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Cave of the Krkonoše National Park: cave fill and speleogenesis
Bosák, Pavel ; Tásler, R. ; Šťastný, Martin ; Hercman, H. ; Mikysek, Petr ; Pruner, Petr ; Kdýr, Šimon ; Matoušková, Šárka ; Rohovec, Jan
Sub-/vertical phreatic channels dominate in original cave morphologies together with ceiling half-channels, scallops and ceiling cupolas. Infiltration cave sediments are composed of lutitic component with some coarser authochthonous admixture. Sediments were locally re-distributed by intensive drip from open fissures. According to clay and heavy minerals, the primary source was in weathering products of crystalline rocks, mature and immature or polycyclic mixed in different proportions. No allogenic sediments were detected. Speleothem dating indicates, that caves were filled and exhumed several times, partially or fully. Normal polarization of samples proved the deposition within the Brunhes Chron (<773 kyr). Speleothems and rare paleontological remains date clastic sediments to >400 kyr. Speleothems crystallized mostly during interglacials, but also in cold and extremely cold periods in glacials (MIS 2, MIS 6c to 6a, MIS 8b, MIS 10c to 11a). Tectonical near-surface rock fissuration and corrosion substantially contributed to cave re-shaping by rock falls. Cryogenic processes modified the morphology of cave walls and damaged speleothems. Mostly ascending speleogenesis took part in substantial depths under the surface without any link to the present morphology. Present near-surface position of most of caves reflects the gradual uplift during younger tectonic phases and incision of river systems.
The Call of the Wild
Brokeš, Tomáš ; Šťastný, Martin (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Jan (advisor)
This project is a response to the call of the wilderness, and similarly to a trip to the desolate, inhospitable mountains, this work was a departure from the comfort zone of an urban environment. The project deals with an alternative view of the site of a former recreational area located in the protected landscape area of the Jeseníky Mountains, surrounded by mature trees on a hillside below a forest, in the village of Ostružná in northern Moravia. The proposal approaches this site with respect to the character of the Jeseníky Sudeten Mountains and creates a recreational area with a natural structure of buildings, which does not overpower the surrounding nature in its scale but fits in sensitively and unobtrusively. At the same time, the design reflects current requirements and needs of visitors, who seek an escape from a busy civilisation to a peaceful environment. In its essence and form the project seeks to distinguish itself from the former hotel and its forthcoming resurrection. On the contrary, it aims to build on an established morphology, supplementing it only with new elements, so that the new creation is still harmonious with the character of the landscape.
Plasmon-mediated electrocatalytic activity of TiB2 towards water splitting
Buravets, V. ; Zabelina, A. ; Miliutina, E. ; Popelková, Daniela ; Henych, J. ; Šťastný, Martin ; Švorčík, V. ; Lyutakov, O.
Environmental problems related to the economy based on fossil fuels are of paramount importance. However, transition to renewable energy sources is restrained by the availability of storage technologies. Electrochemistry is a widely recognized prominent tool to achieve this goal by converting renewable energy into the form of chemical bonds accessible further as fuels, such as hydrogen produced by water splitting. Crucial losses in such process are caused by the high overpotentials, required for water splitting as a hydrogen source. To achieve required efficiency of water splitting appropriate catalysts have to be found with the suitable combination of activity, stability and cost. Nano-structured, two-dimensional materials (2D) are attractive candidates due possessing many of the desired properties and highly tunable characteristics. Employing light allows additional degree of freedom to boost conventional photo-electrocatalysis, in particular plasmonmediated electrocatalysis. Enhancement of the catalytic activity can be increased even further if the catalytic system absorbs wide range of light spectrum. In this study, we combine plasmon-active Au grating with 2D flakes of TiB2, to perform plasmon-mediated water splitting half-reaction – hydrogen evolution.
Ověření možnosti chovu krocana divokého v Rajhradské bažantnici
Šťastný, Martin
This bachelor thesis focuses on verification of the possibility of breeding of wild turkeys in the pheasantry in Rajhrad. The breeding opportunities were verified by a release of wild turkeys into the pheasantry in Rajhrad during two consecutive years. The thesis dealt with history of breeding of wild turkeys in the Czech Republic, analysed the environment in the peasantry in Rajhrad as a possible place for breeding turkeys, then monitoring was done, ways of hunting were suggested, and the project was evaluated economically. The breeding of wild turkeys in the pheasantry in Rajhrad was verified as possible supposing modification of the existing conditions for visitors of the pheasantry.
Wideband transimpedance photodiode amplifier
Šťastný, Martin ; Roubal, Zdeněk (referee) ; Drexler, Petr (advisor)
This thesis deals with the design of transimpedance amplifier with high gain. There are described different principles of semiconductor sensors of optical signal. There is also a comparison of different methods of converting the photocurrent to voltage. It also discusses the design of an appropriate feedback capacitor in terms of stability in participation as a transimpedance amplifier. It examines the impact of non-zero currents flowing to the input operational amplifier circuit functionality and output offset compensation. Part of the thesis is a simulation that confirms the calculated values. The thesis also deals with the implementation of the receiver and the method of correct measurement of the cut-off frequency.

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