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Automatic recognition of musical notation from audio data
Čermák, Marek ; Lokoč, Jakub (advisor) ; Hajič, Jan (referee)
Title: Automatic recognition of musical notation from audio data Author: Marek Čermák Department: Department of Software Engineering Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Jakub Lokoč, Ph.D. Abstract: The goal of this thesis is the design and implementation of an application using convolutional neural networks to generate musical notation from audio data. The application is able to train a neural network using input files in the MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) format and pair all sections of the music with their audio form. The training of the neural network can be performed on a user- specified collection of MIDI files or on randomly generated music. Each instrument in the MIDI standard can be assigned a network whose output are the notes playing in the given time section. Continuously iterating over the audio data, the network generates sections of active notes which are then concatenated into the output file. The application is also capable of recognizing words from audio using an external service. Keywords: musical notation, neural network, deep learning, audio recognition, MIDI
Methods used for OCR
Čermák, Marek ; Marada, Tomáš (referee) ; Zuth, Daniel (advisor)
Although OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a topic which has been a subject of research since the second half of the 19th century, it has recieved a significant attention in the field of computer vision and object detection recently. This thesis presents history of OCR and briefly describes techniques which have been used over the course of time for character recognition. Main focus lies in the current text recognition methods introduced by soft computing. Since the major portion of the field is covered by neural networks, various architectures will be presented. Eventually a software for alphanumeric characters recognition will be implemented using a convolutional neural network.
Heidegger's concept of attunements, moods and emotions. Boredom as a specific attunement of the Dasein
Čermák, Marek ; Benyovszky, Ladislav (advisor) ; Novotný, Jaroslav (referee)
This master's thesis addresses the problem of moods and attunements in Heidegger's famous conceptualization which falls into the 1st half of 20th century and which he introduced in his phenomenology, understood as fundamental ontology. This thesis follows "being attuned" in terms of its essential characteristics and with the emphasis on its full meaning, in terms of existential analytics of man as Dasein. The objective of this thesis is to show, in which sense is "being attuned" grasped as the essential way of being of the Dasein in the midst of beings as a whole, and how is this "being attuned", as this essential way of being, made manifest, or how it may manifest itself to us the possibilities and limits of the Dasein understood as "being here" (Da-sein). In terms of particular moods and attunements, the thesis follows mainly the motif of fear and anxiety and is seeking to create an understanding of profound boredom as the fundamental attunement of the Dasein and its connectedness with the temporal character of the essence of the Dasein. Key words: Dasein, attunement, anxiety, fear, boredom Powered by TCPDF (
Optic disc detection in video sequences from video ophthalmoscope
Čermák, Marek ; Mézl, Martin (referee) ; Odstrčilík, Jan (advisor)
This work is focused on automatic detection of optic disc in retinal images. There is briefly described anatomy of human eye, principles of retinal imaging and also overview of the methods used for optic disc detection. The practical part describes developed procedures for optic disc detection, ie detection based on watershed transform, active contours and also on region growing technique. The main method of this work is the method of circular transformation, which as the only one allowed to detect the optic disc on the images of video ophtalmoscope and also on the high quality images from fundus cameras. This method was tested on three datasets. The average overlap 92,44 % was achieved for HRF dataset, 91,03 for DRIONS dataset and 77,36 for images of video ophtalmoscope.
Diplomatic protection
Čermák, Marek ; Balaš, Vladimír (advisor) ; Ondřej, Jan (referee)
Final thesis Topic: Diplomatic protection Thesis supervisor: JUDr. Vladimír Balaš, CSc. Student: Marek Čermák Thesis on the topic of diplomatic protection deals with the granting of exercise of diplomatic protection by the states and is divided into seven chapters which follow each other. The first chapter describes the diplomatic protection and its historical foundations. The second chapter focuses on the possibility of exercise of diplomatic protection in respect of natural persons and the conditions that need to be fulfilled for the posibility of exercise of such protection. The third chapter focuses on the exercise of diplomatic protection in respect of legal persons and the conditions that must be fulfilled for the posibility of exercise of such protection. The fourth chapter describes the internationally accepted rule of exhaustion of local remedies, as well as exceptions to this rule. The fifth chapter describes the procedures of states where is no exercise of diplomatic protection, but enforcement of protection granted on other grounds. The sixth chapter deals with the procedures of states which are different from the rules of international law. And the seventh chapter describes the procedure of states in situation of granting diplomatic protection.
Blood presure measurement in LabVIEW
Čermák, Marek ; Sekora, Jiří (referee) ; Harabiš, Vratislav (advisor)
The aim of this work is to design and create a product for automated measurement of blood pressure by auscultatory method by using a computer. Thesis contains a description of the blood pressure, also there are explained ways of its monitoring, basic rules for its measurement and the methods by which it is possible to measure blood pressure. In the practical part is described measuring system serving to measuring blood pressure by auscultatory method using a computer. There is also shown a design and realization of microphone preamplifier. The work also includes a description of a computer program created in LabVIEW, which is used to measure by using a previously described system. In the end is evaluated the accuracy of the whole meter.

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