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Traditional Real Estate Portfolio Diversification and Risk Measures: Evidence from the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Müller, Erik ; Streblov, Pavel (advisor) ; Hlaváček, Michal (referee)
This thesis evaluates traditional real estate diversification strategy by region and by property type. Additionally, it provides common risk measures - reduction of total risk and tracking error. The main contribution is twofold. First, it extends the coverage of common real estate research to the area of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. To our knowledge, this is the first study of this kind on the local market. Second, this thesis accounts for non-divisibility of ownership. This is a specific attribute of real estate, which may deteriorate investors' efforts for optimal allocation. Researchers' methods depart from Capital Asset Pricing Model. Evaluation techniques include efficient and pseudo-efficient frontiers, quantiles of total risk and tracking error, both as a function of portfolio size and portfolio value. Main findings include: (i) there is no strictly superior strategy, but there is a difference for specific subcategories, (ii) impartible ownership decreases risk-adjusted performance, this might be partially overcome by leverage, (iii) diversification is costly and index tracking is hardly possible. JEL Classification C22, C61, G12, R33 Keywords real estate diversification, direct investments, risk, ownership non-divisibility Title Traditional Real Estate Portfolio Diversification and...
What explains different duration of the Great Recession across countries?
Petrů, Vojtěch ; Baxa, Jaromír (advisor) ; Hlaváček, Michal (referee)
The research concerning differences in duration of the Great Recession is limited and inconclusive. We define duration of crisis as the count of years lost due to the crisis, and estimate the determinants of crisis duration on the dataset of 54 developed and developing countries. This thesis contrasts with previous literature by employing Bayesian Model Averaging (BMA) to accommodate for the large amount of potential explanatory variables and to address model uncertainty. Moreover, an innovative measure of export competitiveness, which accounts for the changes in non-price factors such as quality, is used. The results bring suggestive evidence of positive impact of developed financial markets, high share of private consumption and improvements in export competitiveness. We also find positive effect of fiscal policy stimulus once it is controlled for the feedback loop of uncertainty which appears when heavily indebted countries finance fiscal stimulus through issuance of additional debt. Lastly, it needs to be concluded, that the results are not robust to all prior specifications. In particular, the more restrictive Beta binomial model prior shrinks the statistical significance of aforementioned results heavily. JEL Classification F12, F21, F23, H25, H71, H87 Keywords Great Recession, Crisis duration, Economic...
Working in Prague but living in Central Bohemian Region, is it financially worth it?
Bíro, Lukáš ; Macháček, Vít (advisor) ; Hlaváček, Michal (referee)
The thesis analyses the costs of rental offers in Prague vs. four districts in CBR (Central Bohemian Region): Kladno, Příbram, Kolín, and Mladá Boleslav. We use data from the real estate agency to calculate the net present value of the costs of each apartment and compare it between the capital city and the districts in CBR. To do that, couples of the apartments (one from Prague and one from CBR district) are created based on matching characteristics. We assume individuals commute to Prague every workday and estimate their transportation and time costs. We evaluate 6 different scenarios and perform a sensitivity analysis of five different variables to see their effect on the probability that Prague is more expensive than one of the four districts mentioned above. The results suggest that Mladá Boleslav is unprofitable while the other three areas are comparably expensive to Prague in case an individual uses transit commuting, earns a low salary, or commutes by a car while keeping the cost of 1 km of around 2 CZK. Similarly, the annual growth rate of rental prices between 6 and 8 percent in all districts would result in comparable profitability of Kladno, Příbram, and Kolín to Prague.
Determinants of residential real estate prices in the Baltic States
Rákosníková, Andrea ; Hlaváček, Michal (advisor) ; Hanzlík, Petr (referee)
The burst of the housing bubble on the US market, that contributed to the start of the Great Recession, was a warning sign to many economists. Consequently, the last decade birthed important studies analysing the real estate market in the search for the driving determinants of the housing prices. This thesis continues these efforts by time series analysis of the determinants of residential real estate prices in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The VECM analysis showed that the importance of classic housing determinants differs from country to country. The price persistence is a crucial determinant of the Baltics' housing prices in the short run, but only Estonia and Lithuania showed the persistence in the long run. Latvian house price index seems to be very affected by the construction cost index, and therefore supply side of the housing market. The model also suggested an unexpected negative relationship between house and rent prices. The analysis was however done on relatively short time series and that could cause some discrepancies in the results as well. The author also used the P/I and P/R ratios and the Hodrick-Prescott filter to analyse the housing prices in the search of possible overvaluation, and concluded that these measures do not seem to indicate the existence of the housing bubble in...
Do markets believe in austerity? Did they ever believe?
Švéda, Josef ; Baxa, Jaromír (advisor) ; Hlaváček, Michal (referee)
We assess the effects of austerity announcements on investors' perception of the government's solvency across the financial cycle. To do so, we construct a unique news dataset utilizing a newswire database which consists of governmental and parliamentary approvals of austerity measures for 11 European countries. We also follow more regular statements of governmental representatives towards austerity measures. The effects are studied on 10-year sovereign bond yield spreads vis-à-vis Germany during the period 01:2000-12:2019. Implementing pooled OLS regressions, we find significant decreasing effects in the pre-crisis period especially for the GIIPSH group (Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Hungary) and decreasing although not significant effects in the post-crisis period. The crisis period manifests itself with increased surprise effects of announcements. The markets adopted announcements of the GIIPSH group as signals of deteriorating solvency which led to further increases of yield spreads. On the other hand, prudent countries (Czechia, France, Netherlands, Poland, and Slovakia) enjoyed a low sensitivity to their announcements across the cycle. Finally, we find that markets react rather on final announcements of austerity measures than to comments expressed by national representatives....
Fiscal policy in real-time: Role of growth surprises
Kulichová, Vendula ; Baxa, Jaromír (advisor) ; Hlaváček, Michal (referee)
This thesis explores the reliability of real-time estimates of the cyclically-adjusted primary balances. Using fixed effects and weighted least squares models, we show that the real-time estimates are systematically biased and subsequently revised downwards. Moreover, the most important determinants of the revisions are economic conditions and the cyclically-adjusted primary balance revisions are positively correlated with growth surprises. On the other hand, we do not confirm any significant role of institutions and political environment that has appeared in the previous literature. JEL Classification C23, E62, H68, H87 Keywords Real-time data, fiscal surveillance, Stability and Growth Pact, cyclically-adjusted primary balance Author's e-mail Supervisor's e-mail
What drives the distributional dynamics of client interest rates on consumer loans in the Czech Republic?: a bank-level analysis
Hlaváček, Michal ; Brož Václav
We study the bank-level distributional dynamics and factors of client interest rates on consumer loans in the Czech Republic. We take into account that client interest rates can have different fixation periods, focus on the consumer loans category, which exhibits multimodal client interest rate distributions, and employ an alternative measure to the mean interest rate – the mode measure. We show that in recent years, most banks in the Czech Republic have started to provide new consumer loans at unprecedentedly low client interest rates. The bank-level analysis then reveals that reduced market concentration (increased market competition) and to some extent also accommodative monetary policy and changes in the market for housing loans and mortgages have been driving this development. Our results are in line with the international literature but are novel in the Czech context.
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House Prices and Household Consumption: the case of the Czech Republic
Brůha, Jan ; Hlaváček, Michal ; Komárek, Luboš
In this paper, we investigate whether movements in property prices have detectable effects on Czech households’ consumption and saving decisions. We concentrate on three episodes of movements in house and apartment prices and ask whether property owners have significantly different consumption and saving choices from households living in rented properties. We found that, on average, property owners tend to have a lower propensity to consume and a higher saving rate independently of whether property prices move up or down. This casts doubts on the strength of the collateral channel linking the housing market to the macroeconomy in the Czech Republic.
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