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UFO 2017. Interactive System for Universal Functional Optimization
Lukšan, Ladislav ; Tůma, Miroslav ; Matonoha, Ctirad ; Vlček, Jan ; Ramešová, Nina ; Šiška, M. ; Hartman, J.
This report contains a description of the interactive system for universal functional optimization UFO, version 2017. This version contains interfaces to the MATLAB and SCILAB graphics environments.
An Analysis of the Construction Firm Using Statistical Methods
Šiška, Matej ; Marcinková, Alena (referee) ; Doubravský, Karel (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on an analysis of selected economical indicators of a construction firm using methods like time lines and regressive analysis. First part of the thesis is aimed on theoretical background explaining calculation, analysis as well as interpretation of time lines and regressive analysis in economy. In the next, practical part, the thesis focuses on characteristics of a firm, its analysis using selected indicators which are interpreted later on.
Voltage to frequency converters
Šiška, Martin ; Koton, Jaroslav (referee) ; Kubánek, David (advisor)
This thesis analyzes the issue of transfer voltage to frequency. The thesis is divided into five chapters. The first chapter deals with general matters relating to the transfer voltage to frequency and characteristics of this transfer. In the second chapter, the work deals with the converter assembled from discrete components. There are also the results of simulation and measurement this converter. In the third, the most extensive chapter provides an analysis of the converter with an integrated circuit AD650 including the results of simulation and measurement. In the fourth chapter is a comparison of simulation results and measurements results. Finally the fifth chapter deals with the use of voltage to frequency converters.
Control Panel for Signal Processing Algorithms Control in Signal Processor
Šiška, Michal ; Zezula, Radek (referee) ; Schimmel, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis considers with design universal protocol for the transmission parameters of signal processing algorithms. Practical part of the work describes the realization of the control panel with microprocessor AVR series ATmega, managing the proposed protocol. This control panel will be managed by digital signal processing algorithms running on signal processors Freescale DSP563xx family.
The Export Performance of European Small and Medium Businesses
Šiška, Matej ; Kelnarova, Jana (referee) ; Chlebovský, Vít (advisor)
Diplomová práca popisuje exportnú konkurencieschopnosť malých a stredných podnikov v Európskej Únii, faktory ovplyvňujúce ich výkonnosť a rozhodovanie ohľadne exportných aktivít. Použitie relevantnej literatúry a štúdií umožnuje poskytnúť kritický pohľad na danú problematiku. Na konci práce sú navhrnuté odporúčania na zlepšenie a záver.
Pulse modulations
Šiška, Martin ; Atassi, Hicham (referee) ; Číž, Radim (advisor)
This work deals with the analysis of pulse modulation issues, work is divided into six chapters. The first chapter of the thesis deals with pulse modulations as a whole. It explains the concept of modulation, the distinction between analog and digital modulation, and there is the basic classification of pulse modulation done. The second chapter focuses on the issue of non-quantized pulse modulation. For each modulation belonging to this group is verbally and graphically explains the principle of its activities. In the third chapter, which is similar to the second chapter, the work focuses on quantized pulse modulation. Again, each of these modulations explained its basic principle. It is also in this chapter outlines the design models in Matlab-Simulink. The fourth chapter presents calculations and tables with calculated values needed for simulations. In the fifth chapter, a comparison waveforms. It contains a discussion about the dependence of modulation on their parameters, parameters of the input signal and the sampling frequency. In the final sixth chapter deals with the early design concepts and detailed diagrams for the production of demonstration products.
Lossy Video Compression
Šiška, Michal ; Průša, Zdeněk (referee) ; Schimmel, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis deals with description of lossy video compression. Theoretical part of the work describes the fundamentals of the video compression and standarts for lossy as well lossless video and still image compression. The practical part follows up with design of Java program for simulation of MPEG codec.
Pension systems of the Visegrad countries with the focus on 2nd and 3rd pillar.
Šiška, Matěj ; Bartůsková, Lucia (advisor) ; Vebrová, Ludmila (referee)
The first pillar of the pension system in the Czech Republic is loss-making in the long term. The population gets older which results in an increase of the pension budget deficit. The thesis elaborates that the population should no more depend on the government in pensionable age. The bachelor thesis further focuses on the analysis of the second and third pillar profitability as well as on analysis of to what extent the government should intervene in these pillars. The author provides comprehensive overview of pension systems in countries of the Visegrad Group, and reveals the correlation between their profitability and governmental interventions. Furthermore, the thesis compares attitude of particular governments towards the pension system pillars, and summarizes their advantages and drawbacks for the Czech population.

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