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Analogue fractional-order function blocks
Salášek, Jan ; Kubánek, David (referee) ; Koton, Jaroslav (advisor)
Thesis describes the design of the blocks of fractional-order filters approximation using a filter of higher order integer. Active filters of third-order are use to create filter of 1+alfa -order, where alfa is between zero to one. One of the filters is practically implemented and measured.
Noise Analysis of Basic Circuits for Analog Signal Processing
Humpolíková, Michaela ; Sládok, Ondřej (referee) ; Kubánek, David (advisor)
The cause of noise in analog circuits is a problem of quality in output signals. There are many reasons of its occurrence, noise is caused by components connected into the circuit, and the assembly itself. This bachelor thesis summarizes the theoretical knowledge about noise analysis. Noise measurement in circuits can now be calculated with PSpice, the results are used for the design of low noise circuits. In the contained practical analysis of the circuits were achieved the results for the suitable designing of low noise circuits.
DC/DC converter 12V/300V
Žurek, Jan ; Hanák, Pavel (referee) ; Kubánek, David (advisor)
This Bachelor´s Thesis is about switch power supplies theory. It contains comparation with power supplies made of linear components and briefly describes principals of each type. Bigger attention is devoted to fly-back engagement, on which´s basic is then in practice designed particular switch power supply. All key components are counted, including initiation of important species interaction, especially of transformator, MOSFET semiconductor triode, output diode, and there are chosen important components, which are subsequently implemented into the particular switch power supply engagement. This blocking engagement turned out to be functionless. That was why I decided to use engagement called half-bridge, which was viable.
Design of a New Filter Structure Employing Devices of Fractal Order
Detko, Adam ; Kubánek, David (referee) ; Bečková, Zuzana (advisor)
This thesis deals with fractional order analogue filtration structures. The first part focuses on theory of analog frequency filters, including fractal order. In the next part, some of the active elements that can be used in frequency filters designing are mentioned. In the third part, known integer order filtration structure working in current mode is shown, which is modified to fractal in the next part. Modification to fractional order filter is realized by the RC structure Foster I, which approximates fractal order element, also known as pseudocapacitor. This part also contains calculations. Next part contains simulation results, that have been made with ideal models of active elements. The fifth part deals with the design of original filtration structure and its subsequent modification to fractal order filtration structure. Last part contains results of simulations and their comparison with the theory and for low pass as well comparison with physically measured values.
Diode shaping circuits for generators of periodic signals
Podhorský, Jiří ; Kubánek, David (referee) ; Koton, Jaroslav (advisor)
Subject of this bachelor’s thesis is designing two types of nonlinear diode shaping circuits for generators of triangle periodic signals. Thesis consists of diode circuit theoretical analysis and their design and calculation of circuit singles elements. After design printed circuit boards, complementing and recovery equipment, was made laboratory measurements of harmonic distortion. The results of measurements were compared with specified parameters and in conclusion was determined that specified parameters were fulfilled.
Headphone amplifier with low output impedance
Zavřel, Petr ; Kubánek, David (referee) ; Hanák, Pavel (advisor)
Semestral thesis deals with design of headphone amplifier with low output impedance in audible spectre suitable for laboratory measurement. Amplifier can proces balanced and unbalanced input signal with implemented protection against damage to amplifier. Concept is designed for the lowest total harmonic distortion and signal to noise ratio of amplifier. Thesis also contains design of low-noise power supply. It works with already known circuits which was tested, improved and discused in the thesis. Thesis also deals with placement into suitable box.
USB controlled voltage and current source
Pytela, Ondřej ; Kubánek, David (referee) ; Lattenberg, Ivo (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on complete construction of lab source which is controlled and powered by USB in personal computer. Different types of possible solutions are mentioned and finally one of them has been picked up as a best choice, which is developed in the rest of this thesis. Besides hardware construction there is also shown creation of main program for PIC18F14K50 microcontroller and main application that provides controlling of USB source via personal computer.
Vector image export program for Autodesk Eagle
Sičkaruk, Roman ; Kubánek, David (referee) ; Hanák, Pavel (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with design and creation of ULP program for export of vector images in EMF (Enhanced Windows Metafile) format. The main aim of this thesis is to add support of all features of Autodesk Eagle version 9. Thesis is important due to bugs and imperfections of other ULP programs for exporting of vector images to other formats also because of they aim for older versions of Autodesk Eagle. With regard to small quantity of EMF literature, thesis is beneficial as it describes behaviour of base structures and describes creation of EMF metafile. It also provides example of iteration over individual parts of schemes and printed circuit boards. Main goal of this thesis was completed. User is allowed to export currently visible layers, set order of their printing, with remain of true colors and orientation. Program was tested in Autodesk Eagle systems version 9.1.3 and 9.3.2.
Design and implementation of interconnection tools for noise generator
Pokorný, Jiří ; Kubánek, David (referee) ; Krajsa, Ondřej (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis explores the way of implementation of interconnection of LFTX Daughterboard 0-30 MHz Tx and LFRX Daughterboard 0-30 MHz Rx cards from Ettus research and cards from Spectrum Digital. In the first part of the thesis the design of two tools for two way transmission is shown. The paper contains everything from the basic findings through parts selection nad simulations to the final production and testing of the tools. In the second part a way of controlling similar tool through USB is explored.
Design of linear structures on transistor level
Gajdoš, Adam ; Kubánek, David (referee) ; Koton, Jaroslav (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with the development of software for automated design frequency filters using active elements instead of inductors. The first part deals with the allocation of frequency filers by transmitted specrum and type of components used. It also deals with working mode in the circuit. Thesis also focuses on the description developmet environment in Wolfram Mathematica,and overall development and also advantages. The next chapter is devoted to the theoretical description of the program and all the necessary theoretical provisions, that are needed to manage the program, i.e. description modified nodal analysis, replacement of MOSFET transistor for Voltage Controlled Current Source and writing passive elements in programming language too. The last chapter is dedicated to the development of the program and detailed description.

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