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Analysis of real-time data of public transport vehicles
Čižmář, Filip ; Nečaský, Martin (advisor) ; Svoboda, Martin (referee)
This thesis deals with analysis of real-time data of public transport vehicles over open data in Prague. Its main purpose is to create statistics and improve estimation, based on historical data, of a vehicle delay on its route between reference points. For demonstration of the computed data a front-end web app is created. This interactive app is able to show current vehicles locations over a map and other useful information. All components were tested. Open data from Prague public transport company were used to demonstrate that open data can be used for achieving high goals.
Processing of Incorrect XML Data
Svoboda, Martin
XML documents and related technologies represent widely accepted standard for managing and exchanging semi-structured data. However, surprisingly high number of XML documents is affected by well-formedness errors, structural invalidity or data inconsistencies. The aim of this thesis is the analysis of existing approaches resulting to the proposal of a new correction framework. The introduced model involves repairs of elements and attributes with respect to single type tree grammars. Via the inspection of the state space of an automaton recognising regular expressions, we are always able to find all minimal repairs. These repairs are compactly represented by recursively nested multigraphs, which can be translated to particular sequences of edit operations altering data trees. We have proposed four particular algorithms and provided the prototype implementation supplemented with experimental results. The most efficient algorithm heuristically follows only perspective repair directions and avoids repeated computations using the caching mechanism.
Aproximative data profiling
Kolek, Lukáš ; Kopecký, Michal (advisor) ; Svoboda, Martin (referee)
Data profiling is the process of analyzing data and producing an output with statistical summaries. The size of data rapidly increases and it is more difficult to process all data in a reasonable time. All data can not be stored in RAM memory, so it is not possible to run exact single-pass algorithms without using slower computer storage. The diploma thesis focuses on the implementation, comparison, and selection of suitable algorithms for data profiling of large input data. Usage of approximate algorithms brings a possibility to limit mem- ory for computation, do the whole process in RAM memory and the duration of data profiling should be reduced. The tool can compute frequency analysis, cardinality, quantiles, histograms, and other single-column statistics in a short time with a relative error lower than one percent.
Fire station with gym
Svoboda, Martin ; Machová, Petra (referee) ; Vajkay, František (advisor)
The aim of the work is to design Fire station with a gym in Olomouc. Diploma thesis has three parts. First from institute of building structures, second from intitute of building services and last part is devoted to modeling and assessment of details of building. Fire station is divided into three parts. Garage for 3 fire trucks, main part and gym with training tower. The main part contains toilets, showers, locker rooms, storage places, offices and facilities for firefighters and office rooms. Structural elements of the building are from reinforced concrete. Infill walls are made from ceramic bloks. Thermal insulation is from mineral wool and cladding of the wall is made of fibre-cement boards. The slab in the main part is made of cast-in-place concrete. Others slabs in the garage and gym are made of prefabricated elements. On the building are desined three types of roofs. Extensive green roof, flat roof with a stabilization layer of river aggregates and roof made of insulating sandwich panels. In the thesis is design conception of artificial lighting, ventilating, heating, cooling, water managment, photovoltaics and management scheme of energy and ecological systems. The work contains project documentation for building permits, which were made in accordance with applicable legal and technical regulations.
Návrh dvoulůžkové postele
Svoboda, Martin
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to design a double bed. In the first part of the thesis requirements for designing a bed, its constructional and ergonomic attributes are taken into consideration. The second part of the thesis is practical and it deals with the design itself, including the client’s requirements. The final outcome is a brief technical documentation (2D sketches), bill of materials and pricing. The final result of the whole thesis is production of a double bed in 1:1 full size.
Vliv strojů a strojních souprav v rostlinné výrobě na nežádoucí zhutnění půdy
Svoboda, Martin
The dissertation deals with influence of machines and machine sets on unwanted soil compaction in agriculture production. In the literary part, the thesis deals with soil problems, current state of agricultural technology and its decisive parts in relation to the soil, physical properties of soil and penetrometry. The goal of the dissertation is to evaluate interactions of impact of tractor or combine harvester crossings on soil compaction. The effect of tractor and combine harvester crossings was measured by the degree of soil compaction by penetrometer resistance of the soil. At the same time, the physical properties of the soil were monitored by using the method of Kopecký roller analysis. In the field-laboratory measurement of soil compaction was used tractor with different loads, different tire pressure and dual tyres on rear axle. The influence of the first crossing, repeated crossings and no crossing was assessed. The results of the measurements confirm suitability of using modern tires which are able to work with lower inflation pressures, have a flexible sidewall and can be mount as dual or triple tyres.
Non-contact method for surface texture evaluation
Svoboda, Martin ; Rebenda, David (referee) ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis focuses on non-contact methods for surface texture evaluation. The aim of the thesis is to describe a set of surface texture parameters and non-contact methods of their measurement. It‘s main focus is the prescription of suitable parameters for functional surfaces according to their application. The conclusion of the thesis consists of general recommendations for selection of suitable surface texture parameters for functional surfaces, which are applied to specific surfaces occurring in practice. It has been found that a considerable number of parameters and costly experimental research is required for a thorough description of the functional surfaces, and therefore the current evaluation of the surface roughness by means of the Ra and Sa parameters is convenient.
Querying RDF data in Multi-Model NoSQL databases
Cutajar, Marzia ; Svoboda, Martin (advisor) ; Klímek, Jakub (referee)
The RDF framework has gained popularity in recent years, as it makes semantic data easily accessible and queryable on the Web. However, RDF data management systems are facing certain challenges, particularly that of scalability. NoSQL databases, which are known for their ability to store large amounts of unstructured data, could be exploited for this purpose to gain more efficient systems. Even more interesting would be the use of Multi-Model NoSQL databases, which incorporate several different data models within a single database management system, and were created as a response to Polyglot Persistence and its challenges. As of yet, semantic data is not well supported in such database systems. In this thesis, we present approaches for transforming and storing RDF data within the Multi-Model database ArangoDB, as well as propose a query transformation algorithm that enables us to query RDF data in ArangoDB using SPARQL. The functionality of these data transformation and query transformation algorithms is experimentally evaluated on sample data and queries, using our prototype implementation.
The comparasion of the status of journalists in the American and the Czech audiovisual pop culture
Svoboda, Martin ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Malý, Radek (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to compare the use of journalists as characters in Czech and US audiovisual industry, primarily cinema. As expected, the work finds that Czech cinema cannot compare with American in volume. Also, different history has led to a completely different position of journalists in culture and popular culture in both regions. The thesis tries to introduce both systems and look for reasons of absence of journalistic characters in Czech cinema. It also examines the way in which cinema is able to communicate at all and what demands can we have on the dialogue between piece of art and us. The thesis deals with the transformation of journalistic profession into genre and archetype in American mainstream cinema. The ambition of the work, which in many respects compares the present with the absence, is to describe the space in which the observed presence and absence take place. The main difficulty in elaborating the topic is the marginal size of the Czech market compared to the American and even more marginal use of the journalist as a prominent figure in it. Therefore, the thesis tries to explain why the situation with the help of professional literature rather than mapping the explicit presence of journalism in narratives of Czech and Czechoslovak films. Since Czech cinema has in many...

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