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Atresia of gastrointestinal tract and possibilities of physiotherapeutic intervention
Zdobnická, Barbora ; Šonská, Kristýna (advisor) ; Štefanová, Petra (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with atresia of the gastrointestinal tract and possibilities of physiotherapeutic intervention. The thesis is presented in the form of a review with a case study. The review part contains information about the development and anatomy of the parts of the gastrointestinal tract that are most often affected by atresia. The classification, diagnosis and surgical treatment options of individual atresia are also mentioned. The options of physiotherapy intervention include scar treatment, respiratory physiotherapy, physical therapy, basal stimulation and orofacial stimulation. The practical part of the bachelor thesis is presented in the form of a case study of a patient after gastrointestinal atresia surgery. The content includes the examination before and after the therapy in the physiotherapist's ambulance and the follow-up after 2 months of regular therapy. The positive effects of physiotherapy are documented by photodocumentation and by using the Alberta Infant Motor Scale to evaluate motor development. The practical part also includes an educational handout for parents about the implementation of respiratory physiotherapy after discharge from hospital, which will be subsequently used in the Department of Paediatric Surgery at FN Motol.
Hospitalization activities from the point of view of kindergarten management
Šonska, Kristýna ; Urbanová, Eva (advisor) ; Hubert, Vlastimil (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on hospitalization in kindergartens from the management perspective as one of the essential tools for the development of pedagogical staff and improving the quality of kindergartens. It is divided into two main parts-theoretical and empirical. The theoretical part deals with control, dividing it into internal and external, and control as a managerial function. It also focuses on typical control in the school setting, hospitalization. It describes the principles of a properly conducted hospitalization, which should be known by every hospitalizer and the hospitalized, and the different concepts of the subject. The theoretical part also describes the forms of hospitalization that can be carried out in a kindergarten and the methods of further education related to hospitalization. The empirical part presents a research investigation that aimed to find out the form of hospitalization in kindergartens, the use of the results of the hospitalization and the development of teachers through hospitalization activities. It describes the preparatory part of the research, the data collection by semi-structured interviews and the evaluation of the data obtained. In particular, the forms of hospitalization with a focus on peer hospitalization, the ways of conducting the...
Treatment in neuromuscular scoliosis
Štumbauerová, Karolína ; Šafářová, Marcela (advisor) ; Šonská, Kristýna (referee)
Bakalářská práce Terapie neuromuskulárních skolióz 1 Abstract The aim of this thesis is to present the methods of therapy of neuromuscular scoliosis in the Czech Republic and in the world and to compare their effects on the basis of published research. The theoretical part describes the basic anatomy of the spine, biomechanical view of the spine and its pathology. Subsequently, the concept of scoliosis is characterized, the classification of scoliosis according to different criteria and idiopathic scoliosis is briefly described. Neuromuscular scoliosis, its definition, classification and the most common disease in pediatric patients, where secondary scoliosis develops and is an integral part of the clinical picture of the underlying disease, are described in detail. The basic examination of idiopathic scoliosis and specifics for the examination of neuromuscular scoliosis are then described. Last but not least, the therapy in the Czech Republic and subsequently abroad is reviewed. The practical part of the thesis is based on a case report of a patient with primary disease spinal muscular atrophy type I who developed neuromuscular scoliosis. Based on the initial kinesiological analysis, an appropriate therapy will be selected. The Cobb angle will be monitored as an objective parameter.
Effect of yoga practice on subjectively perceived medical condition
Schneibergová, Barbora ; Novotná, Klára (advisor) ; Šonská, Kristýna (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the influence of yoga on the subjectively perceived health status of practitioners. The theoretical part briefly describes the system of yoga, including its history, the most commonly practiced styles and the eight limbs of yoga. In addition, the theoretical part contains a description of the effects of yoga on the organism of healthy individuals, but also its use in various diagnoses. I also focused on the risks of practicing yoga, including various injuries or pain. Furthermore, I briefly described the possibility of using yoga in physiotherapy and the recommendations for practicing yoga from the perspective of a physiotherapist. In the practical part I processed the results of the questionnaire survey. The effect of practicing yoga on health status was described as positive, however, if the approach is correctly chosen and sufficiently individual. If these recommendations are followed and the yoga is practiced under qualified supervision or after proper training, there may be no adverse effects for practitioners.
Prevalence and etiology of back pain in children
Hubáček, Jan ; Hudák, Radovan (advisor) ; Šonská, Kristýna (referee)
Bibliographic record HUBÁČEK, Jan. Prevalence and etiology of back pain in children. Prague, 2021, 85 pages, 2 attachments. Bachelor thesis. Charles University, 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Department of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine. Supervisor Radovan Hudák. Abstract Back pain is one of the most common diseases in the adult population. However, not only adults but also children and adolescents suffer from this condition. Back pain in childhood is often overlooked, downplayed and from a research point of view is not given enough attention. It turns out that back pain in adolescence can be one of the predictive factors for the development of back pain in adulthood. This bachelor thesis includes basic information about the anatomy, biomechanics and kinesiology of the human spine, pain, problems and risk factors for back pain in children and adolescents, which were available from scientific articles and studies. The aim of the work was to address a sufficient number of Czech children through a questionnaire and obtain information about their experiences with back pain in the period before and during the Covid-19 pandemic. The obtained data show that the epidemiological situation regarding Covid-19, in which a lockdown was ordered in the Czech Republic, had a significant impact on the lives of young people....
Evaluation of treatment in scoliosis using software SCODIAC 2.3
Šonská, Kristýna ; Šafářová, Marcela (advisor) ; Dyrhonová, Olga (referee)
Although scoliosis is defined as a deviation of the spine in the frontal plane above 10ř according to Cobb, the spine is deformed in three planes. The chest is also affected at the same time. The most common type is idiopathic scoliosis, which has multifactorial etiopathogenesis. The thesis summarizes available information on kinesiology of the spine, classification of idiopathic scoliosis, its incidence, etiology, diagnostics, treatment and specific physiotherapeutic exercises. The practical part is devoted to assessing the symmetry of the patient's torso from the photographic documentation of the posture by SCODIAC 2.3. Indices evaluating hull asymmetry from the back or front (POTSI, ATSI) result from mathematical calculation. The smaller the number, the more symmetrical the posture. Correlation of POTSI index and Cobb angle is explored. 20 patients (18 girls and 2 boys) with idiopathic scoliosis up to 47ř according to Cobb aged between 7 to 18 years were selected for the study. All patients were subjected to anamnestic data collection, kinesiology analysis and a questionnaire. The results were statistically processed. SCODIAC software is one of the options offered to evaluate torso asymmetry and assess posture changes after therapy. It acts as a feedback for a physiotherapist and motivates...
Utilization of yoga in pediatric physiotherapy
Šonská, Kristýna ; Ptáková, Karolína (advisor) ; Králová, Aneta (referee)
This bachelor thesis summarizes possibilities of yoga utilization in rehabilitation of pediatric patients. The theoretic part lists basic terms necessary for understanding of this topic. Then it focuses on some yoga techniques, the influence of exercise on human body and its advantages. It also describes how a yoga lesson for children should look like and what approaches to avoid. The next part contains overview of published articles. The practical part of bachelor thesis includes three cases of patients with different diagnosis who attended eight week yoga course in FN Motol. Their examination contains kinesiology analysis, standardizes MABC-2 test and a PedsQL questionnaire. The effect of incorporating yoga into their therapy is described as positive.

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