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Lattice constructions and Priestley duality
Hartman, Juraj ; Růžička, Pavel (advisor) ; Tůma, Jiří (referee)
In this thesis after recalling some basic definitions and theorems in category theory, lattice theory and topology we first introduce the so called Stone duality of the category of boolean lattices and the category of boolean topological spaces. Then we introduce its generalization, the so called Priestley duality of the category of bounded distributive lattices and the category of total order disconnected topological spaces. Then we introduce the M3[.] lattice construction and prove that for every bounded distributive lattice L there is an isomorphism from the lattice M3[L] to the lattice of all continuous monotone maps from the Priestley space of L to the lattice M3 with discrete topology. Finally we introduce the so called boolean power, which we generalize to the so called priestley power and we prove that for every natural number n ≥ 3 and every bounded distributive lattice L there is an isomorphism from the lattice Mn to the priestley power of the lattice Mn by the lattice L. 1
UFO 2017. Interactive System for Universal Functional Optimization
Lukšan, Ladislav ; Tůma, Miroslav ; Matonoha, Ctirad ; Vlček, Jan ; Ramešová, Nina ; Šiška, M. ; Hartman, J.
This report contains a description of the interactive system for universal functional optimization UFO, version 2017. This version contains interfaces to the MATLAB and SCILAB graphics environments.
Complexity of sets
Hartman, Juraj ; Zelený, Miroslav (advisor) ; Spurný, Jiří (referee)
In this thesis we first introduce Borel hierarchy of sets in metric spaces and prove some of its properties. Then for special Borel subsets of special metric spaces (Euclidean space of real numbers and the hyperspace of compact subsets of a Polish space with Vietoris topology) we find out where they are in Borel hierarchy, i. e. we find out the class of Borel hierarchy, in which they are, and such that they are in no smaller class with respect to inclusion, which can be understood as an expression of its complexity. Finally we give an example of a coanalytic subset of the hyperspace of compact subsets of a Polish space, which is not Borel, with the proof of its coanalyticity. Powered by TCPDF (
A Qualitative Study of Strategy Creation in a Sports Organization
Hartman, Jaroslav ; Tripes, Stanislav (advisor) ; Král, Pavel (referee)
This thesis discusses strategic management in sport. There are two main parts in the thesis. First part includes theory about strategic management, strategic management in sport and strategic planning process. In the second part there is a research which analyzes Czech hanball club HC Dukla Prague. The research is qualitive and done by personal interviews with managers, players and spectators of the club. The main purpose of the thesis is to find out how the club works with the strategy and what are the differences between theory of strategy and real actions of the club. In the end there are some recommendations for the club how to improve their strategic planning process.
The Qualification Requirements for Water Structures Contractors
Hartman, Jan ; Dufek,, Zdeněk (referee) ; Korytárová, Jana (advisor)
In the master thesis are explained terms related to public contract. The greatest attention is devoted the various types of qualification assumptions. The main objective is to compare qualification requirements of public works contracts in the field of water management structures. The analysis was performed on four specific public contracts, with an analysis of the differences between them were found. Public contract, open procedure, simplified sub-limit management, qualification, qualification requirements, the sponsor, the expected value, the law on public contracts.
Victory as a Marketing Tool Sports Organizations
Hartman, Jaroslav ; Tripes, Stanislav (advisor) ; Král, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor thesis analyses the influence of victories on marketing of handball sports clubs in the Czech Republic. The TJ Lokomotiva Louny and HK A.S.A. Město Lovosice clubs were the subjects researched. Media, fans and sponsors were determined to be the most important stakeholders. The theory section describes the historical development of sports marketing, the marketing mix, and the clubs' individual stakeholders. The research section interprets the influence of victories on stakeholders through the use of about sponsoring, quantitative data from fan questionnaires, secondary data on the media from the Internet portal Anopress IT, and qualitative data from unstructured dialogues with club managers. This section also provides definitions of sports marketing strategies. The conclusion provides recommendations on the most efficient marketing strategy for both clubs.

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