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The protection of small village Světnov against rural zone water
Humlíček, Aleš ; Novotný, Jaroslav (referee) ; Milerski, Rudolf (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to propose appropriate flood protection measures in the small village Světnov, calculate the critical flood of guideline for very small basin and insert the data into the program HEC-RAS 4.1.0, where they will be further treated in order to find the most appropriate and effective solutions. As flood control measures will be designed two dry polders east of the village. Dikes should be designed so to be able to accommodate 100-year flood, which will be calculated according of guideline for very small basin. Of the materials community, we know that we need to convert flood into the existing pipeline, which is able to accommodate 1 m3/s. The thesis will design solutions dams, sewage channels and function objects in the program AutoCAD 2008.
Corporate Terminal Systém Increase Design
Novotný, Jaroslav ; MBA, Šťastný Vratislav, (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the design of improvement of the terminal system for production company. The thesis is divided into two main sections. The first part describes the analysis of the current system. The second part focuses on design of a new terminal system, which consists of terminal servers and thin clients.
Restoration of ponds in Moravia
Drašar, Zdeněk ; Novotný, Jaroslav (referee) ; Milerski, Rudolf (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis is focused on the history of pond building from the begining of first settlement on the territory to the current state. In the first part is the work focused on the history of pond building generally and with available resources on the specific situation in Moravia. The second part addresses the modern pond building and fish farming in 19th and 20th century. The next section is devoted to the current state of building of the ponds and possibilities of renewal of lost ponds. In the last section is solved posibility of recovery specific area in the range of theoretical studies.
Apartments rent in Olomouc and the factors influencing them
Novotný, Jaroslav ; Weigel, Lubomír (referee) ; Uhlová, Eva (advisor)
This diploma thesis examines market rents of flats in the town of Olomouc. It probes the condition of the local real-estate flat rent market and it assesses which factors affect the price the most. That is achieved on the basis of data of realized rents gathered via questionnaire and complemented with the supply real-estate prices. The data are sorted into four categories (1+1 a 1+k, 2+1 a 2+k, 3+1 a 3+k, 4+1 a 4+k) that are mutually compared and analyzed with textual, table and graphic output. In the theoretical part of this work, the research is supported with juridical and economical definitions, which appear on the real-estate flat market. The work then states the specifics of real-estate market and comments on the changes in the new civil code of law. It also gives a brief overview of the basics of the housing policy theory.
River revitalization for fish
Szarowski, Marcin ; Novotný, Jaroslav (referee) ; Milerski, Rudolf (advisor)
The case study provided for this bachelor’s thesis is based on the issue of rehabilitation of rivers for fish. The first part contains the recherché and the second part conceptual design. Substance of the revitalization is restoration of rivers to natural form. The thesis describes typical landscaping measures suitable for complex treatment of rivers in Czech Republic. Main benefit of revitalization is aquatic improvements in our rivers. The second section of this work includes examples of problem solution on the river Svratka.
Design of the Multicore Processor in VHDL
Novotný, Jaroslav ; Straka, Martin (referee) ; Kaštil, Jan (advisor)
The objective of the thesis is to design and implement in the VHDL language a simple multiprocessor supporting parallel computing. Furthemore, the author has designed and realized universal transparent generic interconnection layer with the objective to connect any given number of processor cores to shared address space using arbitrated bus. Parametrized cache has been allocated to each core in the layer. MSI protocol was used to deal with the issue of memory coherence of the implemented system. Direct and indirect synchornisation support is available to the user. In order to verify the functionality of the system, simple processor core has been designed and implemented, and its copies were connected to the interconnection layer. Various testing programmes have been used to verify the functionality of the system, which also confirmed that the acceleration of computing has been achieved successfully. Virtex6 chip has been used to test the whole system.
Real Estate Investments and their Financing
Novotný, Jaroslav ; Hanušová, Helena (referee) ; Rejnuš, Oldřich (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to create investment recommendations for the real estate investor. The thesis consists of theoretical and practical part. Secondary data from Czech and foreign sources are collected in the theoretical part. In the practical part, the research and analysis of real estate market is done for the real estate currently available for sale in Brno. At the same time, economic profitability is calculated wherever possible. Subsequently, the options are verbally evaluated.
Implementation of the information system
Novotný, Jaroslav ; Čermák, Jakub (referee) ; Novák, Lukáš (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with selection and implementation of information system for company providing IT services. Theoretical background concerning the topic is described in the first part. Then, the company is analyzed and based on the results new information system is suggested. Implementation strategy and risk analysis for implementation of new information system to corporate environment are designed in this thesis. Implementation of the information system is economically evaluated at the end of this thesis.
Diagnostic analyzes of an existing family house
Novotný, Jaroslav ; Láník, Jaromír (referee) ; Schmid, Pavel (advisor)
The thesis is mainly a structural engineering investigation of an old family house in Mladecko, Opava district. The whole object was measured, documented and examined; and after finding a series of defects, the aim of the theoretical part became to describe problematics of humidity and moisture in buildings. Moreover, because of the absence of previous documentation, there was a reason to carry out a brief historical study of the evolvement of rustic buildings, that became the second part of the theoretical work.

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