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Evaluation of the Enterprise Performance According to the START Model and Tips for Progress
Bláhová, Lucie ; Chalupa, Michael (referee) ; Luňáček, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the performance evaluation of a selected company using the START Model. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts and methods related to the measurement of company performance by using multi-criteria models. The analytical part deals with the evaluation of the current situation and the subsequent identification of strengths and opportunities for improvement. Based on the outputs of the non-financial analysis, the design part proposes measures to improve the performance of the selected company.
Developing tradition or From exposition to interpretation: Methodology of guide services in historic interiors and exteriors
Jareš, Jakub ; Hudec, Petr ; Indrová, Martina ; Ranochová, Radka ; Hnojská, Vendula ; Sládková, Kateřina ; Jordánová, Květa ; Dryáková, Kateřina ; Rezková Přibylová, Naděžda ; Bláhová, Lucie ; Wizovský, Tomáš
The methodology provides methodological support and inspiration for the presentation and interpretation of cultural heritage through guided guided tours. It takes into account both tradition and the current demands of visitors, approaches to the protection of cultural heritage and new trends in interpretation, including foreign ones. When applied in practice, the methodology also has an impact on the general public, which is represented by several million visitors to the monuments managed by the NPÚ every year.
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Many forms of interpretation: Methodology of innovative approaches to the presentation and interpretation of historic interiors and exteriors
Hudec, Petr ; Jareš, Jakub ; Indrová, Martina ; Dryáková, Kateřina ; Kassl, Nikola ; Havlůjová, Hana ; Hnojská, Vendula ; Sládková, Kateřina ; Jordánová, Květa ; Rezková Přibylová, Naděžda ; Kazlauskas, Vendula ; Bláhová, Lucie ; Staufčíková, Helena ; Kosová, Šárka ; Neprašová, Eva ; Seidler, Tomáš
The methodology is an effort to revitalize and innovate the guide service in the environment of historical monuments under the administration of the National Museum of Natural History. This publication is a follow-up to Part I of the methodology We are developing tradition or From interpretation to interpretation and its purpose is to provide ideas, inspiration and methodological procedures on how to supplement and transform established methods of presentation and interpretation of monuments, including forms that create a parallel or alternative to guided tours . It takes into account foreign experience and interdisciplinary insights.
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Recruitment and staff selection
Bláhová, Lucie ; Kocianová, Renata (advisor) ; Pivoňková, Lucie (referee)
Recruitment and staff selection is a topic which deserves attention to be given in literature. Recruitment and staff selection are areas of personnel work that are crucial for any organization because they influence its efficiency. The fundamental part of successful selection process is job analysis which is followed by recruitment. Every organization should consider choosing recruiting from internal (inner) sources or recruiting from external (outer) sources, or its combination. Another issue that an organization should consider is the method or methods of recruitment. Staff selection is not less important than recruitment and there are more methods of staff selection as well. Regarding both methods of recruitment and methods of staff selection, organization usually chooses more than one method of recruitment and more methods of staff selection at the same time. In the practical part of my thesis I concentrated on AYS and its service portfolio. I focussed my attention on ways of recruitment and the process of selection. AYS uses well-established means of recruitment such as on-line recruitment, advertisements and its own database of applicants. The whole selection process is executed according to the company's procedure and its know-how. I also tried to point out both weaknesses and strengths of AYS. There...
Ecological validity research of Attention test
Bláhová, Lucie ; Preiss, Marek (advisor) ; Rendl, Miroslav (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the issue of attention research, mainly from the neuropsychological point of view. It is an empirical study divided into two parts: The first theoretical part introduces the history of attention research, defines attention and presents the current theories of attention: Broadbent's Filter model, The Feature-Integration theory from Anne Treisman, David LaBerge's theory and Michael Posner's concept of attention. The second part of the work, the empirical part, is based on the discussed concept of attention, mainly from neuropsychologist Michael Posner. The purpose of the research study is to explore the ecological validity of Michael Posner's attention test - Attention network test (ANT). The following questionnaires were chosen as the methods for measuring the real-life attention: CFQ (Cognitive failure questionnaire), EMQ (Everyday memory questionnaire) and DEX (Dysexecutive questionnaire). The results of the study did not confirm the significant statistical correlation between results in Attention Network Test and scores in self-reported questionnaires, but the bachelor thesis' contribution's to ecological validity research can still be seen. KEYWORDS: Attention, Attention research, Ecological validity, ANT, Cognitive failure
Generation of metallic nanoparticles by non-thermal plasma in liquids
Čechová, Ludmila ; Blahová, Lucie (referee) ; Kozáková, Zdenka (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the process of nanoparticle generation using new source of nonthermal plasma combining corona and pin-hole discharge in liquids. The theoretical part is focused on generation of metallic nanoparticles using various types of plasma discharge, the properties of metallic nanoparticles, their preparation by other methods and methods of characterization of nanoparticles. The experimental part deals with the preparation of copper, silver and gold nanoparticles from solutions of their precursors. The influence of experimental conditions, such as the influence of voltage polarity, effect of precursor concentration, effect of added electrolyte or reducing agent were investigated. All samples were analyzed by UV-VIS spectroscopy. Dynamic light scattering was used to determine the sice of nanoparticles. To confirm the presence of nanoparticles, samples were analyzed using scanning microscope with and energy dispersion spectrometer for elemental analysis.
Preparation and characterization of thin barrier layers
Blahová, Lucie ; Mráček, Aleš (referee) ; Buršíková, Vilma (referee) ; Krčma, František (advisor)
Combinations of different acrylic resins and microcrystalline waxes are most often used for the conservation and preservation of metallic archaeological artefacts these days. However, their properties are not sufficient and satisfactory in many ways. Therefore, the aim of this doctoral thesis is to develop a conservation system which will draw on the new knowledge gained in the field of advanced materials and technologies during last years. A conservation coating based on a thin barrier film appears the most promising. The conservation coating must fulfil particularly following rather contradictory requirements: good barrier function against oxygen, humidity and other corrosive agents; transparency because of colour appearance preservation; long term stability and easy removability; possibility to apply to more objects at the same time and reasonable financial requirements of a deposition process. Parylene C polymer was chosen as suitable material for this purpose. It was prepared via modified chemical vapour deposition. Parylene removability was ensured through the soluble interlayer made of Laksil silicone-acrylic lacquer which was applied between the protected metallic object and the parylene thin film. Initially, the deposition process of Laksil/parylene bilayer was optimized, then its physical and chemical characteristics were determined and eventually, they were compared with the conventional conservation coating composed of Paraloid B72 acrylic resin and Revax microcrystalline wax. Regarding to the demands of the conservation coating, we were interested especially in barrier properties, optical properties, surface morphology and removability of Laksil/parylene bilayer. The most useful method for description of coating barrier properties was corrosion testing in which coated metallic samples were exposed to highly corrosive environment of salt spray (made of 50 g•l–1 brine), 100% humidity and temperature of 35 °C (ISO 9227). The Laksil/parylene bilayer showed excellent barrier properties; samples treated this way sustained unchanged in the corrosion chamber for almost three months. The surface roughness measured by profilometry and surface morphology scanned by SEM illustrated the synergy between Laksil and parylene layer which leads to the exceptional barrier and anticorrosion function of bilayer. The Laksil layer is able to flatten out rough surface of a substrate. Furthermore, it can toughen the item surface which is, in case of a number of archaeological findings, created by corrosion product layers with variable mechanical strength. Thereon deposited parylene film becomes smooth and defect free and can act as a good diffusion barrier. The colouristic measurements confirmed that the Laksil/parylene bilayer does not almost change the appearance of protected item, in terms of colour. The caused colour difference (ISO 11664-4) ranged around 1 which value is defined as “perceivable only for experienced observers”. The Laksil/parylene bilayer is removable thanks to the Laksil solubility in xylene. It is necessary to carefully scratch the outer parylene film to enable access of xylene solvent to the lacquer. The successful removal of Laksil/parylene bilayer was first confirmed by the EDX on metallic iron samples. Afterwards, the possibility of bilayer complete removal even from a corroded surface of the original artefact was proved by TGA. Thus the conservation treatment can be considered fully reversible.
Generation of ozone by photochemical processes in O2 and admixtures
Tomečková, Klára ; Blahová, Lucie (referee) ; Mazánková, Věra (advisor)
Ozone is a toxic gas with the fatal impact to living organisms at high concentrations. Therefore, this gas is useful in sterilization in many cases. The subject of this work is the generation of ozone using various methods and determination of its concentration. Then the generated ozone can be used in ozone therapy. The theoretical part deals with properties and use of ozone. In addition, information gathering connected to ozone was performed. It was about methods of ozone generation and subsequently about the diagnostics determine of ozone concentration. In the experimental part the ozone generation and determination of its concentration was performed using spectrophotometric method and iodometric titration. The ozone concentration in the air was also measured over the long term using the Schönbein method.
Professional values of social workers in the Diocesan Caritas Czech Budejovice.
The thesis deals with the organization structure of the Diocese Charity in České Budějovice (DCH ČB) as viewed through the eyes of social workers who are involved in the projects which DCH ČB arches over. In the introductory part of the thesis there is a description of the contemporary state of social work and the position of social workers in our post-modern society where social workers prefer to work in smaller communities where they can more easily adapt and co-form the rules for the organization and share ideas with people who have similar attitude to social work and how to control and carry it out the best. In connection with the outcome of the study there is a more detailed description of the organization structure of the DCH ČB which was set up according to Scheiner's formation of organization structures. In accordance with the organization structure there is a contemplation whether the DCH ČB does not have a tendency to incline towards ideological management without a possibility for the social workers to co-form the rules and have some autonomy in the projects of the DCH ČB, while the DCH ČB is in a position of an Ideological Hegemon.
Ecological validity of cognitive training research
Bláhová, Lucie ; Preiss, Marek (advisor) ; Viktorová, Ida (referee)
This Master thesis is focused on ecological validity of a cognitive training in university students. Forty-five students participated in three months research during which 30 of them took regular personalized cognitive training using CogniFit programme on their computers. The study examines the impact of the cogntitive training on everyday cognitive functioning of students. The scientific methods used for the ecological validity research were the following self-reporting questionnaires: Cognititive Failure Questionnaire, Everyday Memory Questionnaire and Dysexecutive Questinnaire. Students also filled in Schwartz Outcome Scale - 10 and Self-image questionnaire for detailed exploration of more variables. For the research, we applied test-retest design and used control group of fifteen students for results comparison. Analysis of the gathered data proved little evidence of ecological validity of cognitive training, which can be attributed to considerable cognitive stress at students. An unexpected outcome of the study which proved to be very significant is relation between executive functions and well-being of a student. This relation was confirmed repeatedly. Possible improvements of methodology and also problem with randomization of students is discussed. Proposal for the further development of...

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