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Family Tree Maker Tool
Turek, Tomáš ; Svoboda, Martin (advisor) ; Klímek, Jakub (referee)
This thesis describes the development of a desktop application that should allow the user to organize their family tree. The existing solutions, such as MyHeritage or Family Historian, are analyzed first. The detailed specification of the program itself is subse- quently performed, covering the list of requirements, processes, individual entities, and the solution concept. We conclude with the documentation of the already implemented program, which contains programming and installation documentation as well as the user manual. 1
Conceptual modeling using schema categories
Pražák, Dennis ; Svoboda, Martin (advisor) ; Škoda, Petr (referee)
This thesis concerns the development of a graphical application for conceptual modeling of database schemas without prior knowledge of the target database paradigm. The purpose of a conceptual model is to allow describing the abstract structure of data independently of their physical storage. These days, a lot of different logical data models are used in database systems. The expressive power of well-known conceptual models like ER or UML is someti- mes insufficient for describing the structure of data for target logical models. For this reason, we exploit a recent concept called schema categories, which is more general, has a higher expressive power, and unifies data modeling for different database systems, including the multi-model ones. Furthermore, schema categories erase the border between the conceptual and logical layers of data modeling. The resulting graphical web application allows modeling schemas of the well-known ER model and their automatic conversion into schema categories with a user-friendly visualization. 1
Control of a thermal system
Svoboda, Martin ; Pohl, Lukáš (referee) ; Veselý, Libor (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the programming of the NUCLEO-F746ZG device in the Matlab Simulink environment for the control and identification of the thermal system. Part of the work is the design and revitalization of the circuit enabling the measurement of temperature and the active members of the thermal system for supplementing the device.
Random number generators evaluation
Svoboda, Martin ; Sikora, Marek (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
The topic of the thesis is random numbers and the problem of their testing. The thesis presents methods of generating random numbers and many statistical tests of randomness. Part of the work is a description of an application created for testing random numbers, which contains a set of 23 statistical tests of randomness and 5 integrated generators. In the last chapter, various types of generators and keys created by quantum key distribution are tested using the application.
Extraction and representation of unified metadata from files and file systems based on data formats
Čermák, Marek ; Klímek, Jakub (advisor) ; Svoboda, Martin (referee)
This thesis documents the process of analyzing, designing, and implementing a soft- ware tool able to accept files in various formats, inspect them in depth, and produce a graph in the Resource Description Framework that represents their metadata. Such a description may be useful to any person or system capable of understanding RDF, to provide insight into large sets of files or archives, to allow searching using SPARQL based on concrete domain criteria, or to identify common or distinct entities across different datasets. The results of this thesis may be used by any individual or organization wish- ing to process files in a semantic and extensible way, to offer users of file hosting sites a wide range of search options, to provide analysts a way to work with metadata in a compact and detailed form, detached from the original source, or to improve systems for processing files with greater control over what kind of data is accepted and processed. 1
Collocability of the most frequent nouns in COVID-19 forum threads - a corpus study
This Bachelor's thesis deals with the collocability of the most frequent nouns used by users in COVID-19 forum threads. Online discussion forums are well-known for the diversity of opinions of its users where every user may have their own specific style of expression, sentence formation, and also vocabulary of often used words. The theoretical part mostly concentrates on the terms "phraseology" and "collocations". Regarding collocations, besides general description a closer look at individual categories and types of collocations is also provided. The ending of the theoretical part concentrates on collocability and its concept. The practical part contains the corpus research of data gathered using a script from a Reddit forum. This data is subjected to analysis and is used in the creation of a corpus with the help of #LancsBox software. Subsequently, a frequency list of nouns is created and a collocational profile for the most frequent nouns is developed. The thesis analyses which collocations most often occur among non-professionals in discussion forums on the current topic of COVID-19 and at what frequency they occur.
Diverzita akvatických a aerofytních sinicových společenstev
This master thesis deals with the species composition of cyanobacteria from Iceland's ecosystems. In 2020, 42 samples were taken from various Icelandic habitats. Species diversity was determined mainly according to morphological features. In some species were obtained sequences of 16S rRNA gene. The morphological features of the found cyanobacterial species are described in the work. In addition, phylogenetic analysis of species for which the 16S rRNA sequence was obtained can be found. A total of 30 species of cyanobacteria divided into four orders were found. The order Oscillatoriales (33%) dominated, followed by the orders Synechococcales (27%), Nostocales (23%) and Chroococcales (17%). The most dominant species was Leptolyngbya boryana, which was found in 17 samples (40%). Finally, the discussion compares the biogeographical affiliation of the found species with the available world literature.
Web application for searching and editing basketball players in Wikidata
Fedák, Richard ; Nečaský, Martin (advisor) ; Svoboda, Martin (referee)
There are many ways to publish data in a machine-readable form on the Internet. One way is through entities and their interconnection, where two entities are interconnected if they have a relationship with each other. Such a data structure is referred to as a knowledge graph, which is used in the world of open data. The aim of this work is to create a web application that queries two such graphs, namely the knowledge graph Wikidata and DBpedia. The application is able to search for a basketball player and obtain data about him from the given knowledge graphs. It allows the user to discover various connections between the searched player and others using shared categories and simply add basic missing information using the application to the Wikidata knowledge graph.
Transformation of SPARQL queries into Cypher queries in Neo4j
Storzerová, Tereza ; Svoboda, Martin (advisor) ; Klímek, Jakub (referee)
RDF stores are still popular on the Web, although the existing RDF database management systems are not well prepared for the current data processing requirements. Usually, it is better to use one of the NoSQL systems for processing large and unstructured data instead. For many database types, the graph representation appears to be the most suitable way, with one of the popular representatives being the Neo4j system. In this thesis, we present an approach to the RDF data transformation into a graph format used by Neo4j, together with the translation of the query expressions in SPARQL to query expressions in Cypher, being the query languages used over RDF and in Neo4j, respectively. The translation of data and queries is shown on a prototype implementation and experimentally verified. 1
Specific needs of clients in in the execution of a custodial sentence - case studies
Mádlová, Adéla ; Gabrhelíková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Svoboda, Martin (referee)
Background: Penitentiary care for clients with addictology issues is still an insufficiently discussed topic. Especially if we emphasize that a significant number of clients, ie users of addictive substances (especially illegal ones) have experience in serving a custodial sentence. The fact that more attention needs to be paid to the care of users of illegal addictive substances in prisons was confirmed by the Prison Service of the Czech Republic by creating a position for addictologists in prisons in 2018, following a successful pilot project. Targets: The core of the final work are case studies with the aim of examining the issue of matching needs in individual addictology services offered by Bělušice Prison. Given the prison's limited capacity to provide addictology services, also answer the question of whether the programs and interventions provided are sufficient or whether the possibility of setting up or amending one of the intervention programs could not be considered in the future. Research group: The research method of the case study was used for the clinical part of the final diploma thesis. The method of long-term observation and the study of available documentation were used to obtain information. Reduction and organization of information was used for data analysis, ie content analyzes...

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