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Specific needs of clients in in the execution of a custodial sentence - case studies
Mádlová, Adéla ; Gabrhelíková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Svoboda, Martin (referee)
Background: Penitentiary care for clients with addictology issues is still an insufficiently discussed topic. Especially if we emphasize that a significant number of clients, ie users of addictive substances (especially illegal ones) have experience in serving a custodial sentence. The fact that more attention needs to be paid to the care of users of illegal addictive substances in prisons was confirmed by the Prison Service of the Czech Republic by creating a position for addictologists in prisons in 2018, following a successful pilot project. Targets: The core of the final work are case studies with the aim of examining the issue of matching needs in individual addictology services offered by Bělušice Prison. Given the prison's limited capacity to provide addictology services, also answer the question of whether the programs and interventions provided are sufficient or whether the possibility of setting up or amending one of the intervention programs could not be considered in the future. Research group: The research method of the case study was used for the clinical part of the final diploma thesis. The method of long-term observation and the study of available documentation were used to obtain information. Reduction and organization of information was used for data analysis, ie content analyzes...
Data Preprocessing Strategies in Imbalanced Data Classification
Haluška, Radovan ; Skopal, Tomáš (advisor) ; Svoboda, Martin (referee)
Learning from imbalanced data has been a research topic studied for many years. There are two main approaches used today - data-level and algorithm- level methods. We set out to study resampling methods which belong to the category of data-level methods. These methods modify the training part of a dataset as opposed to algorithm-level methods, which modify a classifier itself. Resampling methods are further divided into oversampling and un- dersampling methods. It is challenging to know which group of methods performs better and which algorithms stand out the most. We conducted an experiment of unseen scale. We systematically and robustly compared sixteen preprocessing methods over eighteen imbalanced datasets and sum- marised the results in this thesis. The results show that oversampling meth- ods outperformed most undersampling methods in both performance and preprocessing time. 1
Research on the textured journal bearings for engines in automotive
Svoboda, Martin ; Hartl, Martin (referee) ; Omasta, Milan (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to describe the effect of surface textures of radial journal bearings with polymer coating on friction and damage development using experimental tests. Wear and friction tests of real bearings with different texture geometries and surface materials were performed. It was found that the wear deterioration of the textured aluminum sliding bearing surface and neutral or positive effects on the wear of the textured bearing with polymer coating. The reason for the improvement is the good resistance to high pressures of the polymer coating and the preservation of the texture dimensions throughout the bearing run. The friction test showed an improvement in the frictional properties of the textured surfaces when the amount of lubricant in contact was insufficient. At the same time, a positive effect on tribological properties was demonstrated by reducing the lateral lubricant discharge.
Schematron Schema Inference
Kozák, Michal ; Holubová, Irena (advisor) ; Svoboda, Martin (referee)
XML is a popular language for data exchange. However, many XML documents do not have their schema or their schema is outdated. This thesis continues on the field of automatic schema inferring for set of XML documents and focuses on Schematron schema inferring. Schematron is a language that validates XML documents with rules, it does not compare the document against a grammar like DTD, and XML Schema does. Because the field of Schematron schema generation is not so much explored, this thesis analyzes basic problems, suggests several approaches and describes their advantages and disadvantages.
Informational system for cooperation of small groups
Svoboda, Martin ; Bílý, Tomáš (advisor) ; Pergel, Martin (referee)
The main aim of this work is to implement concrete informational system for cooperation and information interchange within small working groups of users and to analyze all aspects which have exposed to be important during the development of this informational system. That means not only to design the structure of relatively complex program, but also to design main concepts of its behaviour and other features, which significantly affect functionality, which is then provided by the system to its users. For example it comprises the draft of user registration model, membership of those users in groups, multilevel hierarchy of user powers or managing user sessions. All those important models are discussed in this work and there are also analyzed their advantages and potential difficulties. The second part of this work contains the description of implementation of all interesting or important parts of the system. It means for example the mechanisms of database queries execution, generating universal paged listings, editing processes and inputs from users, working desktop layout or other functionality provided by the kernel, as well as the description of system sections such as Actions planning, Discussions, Inquiries etc.
Generator of Testing XML Data
Michalko, Jakub ; Holubová, Irena (advisor) ; Svoboda, Martin (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to implement a tool which generates testing XML data according to user defined attributes. The user can use this data for testing applications which work with XML data. The application provides the user with GUI for editing attributes of generated documents whose size can be greater than main storage. Main attributes of generated documents are number of generated documents, fanout, frequency of element/text, generating mixed content, etc. Application can also generate a DTD or XSD document for all generated documents, execute the tested application over generated documents or send generated data to service of tested application.
Inference of an XML Schema with the Knowledge of XML Operations
Mikula, Mário ; Holubová, Irena (advisor) ; Svoboda, Martin (referee)
Recently, plenty of methods dealing with automatic inference of XML schema have been developed, however, most of them utilize XML documents as their only input. In this thesis we focus on extending inference by incorporating XML operations, in particular XQuery queries. We discuss how can XQuery queries help in improving the inference process and we propose an algorithm based on chosen improvements, extending an existing method of a key discovery, that can be integrated to methods inferring so-called initial grammar. By implementing it, we created the first solution of XML schema inference using XML documents along with XML operations.
Processing of Incorrect XML Data
Svoboda, Martin ; Holubová, Irena (advisor) ; Nečaský, Martin (referee)
XML documents and related technologies represent widely accepted standard for managing and exchanging semi-structured data. However, surprisingly high number of XML documents is affected by well-formedness errors, structural invalidity or data inconsistencies. The aim of this thesis is the analysis of existing approaches resulting to the proposal of a new correction framework. The introduced model involves repairs of elements and attributes with respect to single type tree grammars. Via the inspection of the state space of an automaton recognising regular expressions, we are always able to find all minimal repairs. These repairs are compactly represented by recursively nested multigraphs, which can be translated to particular sequences of edit operations altering data trees. We have proposed four particular algorithms and provided the prototype implementation supplemented with experimental results. The most efficient algorithm heuristically follows only perspective repair directions and avoids repeated computations using the caching mechanism.
Efficient Detection of XML Integrity Constraints
Švirec, Michal ; Holubová, Irena (advisor) ; Svoboda, Martin (referee)
Title: Efficient Detection of XML Integrity Constraints Author: Michal Švirec Department: Department of Software Engineering Supervisor: RNDr. Irena Mlýnková, Ph.D. Abstract: Knowledge of integrity constraints covered in XML data is an impor- tant aspect of efficient data processing. However, although integrity constraints are defined for the given data, it is a common phenomenon that data violate the predefined set of constraints. Therefore detection of these inconsistencies and consecutive repair has emerged. This work extends and refines recent approaches to repairing XML documents violating defined set of integrity constraints, specif- ically so-called functional dependencies. The work proposes the repair algorithm incorporating the weight model and also involve a user into the process of de- tection and subsequent application of appropriate repair of inconsistent XML documents. Experimental results are part of the work. Keywords: XML, functional dependency, functional dependencies violations, vi- olations repair
Mining XML Integrity Constraints
Fajt, Stanislav ; Nečaský, Martin (advisor) ; Svoboda, Martin (referee)
The most important integrity constraints in XML are primary keys and foreign keys. In general, keys are essential in understanding both the structure and properties of data. They provide an instrument by which va- lues from a given set of attributes uniquely identify tuples in a database. As a result, keys are important to main database operations. Since XML beco- mes lingua franca for data exchange on the web, it is widely accepted as a model of real world data. Because XML documents in general can appear in any semi-structured form, structural constraints (including keys) are often imposed on the data that are to be modified or processed These constra- ints are formally defined in a schema.Unfortunately, in spite of the obvious advantages, the presence of a schema is not mandatory and many XML do- cuments are not joined with any. Consequently, no integrity constratins are specified in those documents, neither. This thesis is mainly focused on the inference of primary and foreign keys from XML documents. 1

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