the main trends in the development of cooperative banking in the Czech Republic from 2005 to the present. Solve the main problems of the sector -- excessive growth of balance sheets unions and their ever increasing risk and the disproportionate effect of the Deposit Insurance Fund -- is responsible for the amendment of the Act No. 87/ 1995 on Credit Unions , which sets the upper limit size increase savings and credit unions share of the contribution to the deposit Insurance Fund and the creation of reserves to fund the venture. The amendment, which is based on the recommendations of the FSAP mission of the International Monetary Fund , is evaluated in the main part of the work . Rating legislative changes is positive , as in the Czech Republic it is necessary to reduce the risk sector unions and unions to regulate the way to the most congruent with the principles of unions by the World Council of Credit Unions ( WOCCU )
Seasonal futures trading
Krupa, Michal ; Pfeifer, Lukáš (advisor) ; Štípek, Vladimír (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with a topic of seasonal futures trading. It is seasonality which brings higher percentage success of trades and unlike the technical analysis it is based on fundamentals of the markets. Still it is not possible just to rely on the seasonal patterns, how it is shown in the practical part and it is necessary to filter these trades with another predetermined rules. This thesis brings complex view on commodity trading and discuss opportunity for income diversification in these unstable times. Finally, there is a mention how to use the concept of seasonality in another area of the national economy.
Comparison of selected monetary tools of the European central bank and the Federal reserve system
Bartošková, Karolína ; Ševčíková, Michaela (advisor) ; Pfeifer, Lukáš (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the use of ordinary and uncommon monetary instruments used by Federal reserve system and European central bank, in focuse reaction of both institutions after the beginning of the financial crisis in 2007. In the introductory part are defined both central banks, described basic principles of monetry policy and and independence of these banks. In the practical part there are analyzed major programs used by central banks and outlined the impact of their action. List of emergency measurement cointains definitiv of costs incurred in the provision of financial assistance. In conclusion, I confirmed that quantitative easing was financed by additional resources created and that the steps of the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve system have the same character of direct debt financing.
Cakl, Martin ; Titze, Miroslav (advisor) ; Pfeifer, Lukáš (referee)
Topic of this thesis is crisis which has developed in year 2000. Thesis is divided into two main fractions and then into multiple sub chapters. First part is focused on theoretical basis on which thesis later develops. Second part analyzes causes and implications crisis had and finally uses the same analysis for current situation at internet market segment. Thesis argues that main causes of the bubble were analytics, speculation, monetary policy and overall positive environment towards investing into internet companies. Furthermore thesis implies, that there might be another bubble arising as internet companies, especially so called social media companies, have highly overvalued stock prices and thus might cause downfall upon eventual correction.
The Interaction and Compatibility of Monetary and Macroprudential Policy in the Czech Republic
Pfeifer, Lukáš ; Ježek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Mandel, Martin (referee) ; Czesaný, Slavoj (referee)
The thesis deals with the interaction of monetary and macroprudential policy, or with the compatibility of the objectives of these policies in the Czech Republic. The main attention is given to the use of interest rate instruments for the purpose of achieving financial stability during the accumulation phase of cyclical dimension of systemic risk. For this purpose the crucial item is the relationship of financial and price stability in the economy. On the Czech economy data is therefore tested the relationship between credit activity and asset prices, to be subsequently quantified the relationship between the prices of selected assets and consumer prices. The model results open the door to greater use of industrial producer price index for the coordination of monetary and macroprudential policy. The thesis for the same reason also recommends continuing research into the development of the general price level during the financial cycle.
Macro-prudential policy framework tools by CRD IV / CRR
Konečný, Vojtěch ; Pfeifer, Lukáš (advisor) ; Řežábek, Pavel (referee)
The aim of the thesis was to determine the impact of macro-prudential policies adopted by the transposition of CRD IV and CRR to the legal order of Member States of the European Union, with regard to its interaction with already existing supervisory policies. An important influencing factor turned out to be the question of complementarity and coordination. The results suggest that the stabilizing effect of already established tools -- capital reserve -- is limited in relation to the strength of financial distortion that happen upon financial system. However decisive conclusion can not be made at this point, mainly due to absence of robust quantitative data on working of macro-prudential tools in practice, caused by their relative novelty.
Comparison of monetary expansion of selected economies after recent financial crisis and its overlap on the foerign exchange market
Holeček, Jan ; Pfeifer, Lukáš (advisor) ; Pikhart, Zdeněk (referee)
Bachelor thesis tries to analyze monetary-political measures, used by selected central banks, after recent subprime crisis and follow-up financial crisis, with emphasis on nonstandard tools of monetary easing. In relation with nonstandard tools of monetary policy it focuses on topic of currency wars, and the influence of consequences of financial crisis and reactions of economic policy over exchange rate of selected economies. As the indicator of undervaluation or overvaluation of the exchange rate, the thesis shows the deviation from fundamental equilibrium exchange rate, which calculation takes into consideration the development of current account.

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