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Vladislav II. Jagiellonian as a founder and patron
Lysáková, Barbora ; Sládková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Charvátová, Kateřina (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on Vladislav II. Jagiellonian and his founding and patronage activities in the territory of current Prague. In addition to the recostruction of Prague Castle, it focuses in detail on the description and historical development of four selected buildings, namely the Powder Gate, the Governor's Summer Palace in Bubeneč, the Church of the Virgin Mary and ST. Charlemagne in Prague in Charles and the Church of ST. Jindřich and Kunhuta in the New Town of Prague, during the Jagiellonian era. The aim of this work is describes the circumstances of the origin of these buildings and the king's connection to the foundations. The work also examines the meaning of the royal initial W in the already mentioned buildings.
Selected problems of interpretation of Czech estates inscribed on the World Heritage List
Kučera, Karel ; Indrová, Martina (advisor) ; Sládková, Kateřina (referee)
The presented diploma thesis deals with selected problems of monuments in the Czech Republic, which were listed on the prestigious World Heritage List by the end of the year 2022. In the first part of the diploma theses, a comprehensive search of existing Czech inscriptions and values for which they were awarded the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) is carried out. Management plans of individual sites (or other strategic and conceptual documents) are also researched and chapters dealing with education and presentation issues of the given sites are evaluated. In the second part, the thesis deals with the issues of interpretation and education of values for which estates are awarded the OUV. A research is carried out of how local management work with the term "outstanding universal value" in their interpretive, educational and presentation materials and if the criteria for which the monument is included on the World Heritage List are given adequate attention. And if so, whether they use methodological materials in the interpretation of values, or at least the principles defined in the International Council on Monuments and Sites Charter in the field of interpretation and presentation of cultural heritage sites - the ICOMOS charter. I also plan to check whether local museums and other institutions are...
Mělník as the residence of Czech queens
Mrázová, Kateřina ; Sládková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Charvátová, Kateřina (referee)
The topic of this bachelor thesis is Mělník, a famous royal dowry town that used to be an essential residence of numerous queens of Kingdom of Bohemia. The focus is on the importance of Mělník throughout history, from its creation in the 9th century to the 15th century. The first two rulers to reside in Mělník were Przemysl princesses Ludmila and Emma. The last queen to ever stay in Mělník was Joanna of Rosenthal in the 15th century. This thesis is dedicated mainly to queens Elizabeth of Bohemia, Barbara of Cilli and Joanna of Rosenthal. The aim is to analyze available historical documents and secondary literature sources and use them to explain the connections of the queens to the town, portray Mělník as their residency and explain its economic and political effects. KEYWORDS Mělník; residence; Elisabeth of Bohemia; Barbara of Cilli; Joanna of Rosenthal; royal dowry town; medieval court
Developing tradition or From exposition to interpretation: Methodology of guide services in historic interiors and exteriors
Jareš, Jakub ; Hudec, Petr ; Indrová, Martina ; Ranochová, Radka ; Hnojská, Vendula ; Sládková, Kateřina ; Jordánová, Květa ; Dryáková, Kateřina ; Rezková Přibylová, Naděžda ; Bláhová, Lucie ; Wizovský, Tomáš
The methodology provides methodological support and inspiration for the presentation and interpretation of cultural heritage through guided guided tours. It takes into account both tradition and the current demands of visitors, approaches to the protection of cultural heritage and new trends in interpretation, including foreign ones. When applied in practice, the methodology also has an impact on the general public, which is represented by several million visitors to the monuments managed by the NPÚ every year.
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Many forms of interpretation: Methodology of innovative approaches to the presentation and interpretation of historic interiors and exteriors
Hudec, Petr ; Jareš, Jakub ; Indrová, Martina ; Dryáková, Kateřina ; Kassl, Nikola ; Havlůjová, Hana ; Hnojská, Vendula ; Sládková, Kateřina ; Jordánová, Květa ; Rezková Přibylová, Naděžda ; Kazlauskas, Vendula ; Bláhová, Lucie ; Staufčíková, Helena ; Kosová, Šárka ; Neprašová, Eva ; Seidler, Tomáš
The methodology is an effort to revitalize and innovate the guide service in the environment of historical monuments under the administration of the National Museum of Natural History. This publication is a follow-up to Part I of the methodology We are developing tradition or From interpretation to interpretation and its purpose is to provide ideas, inspiration and methodological procedures on how to supplement and transform established methods of presentation and interpretation of monuments, including forms that create a parallel or alternative to guided tours . It takes into account foreign experience and interdisciplinary insights.
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Henry of Carinthia. Transformation of historians's perception of his rule.
Horáková, Jana ; Charvátová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Sládková, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with view on the figure of Henry of Carinthia, whose image was usually unflattering in the works of Czech historians. This view of Henry is based on an important source, the Zbraslav Chronicle, which, among other things, also describes the period when Henry of Carinthia governed in the Kingdom of Bohemia (1306-1310). For a long time, Zbraslav Chronicle was considered as a set of true testimonies. The author of the Zbraslav Chronicle, very influential Cistercian Petr Žitavský, acted as a direct witness to the events described, and also due to some almost diary-like entries in certain parts of the chronicle, no one doubted the relevance of his entries. In other chronicles, Czech historians adopt the perspective of the author of the Zbraslav Chronicle, as they consider it a reliable source. Thus, Henry of Carinthia entered the consciousness of the majority based on the description of Petr Žitavský, as a weak monarch without vision and the necessary skills of a successful ruler. At the beginning of the 21st century, Jakub Razim came up with a new perspective on the Zbraslav Chronicle and thereby influenced the subsequent work of other historians. The aim of this thesis is not only the analysis of the passages devoted to the figure of Henry in the Zbraslav Chronicle, but...
Krulichová, Barbora ; Sládková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Havlůjová, Hana (referee)
The diploma thesis is devoted to education and educational programs intended for the youngest visitors to the Agnes monastery i.e children of pre-school and younger school age. The thesis will be divided into two main parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part will briefly introduce the personality of Agnes of Bohemia, her life, deeds and legends, the history and construction development of the St. Agnes Monastery and its use as a refuge for the Poor Clares, Dominicans and Minorites, the burial place of the important Přemyslids and, last but not least, as one of the objects of the National Gallery. Furthermore, this part of the thesis will acquaint with the potential of educational programs as assistant with the interpretation of historical figures, monuments and works of art, briefly introduce the history of the National Gallery and outline the educational programs that are currently being implemented in the Convent of Agnes. The aim of the practical part of the diploma thesis will be to create an educational program called Monastery Criss-crossing and describe the process of creation from the idea itself through implementation to the final reflection. Keywords Saint Agnes of Bohemia, St. Agnes Monastery, National Gallery in Prague, gallery education, educational programs, children,...

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